Corellian Corruption
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era Old Republic (~1,000 BBY)
Start Date  ?
End Date March 27, 2015

The following RP is between Morse and Katriana, known as Rina Joran at the time. It's set about 5 years before the current events of Corellian Corruption and serves as a backstory piece to broaden the circumstances of how they first met.

Important crew members: Edit

Kotarra the Space Jockey Duros a hot shot behind the stick of any vessel.

Dorj and Korr a pair of dimwitted brutes who are under Morse.

Tela Vee the Givin navigator and Kotarra's right hand woman.

Murrac the Zeltron ring leader of the smuggling operation

Session 1 Edit

Murrac walks towards Morse, Dorj, and Korr as they are loading up the supplies to begin their journey towards the outer rim. "Everything in order?" He asks as a fresh young face of a human female stands besides him whom he has yet to introduce.

Morse: "These are the last of the supplies. After this we'll just be waiting on Tela and Kotarra to give us the word."

Morse says in response to Murrac, glancing at the new face.

Rina Joran stands next to Murrac her nerves causing her hands to be clasped tightly behind her back. It's the only indication that the young, eighteen year old is more than just a pleasant face as she gives Morse a small smile as he looks her over.

Murrac: "All of this sounds." He says as he turns to the fresh young face. "Morse, this is Rina. I am hiring her on as a business representative. Tina this is Morse, he is acting security chief until Rango recovers his injuries."


Morse: Morse extends his hand, "Good to meet you, Rina."

Rina Joran hesitates for a moment knowing taking his hand would reveal how hers is shaking. The gesture is also rather unfamiliar to her as she takes his hand and hopes she squeezes it appropriately before letting go.

Morse: Morse does notice the tremble in her hand, but says nothing.

Rina Joran: "Pleased," she says, her voice calm with a measure of warmth to it.

Murrac: "Now I will going with you guys today just to show Rina here the ropes." He says which would surprise Morse, Murrac has never gone on a job with you. "Now today we are doing a pick up. Lady Wylla is needing a supply of her beloved nerf steaks We are heading out to Enegbo V. Shouldn't be two difficult." He tells Rina.

Morse: "Yes, sir." Trying to hide his surprise.

Murrac: He then turns to the other two as they have finished the last of the loading. "Dorj, Korr. Would you please show miss Joran around the ship to let her get familiar?"

Once Rina and the others are out of earshot he turns to Morse. "So things have just got a little more complicated."

Rina Joran nods to Murrac and then giving Morse a parting smile follows the two brutes as they give her the "tour"

Morse: Morse doesn't say anything but zeroes his focus in on Murrac as to say, "Continue."

Murrac: "The nerf steaks cover is still in effect, but our contact for the Ryl Spice had been caught with some of it on him and the local, he called him a 'Sheriff', whatever that is suppose to be caught him and is onto him. He was able to get the coordinates, but they are locked in our man's home, plus this local law enforcement will be keeping an eye out on the place."

"What do you think Rango would do?" He asks sounding worried. Rango was your mentor of sorts and always knew a way to get out of trouble. His personality was always quiet and pragmatic.

Rina Joran follows Dorj and Korr. Even though she'd been a few ships since she'd left her home planet, she'd never really traveled much and they still amaze her. Even transports such as the Lovestar

Morse: "He'd start by telling you to be nowhere near this in case things go south. After that... I. Would say I'll find a way to get the sheriff out of the way while the team get the steaks."

Murrac: "All right, I will handle everything to with the steaks then and you take care of the rest for us." He says a little more relieved. "You handle this well and you could be looking at a promotion." He says as he walks off into the ship to join the rest of the crew.

Morse: Morse lets out a long exhale once Murrac is on the ship.

Kotorra: "All right everyone on board and get yourselves strapped in we are going to be breaking atmo in 17 minutes." She calls over the comms.

Morse: Morse quickly makes sure the last of the cargo was stowed properly, then heads onto the ship and finds a place for launch.

Rina Joran nerves have turned into excitement as the ship prepares to launch. She finds an empty seat in the common area and straps herself in.

Murrac makes his way to the cock pit to get on the comm to announce, "All right this should be a fast job and the faster we get this done the better. Lady Wylla promised us extra if we get this job done quickly. Terr ought to be able to navigate us there fast enough. It is going to be on us to make sure everything is moved forward quickly."

Morse: Morse, while preparing for launch is forced to think of ways to keep this sheriff out of the way.

