Star Wars Legends: Vong Wars
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era New Republic Era
Start Date 20 Feb, 2012; Restart 26 Sept 2015

[Mon Feb 20 19:35:07 2012] : Master_GM: The premise here will be that everyone will be traveling together to the planet of Belkandan. I believe what has been established is that Brian's character "Unnamed" is the captain of the ship.

[Mon Feb 20 20:26:20 2012] : Master_GM: I think it would be an interesting delimma with the onset of war.

[Mon Feb 20 20:26:37 2012] : Master_GM: This is set pre-Yuuzhan Vong (YV) War.

[Mon Feb 20 20:34:39 2012] : Master_GM: All right now that that part is settled. What serious expectations do you have for your character and their development? What are you looking for in this roleplay? What kind of things would you like to see? Places you would like to go? Things you would like to do?

[Mon Feb 20 20:35:15 2012] : Alicia: Goals... revenge on a particular Imperial captain

[Mon Feb 20 20:36:07 2012] : Pedric: Hey!

[Mon Feb 20 20:36:18 2012] : Mercy: I'd like to have fun and be the best sidekick ever. I've never been in a sidekick role before, and as everyone knows (or will know soon if you keep rping with me) I love to take something I've never done before and explore with it

[Mon Feb 20 20:36:28 2012] : Pedric: What if that was the real reason your character was after mine? His dad used to be a high ranking Moff.

[Mon Feb 20 20:36:55 2012] : Alicia: possibility

[Mon Feb 20 20:37:32 2012] : Pedric: And my character has no loyalty to his father.

[Mon Feb 20 20:37:33 2012] : Mercy: As to where we go? Don't care. Things we do? Find enemies, kill enemies we can, run away from enemies we can't (and yeah, now that I think about it, I really want that. Usually I find myself underwhelmed by the easiness of the foes. Give us something we have to retreat from)

[Mon Feb 20 20:38:01 2012] : Master_GM: Well, expect that a lot from the Yuuzhan Vong.

[Mon Feb 20 22:22:34 2012] : Master_GM:

The Outer Rim. A starship slowly begins to move towards an asteroid-mining base called the Belt-Runner I. This old mining space station has seen better days but these days it is used as a supply station in the Outer Rim. Currently it is a gambling haven. People, mostly pilots, come from parsecs around to try their hand at "running the belt" a practice of flying through the asteroid belt known as Lando's folly in order to prove their worth as a pilot. Gambling is made off of these races place the sabacc tables and bar inside the mine. The New Republic currently turns a blind eye to the operations as long as they are willing to refuel republic ships. The Errant Star moves closer in to dock. They are here on business a client that uses them quite regularly has asked for passage to a nearby planet. Well, it so happens that the captain is also going to be delivery supplies to the planet as well, so the extra cash helps. The Errant Star lands in the docking bay and two figures are there to greet them...

[Mon Feb 20 22:24:47 2012] : Master_GM: *the places also runs sabacc tables and has a bar inside the mining facility.

[Mon Feb 20 22:27:26 2012] : Pedric: Pedric stands next to his body guard, waiting for the ship to dock fully. He wears his typical fine, expensive looking clothing, and has his many bags packed, and waiting with him. He looks to be in a good mood. He must have gotten lucky the night before.

[Mon Feb 20 22:36:11 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 entered the cockpit eargely armed with a single tray and a steaming bevarage resting precariously ontop of it. She spins 180 degrees, causing the beverage to teeter, but miraculously not spill all over the captain. She lowers it within range, several of her grey eyes darkening into a deep purple. "Here you go Cap'n, fresh- not 3 days old, not cold, and the cup is clean". She listed proudly. She turned slightly to stare out of the window "Identifying two beings fitting the description of the package. This is not good, my newest joke isn't ready!" her eyes change to a soft grey

[Mon Feb 20 22:38:40 2012] : Pyro: "I appreciate it, SPY. It seems I made a good purchase."

[Mon Feb 20 22:42:27 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "I suppose we should disembark and deliver the goods."

[Mon Feb 20 22:42:39 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "I don't like to keep our contractors waiting."

[Mon Feb 20 22:42:50 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 's eyes quickly melted back into a deep Violet "Cap'n is pleased, I am taking a photograph of Cap'n's pleased face so that it can be compared to the expression made while I'm making my newest joke! It will certainly be good this time." She brags freely, hugging the tray to her abdomen.

[Mon Feb 20 22:43:31 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "That will not be necessary. As you were."

[Mon Feb 20 22:44:13 2012] : Pedric: (has the ship docked yet?)

[Mon Feb 20 22:44:39 2012] : Master_GM: It has...

[Mon Feb 20 22:45:58 2012] : Pedric: As soon as the ship is docked, and the ramp is lowered, Pedric walks on as though he owns the place. Tal, his body guard, stays with the baggage.

[Mon Feb 20 22:49:17 2012] : Pedric: He seeks out the captain.

[Mon Feb 20 22:49:51 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 swivels around another 180 degrees, her eyes turning a light turqouise as she exits the cock pit and re enters the kitchen, where she sets the tray down on the counter, exiting once again to stand in the doorway and stare at Pedric as her enters. "Unidentified lifeform aboard the ship!" she crowed as if scandalized

[Mon Feb 20 22:50:41 2012] : Pedric: He ignores the droid and continues toward the cockpit, assuming that's where the captain is.

[Mon Feb 20 22:53:43 2012] : Tetka is slouching in the pilot's chair, still clad in his armored orange-yellow flight suit, apparently asleep, clutching a bottle of Corellian whiskey.

[Mon Feb 20 22:54:49 2012] : Pedric: He finally reaches the cockpit to see Tetka asleep. Noting the bottle of whiskey, "Hey! Seen the captain lately?" He says louder than is necessary.

[Mon Feb 20 22:55:07 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Is there something I can help you with?"

[Mon Feb 20 22:55:24 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: The captain is no more than ten feet from Tetka.

