Corellian Corruption
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era Old Republic (~1,000 BBY)
Start Date  ?
End Date March 27, 2015
 'Master_GM (GM): All right we last left off with the heroes inside of the auction. The item that they are looking for has turned up missing and the cargo ship that was bringing it ended stopping in the Kystes' Spine, a mountain range just outside of the Upper Class district. The auction has just come to an end and the people are starting to get up and mingle. Linus Pallax stands up and immediately locks eyes with Adalyn and Gentius. Someone steps up to talk to him, but he brushes them off and walks towards the pair...

Master_GM (GM) Let's roleplay that out talk to the head of security to see about leaving your duties...

Master_GM (GM): Or in main. It doesn't matter, but actually main is more preferable.

Adalyn/Katriana doesn't have to act perturbed as she spots Linus making a bee-line for them. "Here we go..." she mutters under her breath

Linus Pallax steps up in a gloating fashion. He greets, "Evening, sir. Miss." He gives a small bow, but has a shit eating grin on his face about his win. "May I introduce myself, I am Linus Pallax and this is my wife Juliet."

Adalyn/Katriana: "Pleasure, Katriana Parlentinious and my husband, Gentius." She lets her own bow to them come up short as well. The lose in the auction didn't affect her after all.

Jonah suddenly speaks over the commlink, opening a channel to Morse. "I saw a suspicious robed man leaving the auction and gave pursuit. He's heading into Selonian territory... continuing pursuit. I'll keep you posted."

Linus Pallax eyes you very carefully, "You must be from offworld. I have not seen you before this event."

Gentius Parl looks very nervous this is not going well for him, he excuses himself to go find Morse and get more info on what happened.

Adalyn/Katriana: "Naboo, actually," she smiles at Gentius' retreating. "We're recently married and wanted to set roots here."

Deception 20

Schwall: Morse responds, "I saw him leave. Be careful. There's something about him, I've seen the type before."

Adalyn/Katriana: Rolling FP 4

probaby should have rerolled

Schwall: Morse heads to speak to the head of security about retrieving the datapad.

Jonah: "Don't worry. I'm always careful." The transmission clicks off.

Gentius Parl intercepts Morse, "What is going? What happened back there? Where is my datapad?" He seems very upset.

Jordan V.: As Fynn had stepped out of the event already he replies to Morse or his Comm, "He was Sith. I could feel the Dark Side seep from his pores. And I'm not quite sure if he made me. He stared directly at me for several moments before leaving. It's possible I didn't hide my presence as well as I thought."

Schwall: "Seems it got lost in transit. Might be someone else is looking for it, and decided to take a stab at it before it got to the auction."

Juliet Faris-Pallax: "Recently moved, so then we will see you at other events then?" She asks sounding excited at "winning" the auction.

Gentius Parl: "So how are we going to get it back? Where is it? This was suppose to be easy."

Adalyn/Katriana: "Very possible. My business does take me off world quite a bit."

Morse: "How long have you been doing this type of thing? Nothing's easy." He shakes his head, "I'm working on getting out of here to go find it."

Linus Pallax: "Well, it will be nice to see you again, then." He nods as he and his wife excuse themselves to mingle with the rest of the crowd.

Adalyn/Katriana glances around for where Gentius went and seeing him with Morse, decides to see who the woman with her once betrothed is.

Gentius Parl mutters under breath something about luck, "All right let's get this going quickly, I will get Cori." He turns and heads out finding Fynn outside.

Morse: Morse continues to his destination of speaking to the head of security.

Master_GM (GM): Talking with the auctioneer is Adalyn's once betrothed, Davian Paddox, on his arm is a doting little thing who you recognize as someone from a lower class than even yourself. That must have really pissed off your mother, to see someone else of an even lower class move up in rank when it should have been your family.

Standing in the back watching over the crowd is Dallan, he sees Morse approach.

Morse: "Any further word on the delivery that didn't come in?"

Master_GM (GM): "All communication with them is lost. I think they might have gone down either to technical problems or we can't rule out an attack to steal some of the valuables, although they are probably the least of the possessions."

Adalyn/Katriana approaches the girl deciding to verify what she suspects. "Oh excuse me," she says catching her attention. "I couldn't help but admire your hairpin. Oh. Excuse my manners, Katriana Parlentinious." She adds with a polite bow.