(So if I have this straight, the guy who left the "steaks" for us to pick up got caught with some of the product and now the sheriff is watching the pickup site?)

Murrac: (Correct.)

Rina Joran watches as the others finish their prep, feeling a bit useless as they all seem to have a task. Seeing Morse she unbuckles herself and catches up to him. "Anything I can do to help?"

Morse: He turns to her, "I'm not sure. I just met you, so naturally I don't know what your strengths are yet."

Rina Joran: "Well, uhm.." she stops and admits. "This is really only the third time I've been on a ship.. I guess I don't really know either." She laughs lightly.

Murrac joins the room. "Hello, Rina, Morse. What do you think of the ship?" He says really proud of it.

Morse: (Is this the first time Morse has been here as well?)

Murrac: (On this ship yes.)

Rina Joran: "Oh! It's wonderful!" she says genuinely.

Morse: Morse looks around, "It

's nice."

Murrac: "Yeah, it sure is. I purchased it from a Corscanti Police auction."

Rina Joran: "Really? What a great find then."

Murrac: "Indeed." He says looking around. "They say the ship is cursed."

"They say that all of the previous owners and crew have all died. I hope the fate doesn't befall us." He says walking away with a smirk on his face.

Rina Joran watches as he leaves. "I don't know him well enough yet to tell if he's joking or not." She raises an eyebrow at Morse in question.

Morse: "My nearest guess is that he usually speaks in half truths. Not sure on his humor, however."

Rina Joran: "Half truths," she says to herself. "I guess then it's a matter of figuring out what's not true..."

Morse: "I find that's the trick with most people."

Rina Joran: "You think so?"

Morse: "Absolutely."

Master_GM (GM): The ship has finally made it way into the system. The ship pulls out of hyperspace.

There is a sudden rattle and the ship jostles. It feels like something has hit it. Suddenly it hits them again. "Hang on everyone."

Alicia G: brb dog walk time bb 10 mins

Kotorra: She pulls the ship downwards and another hit to the rear of the ship and there is an explosion heard in the engine room.

The ship stops rumbling.

Murrac: "Status report." He demands.

Kotorra: "Sorry, sir. It looks like we lost the hyperdrive."

Murrac: "What the hell happened?"

Kotorra: "We came out in a plasma storm."

Murrac: "This is just great. What more can go wrong. Are we able to get to planet?"

Kotorra: "We will make it, but we are going to need make repairs to get us out of the area."

Session 2 Edit

Master_GM (GM): All right time to get this started...

The Loverstar had a jolty start to land on the planet, but with Kotorra at the helm she made it as gentle as possible. Ground finally beneath their feet the docking ramp was released and Murrac lead the team off of the ship. There to greet them was a lone attendant a CZ-model Protocol droid. He looked to have a lot of years on him from all of the dings and dents into his chassis. The droid however seems helpful enough. "Greetings and welcome to Engebo V. How may I be of service?"

Rina Joran follows behind

Murrac: "You will need to be handling these kind of things on the field. Rina, you take point." He says to her behind him wanting to see if she will be a good fit the company.

Rina Joran has finally recovered from the rough entry into the system. With a glance to Murrac, she nods and steps forward to speak to the droid.

Rina Joran: "We're here to conduct business with the nerf rancher. Could you direct us to him, please?"

Master_GM (GM): "He is a little harder to pinned down and has become more of a recluse in his older age, however should be able to reach his daughter, Mistress Nell. She should be in town usually found in the cantina about this time having herself some breakfast."

Morse: Morse remains quiet, realizing the roll Rina will fill within the crew.

Rina Joran smiles at the droid as he gives her the info. "Where abouts in town is the cantina?"

Morse: *role

Master_GM (GM): Turning the droid points to a small series of buildings setup across from each other with a large path in the middle. It looks rustic and old west style. "You will find the building in there and it shouldn't be hard." The droid replies.

Rina Joran looks past the droid in the direction it points and then nods. The town indeed didn't seem to be too large to not be able to find it easily "Thank you."

Murrac: "Perfect, kid. You got spunk. I am going to work over the details ofgetting the ship prepared. Why don't you head down with Morse and the other two to check in on the shipment while I make sure that the ship is ready for lift off by the time we need. If I have time I will come and join you." He offers as he gives Morse a knowing wink.

Morse: Morse returns his gesture with a nod. "Sounds good." Turning to the others, "Let's head out."