[Mon Feb 20 22:55:50 2012] : Pedric: He turns, "Yeah. I'm looking for the captain of this heap." He says with a smirk.

[Mon Feb 20 22:56:09 2012] : Tetka jumps slightly as he wakes up, and squints at the visitor in a surly manner. He seems to process what's going on, and how he wants to respond to the situation, before finally settling on "Kark ofo, pinkskin."

[Mon Feb 20 22:56:11 2012] : Tetka: *off

[Mon Feb 20 22:57:05 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "I'm insulted. This 'heap,' as you called it, is one of the fastest ships in the galaxy."

[Mon Feb 20 22:57:10 2012] : Tetka: He takes another good swig of his whiskey before looking around and checking a few screens to make sure nothing went horribly wrong while he was napping.

[Mon Feb 20 22:57:22 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 floats over to the exit/entrance of the ship, peering out of it at the bodyguard standing beside the luggage. She drifts down the ramp idly and, her eyes changing to a tentative green. "Lifeform, would you like to hear a joke? It is sure to make you laugh deeply from your diaphragm!"

[Mon Feb 20 22:57:42 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Then he continues with a smirk. "Better listen to it. She's got a bit of a temper."

[Mon Feb 20 22:57:56 2012] : Pedric: "Well, I'd say a ship's only as good as its pilot, but..." He looks to Tetka. And then starts laughing.

[Mon Feb 20 22:58:04 2012] : Shi'tal: (( funny how you can hear something occuring off the ship Pyro ;) ))

[Mon Feb 20 22:58:28 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: (Missed the part where your character left lol)

[Mon Feb 20 22:59:02 2012] : Master_GM: The guard doesn't really respond to the droid but only groans.

[Mon Feb 20 22:59:04 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "He may not look like much, but he's one of the finest pilots I've ever had the pleasure of meeting."

[Mon Feb 20 22:59:51 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Gotten us out of more than a few scrapes."

[Mon Feb 20 23:00:17 2012] : Pedric: "Yeah. Pekta? Right?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:01:38 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 floats silently for a few beats. The subject has not declined the offer for a joke. Her programming indicated that a subject might want to hear a joke, but will not explicitly say so. Her eyes changed to a deep purple. "Prepare to be amused, lifeform! Here it is: A wookie enters a bar, and takes a seat at this bar. He immediately falls over onto his side, because the bar does not have seats!"

[Mon Feb 20 23:02:52 2012] : Pyro: "Speaking of scrapes, I'm STILL trying to buff those scorch marks out of the walls from your last 'incident.'"

[Mon Feb 20 23:03:38 2012] : Pedric: "Oh? The droid not doing its job?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:04:15 2012] : Master_GM: He groans and says, "So, are you going to take the bags or are you just going to hover there?" He says picking up one of the bags.

[Mon Feb 20 23:04:19 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "It wouldn't have a job to do if you actually knew how to use that lightsaber properly."

[Mon Feb 20 23:04:39 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "You don't fool anyone with that."

[Mon Feb 20 23:05:10 2012] : Tetka: "Unlike you, Tetka is not paid to look pretty."

[Mon Feb 20 23:05:14 2012] : Pedric: "Oh, I fool plenty." He says in a smarmy kind of voice.

[Mon Feb 20 23:05:37 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Only those who have never met an ACTUAL jedi before."

[Mon Feb 20 23:05:46 2012] : Pedric: "Do a lot more than fooling too. If you know what I mean."

[Mon Feb 20 23:06:24 2012] : Tetka: "Laser sword doesn't go there," he remarks.

[Mon Feb 20 23:06:40 2012] : Tetka: He speaks with a rather thick accent.

[Mon Feb 20 23:06:56 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: The captain ignores Pedric's last comment and continues, "So, who are you running from this time? I just want to know who's gonna be pointing guns at me."

[Mon Feb 20 23:07:38 2012] : Pedric: "No one! I am going to check on some investments I've recently made. Make sure the companies are up to speed. Can't go losing any money."

[Mon Feb 20 23:07:56 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 waits a few beats, her arms stopping their excited movement, her eyes changing to a dark shade of grey. The subject's lips did not curl or open, no teeth was shown, no laughter. This joke was another failure. "This joke did not amuse you? This is not good, I promised Cap'n that my next joke would make him laugh. What am I going to do?!" she dispared as she picked up one bag for each of her four hands. "How would you rate this joke on a scale of one to ten?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:08:10 2012] : Tetka: (Ehh, GM suggested I speak with broken Basic, but forget it, it feels a little silly)

[Mon Feb 20 23:08:23 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Well, just be sure to pay me the WHOLE fee this time. You've been cheating me lately. Not good for business."

[Mon Feb 20 23:09:54 2012] : Pedric: "Cheating? I do a lot of things. Cheating. Is simply not one of them."

[Mon Feb 20 23:09:56 2012] : Pedric: "As I remember. You don't like to name your price right off."

[Mon Feb 20 23:11:09 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Your wallet speaks louder than your mouth. And my price is heavily dependant on the stress my crew is placed under, travel expenses, and a little bit of...interest."

[Mon Feb 20 23:11:58 2012] : Tetka: "Imagine something being louder than his mouth..."

[Mon Feb 20 23:12:09 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Perhaps a Rancor..."

[Mon Feb 20 23:12:23 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Just about as greedy too."

[Mon Feb 20 23:13:18 2012] : Pedric: He turns to Tetka, "At least I can speak without having to remove a bottle from my mouth." And turns to the Arkoh, "How's 1500 plus expenses sound? Not too far of a trek after all."

[Mon Feb 20 23:13:51 2012] : Master_GM: He continues to not take to the droid and just silently loads the baggage.

[Mon Feb 20 23:14:10 2012] : Tetka: "At least I can speak without having to someone's di-" he clears his throat.

[Mon Feb 20 23:16:00 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "That should be fine. Just make sure you pay me all of it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to buy some supplies. Tetka here can show you to your quarters."