Morse: "Interesting. I'd be happy to go see what happened to them."

Master_GM (GM): The girl turns with a big smile on her face and gives a bow, "Please to meet you Parlentenious," she stumbles with the name. "Kathleena Paddox." She says look to her husband with a loving look. "You like it. My husband only provides the very best." She sound very happy.

"You know, you have been very valuable to me, how would you like a full time job." Dallan says to Morse.

Morse: "I do appreciate the offer. I'll have to think about it."

Master_GM (GM): "You would be a good man for the job. I have everything covered here if you can look into it and comm me back what you have discovered it would be appreciated." He replies.

Adalyn/Katriana: "He has very fine taste, then. I noticed it from across the room." She glances around. "But you'll have to excuse me. It would seem my husband is waiting for me. It was very nice meeting you, Lady Paddox."

Master_GM (GM): "It was nice meeting you." She says as you turn to leave, she returns to husband side as he secures the last of the belongings that he had bid on that night.

Adalyn/Katriana heads out to where Cori would be picking them up.

Cori , who has been listening to most of the conversations in silence, has pulled up to the entrance of the auction. "Everyone aboard, I will have us out to the Kystes' Spines, lickity split."

Adalyn/Katriana is in a very good mood as she gets into the vehicle.

Morse: "Sure thing." He says, turning to head out the back door, knowing it would be a bit odd of him to walk out the guest entrance.

Master_GM (GM): Once everyone has gotten on board the scene cuts to the entrance of the Kystes' caves. Jonah is outside of it waiting on the rest. He has not been waiting too long. Nearby is another airspeeding. It is the one that Jonah had followed to this location. Checking the GPS tracker that Dallan had given Morse to find the item it looks like this is the closest entrance to get to the item in question.

Cori: "Need me to go in with you or should I stay out here with the vehicle running?"

Morse: "I'd think the second option will likely be the best."

Cori: "You got it." She says as she slowly turns up her music while the rest begin exiting the car.

Adalyn/Katriana smiles to Cori as she gets out and heads towards Jonah, still bubbling.

Gentius Parl steps out of the vehicle. "How far ahead is the scoundrel?" He calls out to Jonah as he walks closer to him.

Jordan V.: Fynn steps out after Gentius happy to have changed into more maneuverable clothing.

Jonah: (sorry, one minute)

Jonah, who's been leaning against a wall, straightens up as they approach, and lifts his rifle, slinging it back over his shoulder. "Not far, just a couple of minutes. How'd everything go?"

Gentius Parl: "Terrible, in my opinion, but miss happy-I-lost-every-bid seems to be ecstatic. C'mon, let's go get this thing before the other guy does." He says lighting up a lantern and heading into the smaller hole down into the belly of the Spine.

Adalyn/Katriana grins at Jonah. "I lost against the Lord and Lady Pallax."

Jonah: He grins back. "That a fact? I assume they paid a pretty dear price for it."

Adalyn/Katriana: "I gave them a run for their money."

Master_GM (GM): The group moves into the caves below with Morse leading the way using the GPS to locate the item. They start drawing closer on it. As they do there is talking reverberating down the walls as to men talk.

Suddenly there is the distinct sound of a lightsaber. The sound of panic and a scream.

The team moves forward faster and finds the cloaked figure with red lightsaber in hand standing over the body of a man in uniform.

Jordan V.: "What have you done?!" Fynn shouts as the come to the scene.

Morse: Morse promptly draws his weapon at the sound of the lightsaber.

Jonah raises his rifle, trying to draw a bead on him.

Jordan V.: Before the murderer can turn around he draws his own lightsaber ready to do battle.

Adalyn/Katriana draws her condensed electrostaff as they move down the hall, knowing against a lightsaber her blaster likely wouldn't do much good

Roi Glace turns and sees the group approaching as he hears Fynn. "I thought that was you." He gloats and reaches down and picks up the datapad off of the dead man's body.

Master_GM (GM): Suddenly as everyone has taken a battle stance there is a cry that comes down the cave. It is a battle cry...

Coming closer is a contingent of Selonian warriors ready to drive out invaders to their home.

Roll initiative.