Rina Joran seems excited at the prospect of heading into the town and gives Murrac a sharp nod in acceptance. "Right.. Should I see about any parts for the ship while we're there?"

Murrac: "I will send you a message if there is anything needed for it."

The reddish-orange star Engebo creeps up over the horizon, striking what appears to be an expensive mansion—the home of Davengatt, the nerf rancher, according to CZ-22. The smell of the nearby nerf slaughterhouse is pervasive.

A bright sign indicates a cantina on the outskirts of the small town. Sounds of conversation and low music can be heard streaming out from the building’s open door. There are no other signs of life. This must have been the place that the droid at the landing field was talking about.

A lone figure steps out of a building across the street from the cantina and approaches—a tall, middle-aged Human with long, gray hair pulled back, a braided beard reaching his chest, a wide swagger, a patch over one eye, and a heavy blaster hanging from his hip. He flips you a lopsided grin as you approach. “Hold up there, friends. What brings you to the Landing?”

Morse: Morse looks the stranger up and down, he can only figure this must be the sheriff he had discussed with Murrac.

Rina Joran: "Sorry and you are?" she says simply, raising an eyebrow at the man.

Murrac: "I'm Gall, the sheriff around here. We don't get too many visitors and it is my job to make sure everyone remains safe."

Rina Joran: "Well then, Sheriff. We have business with the nerf rancher. The droid at the spaceport said his daughter was in the cantina."

Murrac: "You will find her inside." He says pointing across the street to the Cantina. He then focuses his one good eye seemingly on Morse, "Now if you are lyin' to me. If you are here to start up some kind of trouble. I'll hear about it. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves." He starts to walk away after that.

Rina Joran watches as the Sheriff walks away and waits for him to be out of earshot before leaning in towards Morse. "Are all small ports like this?"

Morse: "Pretty often." Morse thinks for a second, still not sure what to do with the sheriff. (where is the pickup?)

Murrac: The pickup as indicated on your GPS scanner that the pick is in the Cantina.

Morse: "You know, small towns, they don't see a lot of new faces and all."

Rina Joran: "If the sheriff is any indication of the locals, this is likely going to be an interesting trip."

Rina Joran starts walking toward the cantina's open door.

Morse: "Yeah. You know, I think I'll go try and have a word with him, one professional to another. You're all right with these two, right?"

Rina Joran casts a look back at the two bruisers. "I'm sure we'll manage," she smiles 'innocently' at Morse before stepping into the cantina.

Master_GM (GM): First Rina: Lurbi’s Mercantile, as the building is called—a two-story structure bigger than most anything else in sight, except the mansion—appears to be the only functioning business in the Landing other than the Double-Zed. Inside, you can see half a dozen or so people drinking, chatting, or just sitting alone, brooding. The place seems part cantina, part trading post, and part hotel.

Along the rear wall runs a long, lighted bar, behind which stands a Gotal female with gray fur and two cone-shaped protuberances on top of her head—no doubt Lurbi, the proprietor. She is drying glasses and chatting casually with a stunning young Human woman sitting at the bar. The Human is sipping a steaming mug of caf. The blonde woman and the Gotal are the only beings in the cantina that pay any attention to you.

“What ya need?” growls Lurbi. As she looks you up and

down, you notice her red-tinted eyes and the sharp teeth

that fill her broad mouth.

Rina Joran is perturbed by the gotal's appearnce momentarily and then she remembers herself. Stepping towards the bar she covers the slip with a small smile. "A cup of caf please," she says realizing the idea of real caf instead of the dispensed stuff on the ship sounded good.

Rina Joran sits at the bar, leaving a stool between herself and the blonde girl who she's guessing is Nell

Master_GM (GM): Never really taking her eyes off of you in a suspicious manner. She places a caf cup in front of you and pours the black liquid. It is actually would be impressive if it wasn't creepy that she did all of that without looking.

Rina Joran doesn't really notice as she'd been looking at Nell, though when the cup is poured she finally looks up. "Thanks." After taking a small sip of the steaming brew her attention turns back to the other woman. "Excuse me, but are you Nell?"

Master_GM (GM): "That I am." She says a little more polite than the gotal ever seem to be. "Are you hear to pick up a shipment for that fancy lady?"

Rina Joran is glad she didn't have to make all the arrangements. "Yes, for Lady Wylla"

Master_GM (GM): "Excellent. I will be glad to get these nerf steaks off of our hands and into hers. Maybe that will stop her from call every other day asking when they will arrive and having to explain to her once more that we do not do deliveries to this kind of client."