[Mon Feb 20 23:16:02 2012] : Pedric: He then adds something in Arkanian

[Mon Feb 20 23:16:24 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 made a sighing sound, though her eyes changed to a pensive yellow as she carries the four bags onto the ship, dumps them unceremoniously inside the empty guest room she recently cleaned for the guest, and floats back outside to grab four more, and within a minute or so, all of the bags are loaded.

[Mon Feb 20 23:17:16 2012] : Tetka: "Tetka, dock the ship, Tetka, show the pinkskin to his quarters, Tetka, stop pulling a knife every time someone touches your booze, Tetka, Tetka, Tetka..."

[Mon Feb 20 23:18:10 2012] : Pedric: "Glad you have the idea."

[Mon Feb 20 23:18:23 2012] : Pedric: He gestures impatiently for the Duro to lead the way.

[Mon Feb 20 23:19:05 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 pushes the baggage back a little to clear a pathway for the guest to enter, then reapproaches the guard, her eyes darkening to a golden yellow "If you don't rate this joke, maybe I'll tell you one of my older ones" she attempted by way of a threat.

[Mon Feb 20 23:19:06 2012] : Tetka: Tetka considers leading him out the airlock, but decides against it and takes him to his quarters instead.

[Mon Feb 20 23:19:24 2012] : Master_GM: Arkoh walks down the ramp and into the major part of the mining colony. He has been told that another client who is wishing to move some "illicit goods" to Belkadan. He has a brother there requesting them. He told him to meet him in the bar known as the Black Crater.

[Mon Feb 20 23:20:28 2012] : Pedric: When the arrive at the quarters, "Here. I do tip. Or has the constant drinking finally destroyed what was left of your memory?" He says handing him a bottle of something in a foreign language to the Duro.

[Mon Feb 20 23:20:40 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "I suppose this is the place," he remarks, looking briefly at the flashy neon sign above the door. "I wonder where this 'client' is."

[Mon Feb 20 23:20:42 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 whirls around quickly, her eyes turning a deep purple. "Tetka, I am glad to see you! I have a new joke... this lifeform here did not appreciate it, bu perhaps he does not like jokes! Would you like to hear it?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:21:24 2012] : Tetka: "I've got a joke too, he's following me to his quarters."

[Mon Feb 20 23:21:53 2012] : Tetka: He squints at the bottle, and his eyes widen a little. "Ehh... I could stand to destroy a few more cells."

[Mon Feb 20 23:22:15 2012] : Tetka: He brightens up. "Welcome to the Errant Star, please enjoy your stay."

[Mon Feb 20 23:22:49 2012] : Tetka: "No pets no smoking no urinating outside designated areas and no harassing the wookiee," he slurs quickly.

[Mon Feb 20 23:23:19 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 leaned to the right slightly to look past Tetka at the guest, her eyes returning to a light yellow. "This lifeform is a joke? I do not understand. Jokes are words designed to make lifeforms laugh. He is neither words nor making you laugh. Please explain"

[Mon Feb 20 23:25:05 2012] : Tetka: "Oh, I am laughing, but on the inside."

[Mon Feb 20 23:25:15 2012] : Shi'tal: as Arkoh glances about for his client, a young girl no more than 17 years of age knocks into him. Her appearance is haggard and though her face seems weary with something weighing heavily on her she is rather attractive. Her long, reddish brown hair is braided into a long plait and her brown eyes look on with a sharp intelligence. She stands near the average height of 5'5" and is rather thin. The simple shirt and pants which hang off her thin frame. At her waist an utlility belt with a heavy blaster pistol and tools of a mechanic are visible.

"Oh, excuse me...."

[Mon Feb 20 23:25:21 2012] : Tetka: "And, you know, when his back is turned."

[Mon Feb 20 23:25:46 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Oh? And who might you be?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:26:33 2012] : Shi'tal: "Sorry sir.. I'm just rather clumsy." she says, the lilt in her voice betraying the fact basic wasn't her first language.

[Mon Feb 20 23:26:33 2012] : Pedric: Pedric quickly finds his bed and lays down.

[Mon Feb 20 23:27:40 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "It's alright. What is your name?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:27:58 2012] : Pedric: He unpacks his computer and begins managing some of his funds.

[Mon Feb 20 23:28:39 2012] : Shi'tal: "Er," she stammers looking around uncomfortably. "Shi'tal, sir" she answers pronouncing it shEE-tehl

[Mon Feb 20 23:29:16 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 hovers silently a few beats, her eyes changing to a deep, almost muddy yellow "I understand. Joke may be used as an adjective when referring to a lifeform that makes people laugh. Joke is both a noune and an adjective! I will remember!" she extended one arm and gave him the thumbs up. Then, deciding that she should make haste to tell her joke before Tetka stumbles off, she takes the initiative "Tetka, here is the joke that I have prepared: A wookie enters a bar and takes a seat. However, he immediately falls over, for the bar has no seats!" she crowed, her eyes turning orange as she fidgeted around in anticipation

[Mon Feb 20 23:29:59 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Nice to meet you, Shi'tal. And you don't have to call me 'sir.' My name is Arkoh. Arokoh Osoran. How about joining me for a drink?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:30:11 2012] : Tetka: He stares at the robot. "Hilarious," he deadpans.

[Mon Feb 20 23:31:18 2012] : Shi'tal: "Uhm.. Ok," she replies meekly.

[Mon Feb 20 23:33:12 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: He walks up to the bar and orders, "Two shots of Juma, please." He then turns back to Shi'tal. "I can see by the tools on your belt that you are a mechanic. How good are you at repairing things?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:35:41 2012] : Shi'tal: "Can't say I've had any complaints, sir.. er Arokoh," she stammers, slightly. "My father was a shipwright by trade. Taught me a thing or two."