Adalyn/Katriana: Initiative 24

Morse: Initiative 20

Jordan V.: Initiative 25

Grendy: (Oh, I didn't realise there was a thing)

Fynn Morano: hey before we start this I need like 5 minutes

Master_GM (GM): Okay

Jonah: Rolling for Turn Order 39

Roi Glace moves towards his arch rival and locks blades with him taking him in a duel. "You always comeback for more punishment. When are you going to learn that actually having the force would be superior?"

Roi Glace: Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes

Attack 29

Damage 14

The Selonians all charge towards the group to expel them from their home.

Adalyn/Katriana: "Too bad Skorri isn't here...."

Master_GM (GM): Attacking Morse

Schwall: Hits.

Master_GM (GM): Sorry... not that one, this one...

Morse: Oh, good. That one misses.

Master_GM (GM): (Remember you are flat-footed until you act.

Morse: Oh. Maybe not then.

Morse: Why are we flat footed? We couldn't tell they were coming even with their battle cry?

Master_GM (GM): No, until you actually act in battle you always start flat-footed. Everyone does.

Morse: Didn't know that.

Alicia G: only when there's a suprise round...

Master_GM (GM): Oh, my bad then...

I thought it was any round...

Fynn Morano: aight sorry bout that

Master_GM (GM): All right then you are not flat-footed.

Alicia G: nope.. something that I think didn't come over with D&D rules

Gentius Parl: "This deal is getting worse all the time!" He shouts as he shoots at the battle charging Selonians.

Fynn's turn.

Fynn Morano: "Using the force be superior? It's not the force that makes someone strong, but knowing when not to use it. My master that you poisoned like a coward taught me that. But for you Regem, I think I'll make an exception!" And with that Fynn used his newfound powers to push against his foes' saber and knock him back off his feet.

Use the Force 32

Master_GM (GM): Are you using force thrust?

Alicia G: and you got that power back:)

Master_GM (GM): Yeah, nat 20. The power isn't even used up you can use it again.

Fynn Morano: (Aww sheet)

Master_GM (GM): But which power did you use?

Fynn Morano: (I don't think I have force push... Unless I do. but anyways I was just attempting to use the force in conjunction with my own strength to push him back. But if that's force push then by all means I used that haha.)

Master_GM (GM): Strength 20

Roi Glace is blown back into the Selonian completely taken by surprise by the power that Fynn now holds.

Fynn Morano: (Did you want me to roll it again?)

Roi Glace: No need.

Jonah: (Did we establish how many Selonians there are?)

Fynn Morano: (ok)

Master_GM (GM): 11

Any movement?

FYI, any movement towards him will provoke some attacks of opportunities from the opponents near you.

No response moving forward.


Alicia G: how far away are the Selonians?

Master_GM (GM): >_<I forget you I didn't move you guys to the new tab.

There you go.

Adalyn/Katriana: so the Sith guy is near me?

Master_GM (GM): If by near you, you mean six squares away with at least 5-6 Selonians in between you, then yes.

Adalyn/Katriana fully extends her electrostaff and defends herself against the closest selonian.

Adalyn/Katriana: Attacking with electro staff • bludgenoing • Attack Notes:

Attack 21

Damage 12

Master_GM (GM): Hit.

Adalyn/Katriana withdraws after her attack hits home

Master_GM (GM): Jonah

Jonah: Jonah holds his rifle up and carefully takes aim at the Selonian across from him, next to Fynn. Holding his breath for a second, he fires. (2 swift to aim)

Master_GM (GM): Your shot hits

Master_GM (GM): The hits takes the creature down pretty far she is hanging on by a thread.


Jonah: "I speak Selonian, but something tells me they're not in a listening mood," Jonah says, as he looks for some cover to duck behind after the shot.

Morse: Morse reaches, and grabs a stun grenade off his belt. He pulls the pin and, due to the short distance between himself and the target location, counts out about 3 seconds before tossing it. (aiming for the square to the Sith's north west).

Attacking with Stun grenade • • Attack Notes:

Attack 18

Damage 25

Morse: I think I'll force point that roll.

Master_GM (GM): The blast takes out three of the four selonians in the blast radius. Roi rolls out of the way for the blast and takes half damage.

Roi rolls and gets up. There is too much going on. As much as he want to take down Fynn, now is not the time. He second winds and starts running towards another cave area.

One of the Selonians move up on Jonah Allowing Fynn an Attack of Opportunity if he wants to take one.