Rina Joran smiles knowing exactly the kind of noble Wylla is. "Well, fortunate indeed we were hired to take them off your hands then. How soon can the shipment be sent to our ship?"

Master_GM (GM): "Odis should be done packing them." Then suddenly, the young woman stops speaking, cocking her head to one side. A low, rumbling roar can now be heard in the distance, a roar that quickly becomes the scream of atmospheric friction—the unmistakable sound of a ship making an uncontrolled re-entry. Nell leaps to her feat and heads out to the street. The other denizens of the cantina begin to stand and head for the door. Lurbi eyes you suspiciously, but also begins to move toward the door.

Just prior to this...

Morse catches up with Gall as the sheriff seems to step up to the slaughterhouse doorway. The smell from the house is detestable to those who are not use to it.

Morse: Morse stops in his tracks for a second, waiting for the smell to become even slightly more bearable.

Shaking it off as best he can, "Sheriff, have time for a word?"

Master_GM (GM): Gall stops and turns to Morse, "I suppose I have some time, son."

Morse: "All right." He says, taking a quick second to think, "I want to clear the air, here. I saw you giving us a distrusting eye."

Master_GM (GM): Begins to step away from the slaughter house and back into the street. "All right. I will give you that chance. Why don't we head down towards my office?" He leads the short jaunt.

Morse: Morse follows his lead.

Master_GM (GM): Opens up the office it is a small room with what looks like a cell in the back of it. No one else is present. He walks around his desk and opens a drawer to pull out a small bottle of alcohol. He offers Morse a glass in a civil manner. "What are you needed to have cleared up?" He asks.

Morse: Morse takes the glass to be polite, "Well, I don't think you're the type for nonsense, so let's talk as men. I know why you're curious about us being newcomers. You know about the pickup that's going to happen, so naturally you'll want to meet anyone new to size them up. I'm saying this, because I would like things to go smoothly and peacefully all around."

Master_GM (GM): Downs the glass as he hears the man say his piece. Upon his completion he eyes him up. "Are you admitting to a crime, son?"

Morse: "Yes. I find with local law such as yourself there isn'

t much use being coy. It's best to lay the cards out as they are and hope for the best."

Master_GM (GM): "So what are you even hoping that I will do? Let you just walk out of here?"

Morse: "That way is a lot nicer and easier than the alternative. I'd be more than happy to compensate you for looking the other way, but I doubt you'd take it. I'd like to be able to do my job here and leave with this being a place I know better than to show up at again."

(Can I roll persuasion?)

Master_GM (GM): Go ahead and roll.

Morse: Persuasion 21

Master_GM (GM): Just as he is about to answer you he stops and cocks his head. A low, rumbling roar can now be heard in the distance, a roar that quickly becomes the scream of atmospheric friction—the unmistakable sound of a ship making an uncontrolled re-entry. He gets to his feet and head outside immediately.

Morse: Curious, Morse heads outside as well.

Rina Joran sighs realizing the job was likely about to get more complicated. Not wanting to waste the good caf, she ignores the Gotal's glowers and takes a few more sips of the caf before following the others out of the cantina and into the main street.

Master_GM (GM): Nell stands staring at the sky, jaw dropped in disbelief. The orange, burning hulk of a now-unrecognizable space transport screams overhead like a meteor. Nell tracks the vessel, her eyes growing wider as she sees where it’s going to hit. Not far away, Gall stands in similar awe.

“The herds!” she cries. “It’s heading for the herds! Gall, contact my father!” The burly man obliges immediately, and you realize that the “sheriff” clearly works for Davengatt, too.

Nell turns to Rina, desperation evident in her eyes. “You want those steaks? Help me now, and I’ll give them to you at wholesale. Your boss doesn’t have to know—you can keep the change. My speeder’s this way.” With that, she turns and runs toward a ragged, eight-seater landspeeder parked across the street.

The scream of the incoming ship hits a crescendo, and then the /whumpf/ of a distant explosion rocks your ears.

Rina Joran can't argue at the sudden drop of pricing, though she's not entirely sure what the going price for the steaks was before she could guess Nell was charging the Lady Wylla a fortune for the quick shipment. Glancing around in the crowd she locates Morse. Catching his attention she points towards Nell and starts after her.