[Mon Feb 20 23:35:44 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 's shoulders slumped as her eyes changed to a stormy gray. "It's just as I feared. Cap'n will be dissapointed to hear that this joke is not as good as I advertised. I will begin work on a better joke immediately!" she told Tetka earnestly, setting off down the hall and over to the supply closet to take inventory. Her favorite thing to do while she thought

[Mon Feb 20 23:39:25 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Hmm. Good enough for me. Are you looking for work?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:40:06 2012] : Tetka: He sighs and shakes his head before trudging back to the cockpit.

[Mon Feb 20 23:40:15 2012] : Tetka: "I don't get paid enough for this job..."

[Mon Feb 20 23:40:17 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: (whispering): he looks to be about 70 because of the color of his hair, but he's actually only around 32

[Mon Feb 20 23:40:59 2012] : Shi'tal is a bit surprised at the offer and covers it with a sip of the juma juice she hadn't yet touched. "Yes... actually I am."

[Mon Feb 20 23:43:01 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Excellent. My crew and I just so happen to be in need of a mechanic to help around the ship. Our last mechanic died when one of our turrets overloaded in a....actually, all you need to know is that there is a position open with us."

Mon Feb 20 23:43:30 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: He quickly takes a swig of his drink, fearing he has already said too much.

[Mon Feb 20 23:43:54 2012] : Master_GM: As Arkoh is talking he notices a Twi'lek that matches the description the man he talked to on the Holonet. He walks in and looks around the area quickly taking a seat in the corner.

[Mon Feb 20 23:44:18 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Oh, excuse me for a moment. I won't be long. Just think about my offer, ok?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:44:41 2012] : Shi'tal mimics him, processing what he's said. At least she has the decency to look a bit concerned about what he's said. As he leaves she answers him with a nod.

[Mon Feb 20 23:45:06 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: He gets up to conduct his business with the client, leaving Shi'tal alone at the bar.

[Mon Feb 20 23:46:33 2012] : Shi'tal turns so as she's not directly facing him, but can still see him peripherally. She holds the drink up to her mouth, mutters something and then downs the whole glass.

[Mon Feb 20 23:46:52 2012] : Bribb To'la: "So, I will have the "ore" delivered to your ship and my brother will have your pay when you reach Belkadan. We have a deal?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:47:22 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "We have a deal. Were you followed?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:48:06 2012] : Bribb To'la: "I was cautious, but if the adminstrator catches wind of this he might want a cut, be careful. It is all on you now."

[Mon Feb 20 23:48:57 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Heh...I'm used to pressure like that, and I know a few...discreet ways around it. Your brother's shipment will arrive on time. I will see to it personally."

[Mon Feb 20 23:50:40 2012] : Bribb To'la: "Be looking for a blue container marked "ore"." He says sliding a small datapad toward Arkoh. "Make sure my brother gets this one."

[Mon Feb 20 23:51:24 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "On my honor as a businessman, I will see it done."

[Mon Feb 20 23:51:24 2012] : Bribb To'la: He gets up and walks away from the table and quickly exits.

[Mon Feb 20 23:51:54 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 floats absently, one section of her processor counting the objects in the closet as she pulled them out one by one with her many hands and stared at them, while another focused on manufacturing a new joke. She begins muttering to herself "A joke is a situation or phrase that is ludicrous or amusing because it is illogical. The template for a joke is {subject} + {normal setting to begin with} + {illogical event}. New subject to be chosen. Searching...searching...subject selected. A mechanic. Select a setting. Searching....searching...searching... a droid repair shop. This is a good decision, because the setting is often well known. Create an illogical event. Searching... searching... a planet's gravitational pull is unchangeable. A planet's gravity changing so that the mechanic begins to float around his shop is logically impossible. Template is fulfilled, joke is finalized. Test subject is required." she stopped muttering to herself and set the last of the supplies back into the closet "All here and accounted for! Now to wash the dishes!" she hovered off toward the kitchen.

[Mon Feb 20 23:52:44 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh gets up from the table and returns to the bar where Shi'tal waits for him.

[Mon Feb 20 23:53:05 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "So, do you think you have what it takes to travel with my crew and I?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:54:00 2012] : Shi'tal looks up at the Arkaanian, her shot of Juma was empty in front of her, the glass placed upside down on the bar.

[Mon Feb 20 23:54:25 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Or should I buy you another drink?"

[Mon Feb 20 23:55:09 2012] : Shi'tal: The drink seems to have lightened her up some and she gives him a small smile. "I think.. I'd like to go with you."

[Tue Feb 21 00:07:25 2012] : Pedric: Pedric walks into the bar. He is a young man, appearing to be in his very early 20s. He has longish blonde hair, and a small goatee. He wears a suit, but has taken off his tie and unbuttoned his jacket. He is thin, but doesn't appear to have much muscle on him. He looks genuinely happy. And there seems to be a man always just a few feet away from him, also wearing a black suit.

[Tue Feb 21 00:08:08 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "That's good to hear. I'm sure you'll find it preferable to staying in a dark and dirty place like this for a while."

[Tue Feb 21 00:08:19 2012] : Pedric: He immediately scans the room. Paying special attention to any females.

[Tue Feb 21 00:08:50 2012] : Shi'tal nods enthusiastically. "Yes, though I admit I haven't been here long."

[Tue Feb 21 00:09:11 2012] : Tetka finishes the last of his whiskey, and grumbles. Time for a night on the town.

[Tue Feb 21 00:09:46 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Oh? Tell me a bit about your work history." He motions for another round from the bartender.

[Tue Feb 21 00:09:48 2012] : Pedric: Spotting Arkoh, and then the woman he's sitting with, he invites himself over to their table.

[Tue Feb 21 00:10:00 2012] : Pedric: "Mind if I join you?" He says butting in.

[Tue Feb 21 00:10:33 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh looks a bit put off, but smiles halfheartedly and says, "I guess there's no point in stopping you."