Alicia G: stun grenade right?

Master_GM (GM): The leader points to Roi escape and tells two of the Selonians to chase after him.

The leader then moves up and attacks the biggest threat, being Morse.

Fynn Morano: (I'll take the attack of opportunity on that one)

Morse: Hits

Fynn Morano: As one of the Selonians tries to slide past Fynn he swipes directly at them.

Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes: Rapid Strike, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Double Attack

Attack 23

Damage 15

Master_GM (GM): Attacking Fynn...

Attacking Jonah

That hits Parl.

Fynn Morano: (misses me I believe)

Jonah: (Holy shit)

(Just missed me)

(my ref def is 26)

Gentius Parl: "He is getting away with out prize," he shouts in anger. "He turns to Adalyn, "You were suppose to be lucky!!" He then chases after him with abandon allowing three attacks of opportunity against him.

Gentius Parl: Fynn

Adalyn/Katriana tsks at Gentius' comment. "Now he's making it a matter of pride."

Fynn Morano: Despite seeing Regem flee, Fynn decides to help his friends through this fight first trying to keep a level head about him. Fynn then goes for the closest Selonian to him to dwindle their numbers.

Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes: Rapid Strike, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Double Attack

Attack 17

Damage 13

Master_GM (GM): That would miss.

Fynn Morano: )How many FPs do we get?)


Master_GM (GM): 9

Master_GM (GM): Adalyn

Adalyn/Katriana concentrates on the Selonian to the NW and flings him to collide with his fellow to his left, then heads after Roi and Parl

Adalyn/Katriana: Use the Force 22


Use the Force 37

Alicia G: should I even roll the 10d6?

Master_GM (GM): Not really.

Alicia G: done brb

Master_GM (GM): Jonah.

Jonah: Faced up close and personal with a Selonian warrior, Jonah shifts his grip on his rifle, and flicks a switch, rerouting the power pack into the force pike mounted atop the barrel. He ducks a swing, then jabs the end into her abdomen.

Master_GM (GM): Hits

The Selonian slumps over as Jonah takes her down.


Morse: Morse considers the threat at hand in the Selonian, but decides the prize is this "Regem." Looking past all those in the way, he takes an aimed shot at the fleeing Sith.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster (Aimed) • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 20

Damage 30

Master_GM (GM): Missed

Morse: (I think I'll take that reroll, as it probably isn't even possible to hit with a force point.)

Master_GM (GM): So just reroll the attack

Morse: Attacking with Heavy Blaster (Aimed) • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 19

Damage 20

Alicia G: :(

Morse: Sucks

Roi Glace sees he needs to get out of here. He slashes at Parl and uses the force to give himself a boost to get out of here.

Roi Glace: Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes

Attack 15

Damage 15

He spends a reroll.

Roi Glace: Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes

Attack 15

Damage 10


Roi Glace: Rolling for Surge.

Use the Force 21

Jake has crazy terrible luck with dice.

Jonah: (All the better for us.)

Master_GM (GM): AoO

Morse: (Because we're all having such great luck with our rolls)

One Selonian Attacks Parl and the other chases after the Sith...


The Leader attacks Morse.

One attacks Fynn

And the other Jonah.

Gentius Parl: Shoots at the Selonian behind him.


Fynn Morano: Fynn decides to take one more stab at the Selonian in front of him before going after Regem.

(Remind me, double attack lets you attack twice at a -6 or something like that?)

Gentius Parl: At a -5 and you have to take a full action to do it.

Master_GM (GM): Meaning you couldn't move after words.


Fynn Morano: (mmk)

Alicia G: but you could attack 2 different targets, while with dual weapon it has to be the same

Fynn Morano: Aiming at the Selonian in front of him, Fynn swings

Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes: Rapid Strike, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Double Attack

Attack 23

Damage 11

Master_GM (GM): The Selonian goes down.

For AoO


Adalyn/Katriana chases after Regem

Master_GM (GM): Jonah

Jonah: (The one in front of me is the one I injured, right?)

Master_GM (GM): Very

Jonah: Jonah decides to finish this Selonian off with a quick jab before he follows after the others.

Master_GM (GM): Hit

Master_GM (GM): Morse

Jonah: He then moves down and turns straight for the tunnel they escaped into.