Master_GM (GM): Nell climbs into the speeder and awaits the others to join them.

Morse: Morse, catching Rina's signal catches up and makes for the speeder.

Master_GM (GM): The ship shoots off faster than the bulk of the vessel would indicate. Within a few minutes they arrive at the site of the crash. The wreck of an unrecognizable freighter sit smoldering in a smoking crater. All around the vessel sits the bodies of dead nerfs and ranch hands. Nell stops the vehicle and begins to call their names. In the distance you can see the rest of the herd fleeing from the seen in all different directions.

Master_GM (GM): Determined Nell climbs out of the speeder and as she does an escape pod safely lands near the crashed ship. Pulling out at Transponder scanner over her shoulder you can read the ship's name, "Madman's Fortune."

"It says here that it is registered to Goontirk, registered under a transport vessel for some sort of carnival freak show." She replies walking towards the escape pod to give this "Goontirk" an earful for his recklessness.

Morse: Morse cautiously steps out of the speeder. He advances toward the escape pod.

Master_GM (GM): Nell triggers the release on the pod. Immediately, she screams and jumps back as dozens of small, wriggling silver creatures begin to pour out of the pod and burrow into the ground. Dozens of the fish-like beasts disappear under the soil as Nell looks on in shock.

Suddenly, a group of the creatures burst back up from the ground, and one strikes Nell’s left arm. Blood begins to flow as she screams and draws her blaster, firing wildly at the ground. “They’re like living knives!” she shouts.

Session 3 Edit

Last time, The heroes went out to investigate the crash. Walking up to the down escape pod Nell opened it up only to find knife like fish creatures that slide right through her and slide into the dirt. "They are like knives!" They jump out again making another pass. "Quick back to the land speeder."

Roll for initative

Rina Joran: Rolling for Turn Order 6

Schwall: Initiative 28

Master_GM (GM): Initiative 29

Nell: "Run!" She says heading back towards the ship while shooting at the creatures behind her.

Attacking with Blaster pistol, heavy • Energy • Attack Notes

Attack 23

Damage 19

Nell: (Morse turn.)

Schwall: (Do I still have my aiming abilities with this leveled down character sheet?)

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Schwall: Morse stands his ground for the moment, wanting to take at least one good shot on the creatures.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster (Aimed) • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 30

Damage 17

Master_GM (GM): The well aimed shot hits the leader of the group and makes it fall to the ground dead.

Dorj and Korr Move around the sides of the vehicle to help the ladies get in.

Meanwhile more and more of the tiny creature pour out of the escape pod and into the ground you are not sure how many there are...

Rina Joran: "What are those things?"

Morse: "Never seen anything like them."

Rina Joran forgoes trying to fire on the thing and instead makes a bee-line for the speeder.

Nell Follows right after Rina into the speeder.

Morse: Seeing the sheer number of the creatures coming out of the pod, Morse also decides it's best to bolt for the speeder.

Master_GM (GM): (Jordan probably won't make it tonight...)

Dorj climbs into the speeder and Korr is just about to when suddenly some of the creatures attack...

They miss him and he climbs into vehicle with the rest. Rina kicks it into high gear and gets everyone out of there.

Rina Joran stears the speeder back toward the town

Nell: "I am not sure what those things were but my father has a large encyclopedia collect and he could probably tell us." He yells over the sound of the motors and the wind passing by.,

Master_GM (GM): As you get into town you notice that there are remains of bodies all over the place. A hand, parts of a corpse. It looks like a massacre.

Nell: "How fast can these things travel!!??" She exclaims.

Master_GM (GM): In the distance you can hear what sounds like an ion blaster discharge, follow by a metallic pop.

Rina Joran maneavures the speeder around the pieces of a body, her face growing pale as she heads in the direction of the popping.

Master_GM (GM): As you round the corner you see Lumbi, the Gotal, is standing on a rock shooting at a school of the creatures as they jump at her. Hitting them with an Ion pistol in each hand. When hitting them they just explode.

"Nell, You are still alive. These creatures they pop when you hit them with an ion pistol." She calls out.

Nell: "We need to get you closer to pick her up!" She directs Rina.

Rina Joran nods and then turns speeder to come up alongside the rock.

Morse: Morse reaches out to assist her climbing into the speeder.

Master_GM (GM): She reaches out but a whole group of them jumped out and knocked her into the ground. From there they swarmed her. "LUMBI!!!!" Nell shouted as her friend was swarmed.