[Tue Feb 21 00:10:52 2012] : Pedric: "Excellent! What are we drinking?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:11:00 2012] : Shi'tal is about to answer when Pedric invites himself. She has to make an effort to close her mouth and she casts her glance down for a moment shyly.

[Tue Feb 21 00:11:02 2012] : Pedric: Clearly trying to impress the girl.

[Tue Feb 21 00:11:13 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Just a couple rounds of Juma Juice, nothing too fancy."

[Tue Feb 21 00:11:34 2012] : Pedric: Pedric places an order for another round.

[Tue Feb 21 00:12:22 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Pedric, this is our newest crew member, Shi'tal. She'll be coming on as our new mechanic."

[Tue Feb 21 00:12:53 2012] : Pedric: "Oh? Finally getting rid of the droid, eh?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:13:07 2012] : Pedric: "I must say. This is a vast improvement."

[Tue Feb 21 00:13:47 2012] : Pedric: "Shi'tal? Nice to meet you. Pedric Melvar the third." She says as he offers his hand.

[Tue Feb 21 00:14:04 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Of course you do...the droid is quite reliable, but I'm not entirely sure it has grasped the concept of ship repair yet. Actually, I'm not too sure it even knows how to properly use a hydrospanner." He chuckles a bit.

[Tue Feb 21 00:14:21 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Makes a good servant, though."

[Tue Feb 21 00:14:43 2012] : Shi'tal: "Su cuy'gar" she says, taking his hand to shake hesitantly.

[Tue Feb 21 00:15:13 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Oh? Was that Mandalorian I heard you speaking?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:15:46 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 pushes a button on the kitchen's wall, and a panel opens, revealing a rack, which extends itself out to her. Quickly, she began removing the dishes from the sink and setting them onto the rack before giving the rack a little push, prompting it to withdraw back into the wall, and the panel closes. She traveled through the silent halls curiously, searching for lifeforms to test her newest joke on, but finding none

[Tue Feb 21 00:16:20 2012] : Pedric: Pedric returns the greeting. Then turns to Arkoh, "It was."

[Tue Feb 21 00:16:26 2012] : Tetka: "Ain't she a little old for you, pipsqueak?" Tetka appears out of the din of the bar and seats himself at the table.

[Tue Feb 21 00:16:51 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Oh, Tetka! Good timing! I'd like you to meet our newest crew member, Shi'tal."

[Tue Feb 21 00:17:18 2012] : Shi'tal nods.. her surprise evident. "Not many understand... Much less hear it."

[Tue Feb 21 00:17:18 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "She'll be our mechanic for a while."

[Tue Feb 21 00:17:23 2012] : Pedric: Pedric gazes at the woman, but not to the point of making her uncomfortable.

[Tue Feb 21 00:17:54 2012] : Tetka looks a little wary. "Did you tell her what happened to..."

[Tue Feb 21 00:18:14 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: He shushes Tetka and says, "There's really nothing to worry about."

[Tue Feb 21 00:18:39 2012] : Tetka: He coughs. "Yeah. Welcome aboard, kid."

[Tue Feb 21 00:18:48 2012] : Pedric: "Yeah... That's right. What did happen to... What was his name?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:19:03 2012] : Pedric: Suddenly remembering there is a missing crew member.

[Tue Feb 21 00:19:07 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "The same thing that will happen to you if you don't stow it!"

[Tue Feb 21 00:19:32 2012] : Shi'tal is now apparently looking a bit uncomfortable with all the attention she's getting by the men around the table. "Er.. is this your full crew?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:20:31 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh looks a little embarrassed, and says cordially, "Well, yes. Most of them, anyway. Except Pedric. He's not a crewmember, but a passenger. Just means a larger paycheck for you."

[Tue Feb 21 00:21:24 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "We also have a Wookiee and a Droid traveling with us."

[Tue Feb 21 00:21:31 2012] : Tetka: "I think the rug's sleepin'. Robot's doing... Whatever it is she does."

[Tue Feb 21 00:21:40 2012] : Pedric: "Oh. I assure you, dear, I offer much more than just a pay check." He says in his usual smooth, or at least what he thinks of as smooth tone of voice.

[Tue Feb 21 00:21:55 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "I told you to stow it, Pedric!"

[Tue Feb 21 00:22:01 2012] : Shi'tal nods thoughtful at Arkoh's words.

[Tue Feb 21 00:22:08 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Pay him no mind."

[Tue Feb 21 00:22:08 2012] : Pedric: "Oh there are some things that can't be stowed."

[Tue Feb 21 00:22:24 2012] : Tetka: "Like things that ain't there."

[Tue Feb 21 00:22:50 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Hey, Tetka, I think the brig is looking a little empty these days, don't you think?" he says in a threating tone.

[Tue Feb 21 00:23:15 2012] : Pedric: "What? I never can understand you. What? With the constant slur of drunkenness."

[Tue Feb 21 00:24:31 2012] : Pedric: *What, with

[Tue Feb 21 00:24:54 2012] : SPYDER-SP4 floats in the cockpit for a few minutes, her eyes a light yellow. Finally deciding that she might not have a chance as good as this until the next stop, SPY floated into the captain's quarters. Looking around the room as if to ensure that the room is really, really empty, she reaches down to her main compartment and waits patiently as the door to it slid open. Without having to look, a hand reaches inside of her and pulled out a small musical disc. Her eyes turned a deep shade of purple as she regarded it and approaches the Captain's computer resting on his desk. She unceremoniously inserted it into the computer, and after a few minutes, the first track of the disco album began to play. Swaying from side to side quickly, all four of her arms waved erratically, her eyes flashing from purple to orange to red to blue to purple so quickly, it might have been seisure inducing if she was not the only one in the room.

[Tue Feb 21 00:25:00 2012] : Shi'tal watches the exchange with some interst.

[Tue Feb 21 00:27:18 2012] : Tetka: Tetka spews a few curse words in Durese. "Did you understand that?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:28:01 2012] : Pedric: "No. I didn't waste any time learning languages of simpletons. If I buy you a drink will you leave us be?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:29:12 2012] : Tetka: "Nah, I can buy my own booze."