Morse: Deciding now is the time to deal with the Selonian, he switches his blaster to stun and takes a shot.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster Stun • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 28

Damage 24

Jonah: (Turns out my initial shot should've taken out that Selonian. Damn my forgetfulness. Oh well.)

Master_GM (GM): The stun hurts her, but she is a skilled warrior with many years of battle under her belt, she is not going down quickly.

Roi Glace: Escapes Deeper into the caverns.

Magalak sees that this group is no stranger to battle she admires their skill in Selonian she says to her remaining compatriots, "This group is a strong bunch, forget the one that is running away, that leads back towards the surface. Drive the others out as well."

Master_GM (GM): One of the Selonians hide preparing to ambush.

Jonah: (Would I hear/understand this?)

Master_GM (GM): Yes.

Attacking Adalyn.

Alicia G: we should have done something to the speeder...

Jonah catches this, and speaks over comms to everyone. "I just heard say that the tunnel he went through goes back to the surface. They're focusing on us now."

Jonah: (*just heard the leader)

Magalak changes her stance and attacks Morse with both ends of her Glaive.

Morse: First misses, second hits.

Adalyn/Katriana dodges out of the way just as the closest Selonians attention turns on her. "Doubt they'd listen, but try and tell them we're leaving too."

Master_GM (GM): Gentius is ambushed.

The attack misses.


Jonah sighs. Worth a shot. He tries to remember his Selonian... he doesn't get to speak it that often anymore. "Stand down!" he shouts, doing his best to mimic the yipping sound of the language. "We're leaving!"

Master_GM (GM): Roll Persuasion.

Jonah: (Oh boy.)

(Let's save it for my turn)

Master_GM (GM): ok

Fynn Morano: Frustrated at Regem getting away once again he tries to hail Cori on the Comms, "Cori you need to pull the vehicle somewhere hidden! The Sith escaped and he's most likely headed back for his speeder! If he sees you he's not going to want any witnesses knowing which direction he's going."

Cori doesn't respond.

Fynn Morano: "Cori! Damn it we need to get out of here!" Fynn shouts at everyone. And with that moves to strike the Selonian attacking Morse.

Master_GM (GM): +2 for Flanking

Fynn Morano: Attacking with Lightsaber • Energy • Attack Notes: Rapid Strike, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Double Attack

Attack 25

Damage 16

Master_GM (GM): Miss

Fynn Morano: I'll FP

Master_GM (GM): That will hit then.

Master_GM (GM): Adalyn

Adalyn/Katriana doesn't stop moving as she sends a surge of conflicting sensory input at the selonian chasing her in her desire to catch up with Parl and get to Cori

Adalyn/Katriana: Use the Force 29

Alicia G: Force Stun

and withdrawing

Master_GM (GM): The Selonian is severely disoriented.


Jonah: alright, Persuasion roll

hot damn.

Magalak pauses, surprised that Jonah can speak Selonian, albeit broken, "What are you doing here?" She asks.

Jonah: "Chasing the one who got away." Having mostly had contact with Selonian stabmen communities, he primarily remembers phrases related to hunting - this one translates well enough.

Magalak: "You mean no harm to the nest?"

Jonah: "No. Only to our prey."

Magalak: She holds out her hand and sends a call to all of the others.

You know this means a cease fire.

"Then go your way. We will be watching you."

Jonah: Jonah nods respectfully, and puts his rifle away. He returns to speaking Basic, and addresses the others. "She says we can go. Come on."

Adalyn/Katriana is already on her way out, following on Parl's heels

Magalak calls the others to her.

Morse: Morse quickly turns, and sprints out the way they came in, albeit hindered due to his wounds.

Jonah: (What I imagine when I think of the scene of Jonah yipping at the Selonian)

("Now ask him where the talking llama went!" "Ah, squeakity squeak, squeakin'.")

Magalak: Hahah

Fynn Morano: Fynn turns quick on his heals to get out of the cave.

Jonah turns and walks out as quickly as he can while still being careful not to set off the watchful Selonians

Master_GM (GM): Gentius and Adalyn are after Regem, but with his force boosted speed he is able to put a great amount of distance between them...

Morse, Jonah, and Fynn all reach the surface near the entrance and when they get there, neither their airspeeder nor Regem's is where they left it.