Star Wars Legends: Vong Wars
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era New Republic Era
Start Date 20 Feb, 2012; Restart 26 Sept 2015

Time Line Edit

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Alicia: Shi'tal Bralor Edit

Her armor is of an unusual design, made of a strong metal which could theoretically stop a lightsaber. It's only distinguishable feature is the T shaped visor on the helmet, otherwise it could pass as a form of regular light armor. Those who know of the Mandalorians would know the armor as a declaration of what she is. The sight of the armor and the large blaster rifle slung across her back is a sure mark to not antagonize her.

Underneath her helmet, is young, appearing no more than seventeen years, and though her face seems weary with something weighing heavily on her she is rather attractive. Her long, reddish brown hair is braided into a long plait she can tuck into her helmet and her brown eyes look on with a sharp intelligence. She stands near the average height of 5'5" and is rather thin. When she isn’t doning armor she fancies a simple shirt and pants which hang off her thin frame.

Sensitive about her youth, she’ll do whatever she can to prove that it’s not a factor. Used to competing to get her way, she doesn’t shy away from a challenge. While she was once free-spirited, the death of her uncle Antos weighs heavily on her and at times she seems to withdraw into herself.

Pyro / Brian: Arkoh Osoran Edit

Arkohan Arkaniaan Offshoot smuggler. Captain of the Errant Star. He is a proud man, standing nearly 6 feet tall and weighing something around 225 lbs. Being an Arkanian Offshoot, his skin is a pale tint of blue, nearly white, and his hair is the standard white color of the other members of his race. This being the case, he is thought to be much older than he actually is. He looks to be about 70 because of the color of his hair, but he's actually only around 32.

Mercy: SPYDER- PS4 Edit

SPYDER- PS4 is the fourth droid in the long line of all of 7 SPYDER- PS Probe Droids made by Aranyk Industries. Unlike the ever popular Viper line, they are made for private, not military use. They're also a lot sexier. In addition to the streamlined spider-like appearance, she also has several abilities that the Viper does not, for instance her Vocabulator, which she uses often. She's further different from most of her bretheren in the SPYDER line in that she isn't a glitched psychopath bent on destroying every living being on sight. No, she's crazy, but she finds living things more interesting than dead things, though killing enemies is fun, sure. She's more in the variety of crazies that like to listen to disco all of the time, at all hours of the day. Friends call her SPY. Droid merchants call her 'that annoying thing'. She's on a neverending quest to master the complexities of the common joke. uhmm *vague french gesture* She's got lots of fun skills, but she's still a probot, so her strengths are in espionage.

Grendy / Sam: Tetka SoLaal Edit

Tetka is a surly Duros pilot with a severe alcohol problem that remarkably doesn't seem to impede his abilities as a pilot. In fact, he's pretty damn good as pilots go, though anyone who's never flown with him before might be nervous to know that the ship is being piloted by someone whose breath smells strongly of juma juice, and who sometimes leaves the intercom on accidentally while he loudly slurs raunchy limericks, but you get used to it. Probably. He seems to have some sort of military background, and there's probably a reason for his drinking, but he's probably killed too many brain cells to remember it, who can say? With an armored space suit and a heavily modified blaster rifle, he can also handle himself in personal combat.

Phoenix / Seth: Pedric Melvar Edit

Pedric is a young, appearing to be in his very early 20s, and very rich man. He has longish blonde hair, and a small goatee. He wears a suit, but has taken off his tie and unbuttoned his jacket. He is thin, but doesn't appear to have much muscle on him. He inherited much of his money, but has also found he is gifted in being able to make money, mostly off of his successes in investing. Because it all comes so naturally to him, he has taken on quite a cocky (douchebag) attitude. He buys expensive things just for the sake of buying it. Because he can. His most notable thing is his lightsaber he keeps with him at all times. He does use this acquisition, however, and has found it surprisingly useful for indulging his other, stronger pursuit: women. Anyone who has been around him for more than 10 minutes knows, he will hit on any attractive female that comes within 10 feet of him. He is every bit of a playboy.

GegenDrache: Ralrarra Edit

Dr Ralrarra is skilled at his craft, and extremely, fiercely loyal to his patients and those he considers under his protection. He tries to avoid killing when he can avoid it, but is not afraid to rip an arm off of someone trying to interrupt his work. He's generally pretty quiet, and actually rather well spoken and clever for a Wookiee.

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