[Tue Feb 21 00:30:02 2012] : Shi'tal takes one of the rounds of Juma juice and starts to sip at it.

[Tue Feb 21 00:30:55 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Tetka is my crewman, not you. If you don't like him, you're free to leave."

[Tue Feb 21 00:31:37 2012] : Tetka: "So, Shi'tal, right? What kind of experience you got?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:32:25 2012] : Shi'tal: "Mechanic by trade... But," she says after a pause. "I'm also handy in a fight."

[Tue Feb 21 00:32:54 2012] : Pedric: Pedric, who doesn't challenge the captain... much, decides to choose his battle to be able to listen.

Tue Feb 21 00:33:40 2012] : Pedric: Pedric says something in Mando'a.

[Tue Feb 21 00:34:03 2012] : Pedric: (whispering): "Were you raised on Mandalor?" (not familiar with the sheet enough yet)

[Tue Feb 21 00:34:03 2012] : Tetka: "We'll see about that last one. What kinda work you done? Any work on droids?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:35:43 2012] : Shi'tal 's attention turns to Pedric for a moment and shakes her head before looking at Tetka. "Ships mostly."

[Tue Feb 21 00:36:38 2012] : Shi'tal gaze wanders back to Pedric and she answers him in the same lilting tongue.

[Tue Feb 21 00:37:00 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering): "I was brought up on Concord Dawn."

[Tue Feb 21 00:37:26 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering): is he able to understand Mando'a?

[Tue Feb 21 00:37:53 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: (whispering): a little bit, but he's not fluent in it

[Tue Feb 21 00:38:09 2012] : Pedric: Pedric gives a nod.

[Tue Feb 21 00:38:31 2012] : Tetka: "Where'd you learn the language?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:39:14 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering): well.. here

[Tue Feb 21 00:39:17 2012] : Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)]: (whispering): Pedric: (whispering): "Were you raised on Mandalor?" (not familiar with the sheet enough yet)

Alicia [Artemis (recruiting)] => Artemis (recruiting): (whispering): "I was brought up on Concord Dawn."

[Tue Feb 21 00:39:20 2012] : Pedric: "School. Maybe you've heard of it."

[Tue Feb 21 00:40:00 2012] : Pedric: "I didn't have to learn it, but Mandalorian women. Well. See for yourself, here."

[Tue Feb 21 00:40:20 2012] : Pedric: "I thought it would be a helpful language to know."

[Tue Feb 21 00:40:54 2012] : Tetka: "They teach manners at that school of yours?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:41:08 2012] : Pedric: He grins, "They sure did try."

[Tue Feb 21 00:41:18 2012] : Shi'tal blushes at the implied compliment and looks down at her hands again.

[Tue Feb 21 00:41:20 2012] : Tetka: "I can always pick up where they left off."

[Tue Feb 21 00:42:07 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Did you say Concord Dawn, Shi'tal?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:42:09 2012] : Pedric: "I'm sure you would try too." He glances over his shoulder at his body guard, Tal.

[Tue Feb 21 00:42:45 2012] : Shi'tal looks up and nods at Arkoh. "Yes..."

[Tue Feb 21 00:43:51 2012] : Tetka: "Sorry, I forgot you like to let your boyfriend settle fights for you."

[Tue Feb 21 00:44:16 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "A beautiful system. I stayed there for a brief time, you know."

[Tue Feb 21 00:45:47 2012] : Pedric: "Not that I really have to worry. I'm sure you probably can't even see straight right now."

[Tue Feb 21 00:46:34 2012] : Tetka: "How much you wanna bet on that?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:46:39 2012] : Shi'tal: "I hoped the Journeymen Protectors," she pauses on the word as if to make sure she had translated it correctly, "did not make your stay too unpleasent."

[Tue Feb 21 00:47:51 2012] : Pedric: "Ha! To think you have enough to wager. I don't bet in empty bottles."

[Tue Feb 21 00:48:21 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Tetka, calm down. He's not worth getting upset over. And it wasn't terrible. Certainly more hospitable than some places I've been."

[Tue Feb 21 00:50:45 2012] : Tetka: "Who's upset? I'm just talking."

[Tue Feb 21 00:51:09 2012] : Shi'tal: "You must have traveled to a great many," she says to Arkoh before finishing off the second shot.

[Tue Feb 21 00:52:28 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: (whispering): he also has a scar that extends up to his neck that you will probably notice sometime soon

[Tue Feb 21 00:53:45 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "A great many indeed." He turns and orders another round, unintentionally revealing the scar on his neck.

[Tue Feb 21 00:53:56 2012] : Tetka: "So, you gonna nurse that drink all night, pretty boy?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:55:08 2012] : Pedric: "Uh... Oh. Of course not!" Arkoh and Tetka would both know he talks a big game, but can't hold his liquor at all.

[Tue Feb 21 00:55:42 2012] : Pedric: "I just got caught up in conversation." He says as he takes a drink.

[Tue Feb 21 00:56:06 2012] : Tetka: "Hardy people, Mandalorians. I bet you could win some of this one's respect..."

[Tue Feb 21 00:56:14 2012] : Tetka: "...If you beat me in a drinking contest."

[Tue Feb 21 00:57:28 2012] : Pedric: He glances at the girl to see if he can tell what she's thinking on that matter. Then takes another drink.

[Tue Feb 21 00:57:29 2012] : Pedric: "Of course I can beat you! Right now?"

[Tue Feb 21 00:57:34 2012] : Shi'tal takes the next round and holds it up in a salute. "Oya!" before downing the entirity of the contents

[Tue Feb 21 00:57:44 2012] : Tetka: "Well, unless you think you need some time to prepare..."

[Tue Feb 21 00:58:03 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh just smiles as the exchange is taking place.

[Tue Feb 21 00:58:14 2012] : Tetka: "I'M ready to go, though."

[Tue Feb 21 00:58:47 2012] : Pedric: "Well. Let's do it then."

[Tue Feb 21 00:59:50 2012] : Shi'tal: "A proper contest would be with tihaar.. but I doubt either of you could out drink a Mado'ad."

[Tue Feb 21 01:00:12 2012] : Tetka: "I can drink anything you throw at me."

[Tue Feb 21 01:00:29 2012] : Shi'tal: Mando'ad*

[Tue Feb 21 01:01:25 2012] : Pedric: He finishes his first drink, and already seems to be affected by it. "I can take it."

[Tue Feb 21 01:01:33 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "This should be interesting. BARTENDER!! GIVE US THE STRONGEST DRINKS YOU HAVE!!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:02:05 2012] : Pedric: (hooray for embarassing myself before the official sessions begin!)

[Tue Feb 21 01:02:17 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: (it was bound to happen lol)

[Tue Feb 21 01:04:06 2012] : Pedric: (wanna just roleplay it? Or do we actually roll?)

[Tue Feb 21 01:04:07 2012] : Shi'tal: (( lol how do we want to handle this contest ;;) ))

[Tue Feb 21 01:04:18 2012] : Tetka: "Unless it's boga noga. I could take it, but I don't want to kill this one."

[Tue Feb 21 01:04:21 2012] : Pedric: (I think there's a system.)

[Tue Feb 21 01:04:28 2012] : Tetka: "We haven't gotten his money yet."

[Tue Feb 21 01:04:37 2012] : Shi'tal: (( haven't seen one in Saga ))

[Tue Feb 21 01:05:14 2012] : Pedric: (d20 plus CON. I think it's just a matter of who rolls higher. Each failure to win, sends you once down the condition track if I remember correctly)

[Tue Feb 21 01:05:34 2012] : Shi'tal: (( found this too "Multiply the drink's strength (generally 1 to 10) by the size (in shots) to get the alcohol units, then compare to the drinker's alcohol threshold (Con). Has the tipsy, merry, drunk, hammered, plastered, and unconscious conditions and a new feat (hard drinking)." ))

[Tue Feb 21 01:10:44 2012] : Tetka: Tetka takes the first drink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:11:00 2012] : Pedric: Pedric also tips the shot back.

[Tue Feb 21 01:11:15 2012] : Shi'tal takes her first drink as well [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)

[Tue Feb 21 01:11:47 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: The Captain also takes part in the merryment.

[Tue Feb 21 01:11:49 2012] : Pedric: He definitely is tipsy, but is still together. "Ha! Told you! I'm the best!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:14:30 2012] : Tetka: "Ehh, I'm just warming up..."

[Tue Feb 21 01:14:41 2012] : Tetka: He takes another drink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:14:44 2012] : Shi'tal takes her second drink [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)

[Tue Feb 21 01:14:59 2012] : Pedric: Pedric also takes a drink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:15:48 2012] : Pedric: That shot hit him a lot harder than the last. "Ahhh! Un... Stobbaple."

[Tue Feb 21 01:16:27 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "I'm just getting started. FOUR SUPERNOVAS, BARTENDER!!!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:16:30 2012] : Shi'tal presses the cool glass to her forehead for a moment as the collective amount begins to hit her. She doesnt stop as she takes her third drink [1d20+1-1] => [11,1,-1] = (11)

[Tue Feb 21 01:17:37 2012] : Shi'tal takes her fourth drink [1d20+1-2] => [13,1,-2] = (12)

[Tue Feb 21 01:18:07 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh goes for another round [1d20-1] => [4,-1] = (3)

[Tue Feb 21 01:18:16 2012] : Pedric: Pedric takes off his jacket and drapes it on his seat. Revealing a blaster and a lightsaber. Then takes another drink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:18:23 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "WOO!! That was a little unexpected..."

[Tue Feb 21 01:18:23 2012] : Shi'tal takes her fifth drink [1d20+1-2] => [3,1,-2] = (2)

[Tue Feb 21 01:18:53 2012] : Tetka: [1d20-5] => [20,-5] = (15)

[Tue Feb 21 01:19:02 2012] : Pedric: "You know! I... Really am pretty good at this!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:19:13 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "We'll see."

[Tue Feb 21 01:19:33 2012] : Pedric: After that sip, however. He doesn't seem to be doing too well.

[Tue Feb 21 01:20:04 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "FOUR PINK LIZARD THUNDERBOLTS, BARTENDER!!!!" His speech is a little slurred.

[Tue Feb 21 01:20:31 2012] : Pedric: Pedric takes another drink, almost missing his mouth.

[Tue Feb 21 01:20:53 2012] : Shi'tal takes her 6th drink [1d20+1-5] => [14,1,-5] = (10)

[Tue Feb 21 01:21:18 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "HAHA!! I've got this licked! FOUR MORE!!!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:21:51 2012] : Tetka: Tetka looks bad. "I... I beech you shnotty stupid pinkshkin..."

[Tue Feb 21 01:21:51 2012] : Pedric: This time around, he does miss all but a little.

[Tue Feb 21 01:22:07 2012] : Shi'tal begins to be looking more than a bit tipsy... the full amount of the alchohol is causing her to sway in her seat.

[Tue Feb 21 01:22:16 2012] : Pedric: "Wha're you shayin'?"

[Tue Feb 21 01:22:34 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh seems to be holding together, but it could just be a facade.

[Tue Feb 21 01:22:48 2012] : Tetka: "I shayin'... you get lonely and put laser shword in your...your..."

[Tue Feb 21 01:22:48 2012] : Pedric: He shakily grabs the glass and takes another drink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:22:52 2012] : Tetka: "*hic*"

[Tue Feb 21 01:23:00 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "You boys...and girl...ready for more?"

[Tue Feb 21 01:23:47 2012] : Shi'tal taps the drink to the table before drinking her 7th and probably final "Oya!" she slurs [1d20+1-10] => [7,1,-10] = (-2)

[Tue Feb 21 01:23:49 2012] : Pedric: "Ohh... Thish" He tries to pat his lightsaber "Ishn't my *hic* Thisss." He begins to pat another place but takes a drink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:23:50 2012] : Tetka: "Where you even get the laser sword? You think you is some kinda... Kinda Jeedai?"

[Tue Feb 21 01:24:12 2012] : Shi'tal topples over.

[Tue Feb 21 01:24:26 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "AND THE GIRL GOES DOWN!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:24:28 2012] : Tetka: Tetka slumps forward onto the table.

[Tue Feb 21 01:24:48 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "HAHA!! Looks like it's just you and me, Pedric. Think you can handle another round?"

[Tue Feb 21 01:25:01 2012] : Pedric: Pedric raises his hand in the air as though he had just accomplished some great feat.

[Tue Feb 21 01:25:30 2012] : Pedric: "Oof Cou... Coursse I caan."

[Tue Feb 21 01:26:19 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Alright, boy." Arkoh is clearly enjoying himself. TWO OLD JANX SPIRITS, BARTENDER!!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:26:45 2012] : Pedric: "Hold onn thou. Tal. Get *hic* ush all back to the shhip."

[Tue Feb 21 01:27:06 2012] : Pedric: His body guard nods.

[Tue Feb 21 01:27:26 2012] : Pedric: Once the drinks arrive, he clumsily takes a drink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:28:28 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh's hand shakes a bit as he raises his glass. "Cheers, boy!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:29:23 2012] : Shi'tal dazidly looks up from where she's slumped over her head stillon the table, having somewhat recovored from the onslaught to her system.

[Tue Feb 21 01:29:35 2012] : Pedric: Pedric falls over before he can even set the glass down.

[Tue Feb 21 01:30:27 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "HAHA!! I...*hic*....I win...I guess. *urp*" His face turns even paler than it normally is, and he nearly vomits all over the floor, but is able to hold himself together.

[Tue Feb 21 01:30:34 2012] : Pedric: While down on the ground, he tries his best to communitcate, but it sounds like a mixture of about a dozen languages.

[Tue Feb 21 01:31:17 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: The bartender then comes over and asks, "Umm, excuse me, sir, but which one of you will be paying for all of this?"

[Tue Feb 21 01:31:37 2012] : Pedric: He looks over at the young mandalorian, and tries to gesture and say something, probably lewd, but can't be understood at all.

[Tue Feb 21 01:31:52 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh looks over at Pedric lying on the floor, points, then says, "Take it out of the rich boy's tab."

[Tue Feb 21 01:32:31 2012] : Tetka: Tetka manages to get this out before collapsing again.

[Tue Feb 21 01:32:42 2012] : Shi'tal: Sound of the glass shattering makes her jump, a delayed reaction. "M..hi.. ghan par-jee.." she slurs.

[Tue Feb 21 01:33:46 2012] : Pedric: Pedric stumbles all over as he tries to pull himself up.

[Tue Feb 21 01:34:17 2012] : Pedric: He manages to find his way to the bartender, and pays far more than the actual amount.

[Tue Feb 21 01:34:56 2012] : Shi'tal leans back in her chair her eyes closed, she seems to be muttering something under her breath

[Tue Feb 21 01:35:09 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh reaches for his comlink, attempting to reach SPY. His words are slightly slurred as he speaks, "Hey...hey...SPY *hic*...Sp...." He drops his comlink.

[Tue Feb 21 01:35:32 2012] : Pedric: "You!" He points roughly in the direction of Tetka. "Went downnn. Befffore me!"

[Tue Feb 21 01:35:42 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Then he begins laughing hysterically at the fact that he dropped it.

[Tue Feb 21 01:36:20 2012] : Tetka tries to prop himself up.

[Tue Feb 21 01:36:33 2012] : Pedric: "What? Didd we wagsher?"

[Tue Feb 21 01:36:47 2012] : Pedric: As he stumbles over to the Duro, falling against him.

[Tue Feb 21 01:37:12 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: "Rich boy...*hic* hahaha...richie here can hold his li...liquor....yarrrrrrharrharrrharrrr"

[Tue Feb 21 01:37:30 2012] : Shi'tal begins laughing hysterically

[Tue Feb 21 01:37:37 2012] : Tetka shoves him off, exclaiming a few things in Duros.

[Tue Feb 21 01:37:47 2012] : Tetka: er

[Tue Feb 21 01:37:52 2012] : Tetka: *Durese

[Tue Feb 21 01:38:54 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh reaches for his comlink, but falls face first into the floor and begins laughing uncontrollably.

[Tue Feb 21 01:39:00 2012] : Pedric: "Annd! Ssurely! I! Won!" Looking at Shi'tal, trying to speak his clearest, "Yo..." He then passes out entirely.

[Tue Feb 21 01:39:30 2012] : Shi'tal: Only make sher laugh harder

[Tue Feb 21 01:40:42 2012] : Pedric: Tal, the faithful bodyguard comes to help Pedric back to the ship. "Will anyone else be needing assistance?"

[Tue Feb 21 01:41:15 2012] : Shi'tal tries to stand, but then pretty much topples over as well.

[Tue Feb 21 01:41:25 2012] : Shi'tal lays on the floor giggling

[Tue Feb 21 01:41:48 2012] : Shi'tal: (( I think a cab is in order ))

[Tue Feb 21 01:42:03 2012] : Pedric: "Miss?" He says offering his arm.

[Tue Feb 21 01:42:33 2012] : Arkoh Osoran: Arkoh looks up at him and attempts to stand, but can't seem to get up. He then starts laughing and just says, "You look...funny...." He then babbles something in corrupted Arkanian, and rolls over laughing again.

[Tue Feb 21 01:43:08 2012] : Shi'tal continues giggling as she takes his arm, which turns out to be counterproductive to trying to stands