Rina Joran pulls the speeder away from the rock before the swarm decides that they want to come aftre them next

Master_GM (GM): As you pull away from Morse sees the house that holds the thing that they were really here for. In the distance is also the Davenportt Manor.

Morse: Assessing the situation as best he can, "Let's check on your father. We need to know what we're up against."

Nell sounds frantic, "Shouldn't we at least try to get the Ion Pistols! They seem the most effective!"

Morse: "... Yeah. We should. Bring us around, Rina."

Session 4 Edit

Master_GM (GM): Last time we left off. The whole group drove back into town and with most of the town been eaten, the female Gotal was the last one to go down leaving behind two Ion Pistols, which have proved effective on the little beasts. The only place left to go is the Davengatt Manor. "We should still get the pistols." Nell offered.

Rina Joran looks down over the side of the speeder before looking at Nell. "By all means then."

Nell sighs, "Get a little closer to it then." She says leaning over the side of the speeder.

Rina Joran brings the speeder about and up to the location of the pistols

Master_GM (GM): Roll Pilot

Rina Joran: Pilot 17

Master_GM (GM): Dexterity 6

Schwall: Morse does his best to grab one of the pistols as they make their pass.

Master_GM (GM): She reaches down and grab one, but makes too much noise. The fish creature leap out of the ground and attack the crew...

Attack on all.

I don't that hits anyone.

Rina Joran: nope

Nell: "All right, all right! I got one, now go, go, go before they make another pass."

Rina Joran makes sure everyone is in before taking off towards their ship.

Nell: "Wait! You should be heading to my father's home, we got make sure he is okay!"

Rina Joran sighs, "Considering the state of the town, do you think that's likely?"

Morse: "We need to consider the pickup as well."

Nell: "The Mansion is well protected, there is no way the creatures got into there!"

Rina Joran glances over at Morse with a raised eyebrow. "Those nerf steaks that important?"

Morse: "To the customer, and to the boss, yes."\

Nell looks at Morse in equal shock as Rina.

Nell: "Well, then we better turn around and gun it!"

Rina Joran knows when she's been over ruled and turns the speeder to head for the mansion

Master_GM (GM): On the turn around there is a rapid fire of clunking underneath the speeder. Like a rain of bullets was hitting the undercarriage. The vehicle moves on. As you draw closer to the Mansion, she points to the garage. "Park in there! I will have to go up to the mansion and shut down the turrets or else it will fry you to kingdom come. It is only set to acknowledge Pa, Gall, or I."

Rina Joran: "If the security system is what's keeping the beasties from getting close to the mansion. I think turning it off would be a bad idea..."

Nell: "It will be the only way to get you all inside. I will turn it off only on your approach." She says pulling out the Ion Pistol as she gets out as you come to a stop. A few dozen knife-fish jump into the garage after you, but after hitting the duracrete floor they just wiggle around towards you with no real traction. Nell fires a shot at one and it explodes. "Sit tight, I will give you a single." She runs out across the yard. Immediately one of the vicious creatures leaps out and gets her in the leg. She continues to hobble along towards the door. The automatic turrets going off and attacking the smaller creature, but due to their size not doing the best job. She reaches the door and waves for you to hurry over.


Master_GM (GM): Roll initiative.

Rina Joran winces as Nell gets caught in the leg, but starts the speeder forward at her signal

Rina Joran: Rolling for Turn Order 20

Morse: Initiative 15

Rina moves them across the lawn towards the mansion. Dorj and Korr on the back firing on as many as they can.

Missing the creatures though...

Master_GM (GM): Morse is up.

Morse: Morse also takes a couple shots at the creatures.

Attacking with Heavy Blaster (Aimed) • Energy • Attack Notes:

Attack 16

Damage 20

Master_GM (GM): The creatures prove to hard to hit.

Two schools swarm at Dorj and Korr...

Another swarm attack Rina and Morse...

                       Master_GM (GM): 

The swarm in the back overwhelm the two and they fall out of the speeder and are eaten alive. It is a gruesome sight and the sound of their screaming fill you with dread as you pull up the mansion and Nell shuts off the turrets for you. You hear a sudden clinking underneath the landspeeder and the motor begins to run harder and make a chugging noise. The vehicle stops 20 meters away from Nell.

Nell: "Hurry!!" She shouts, seeing the vehicle stall and come to a stop.

Rina Joran freezes unable to pull her hands off the speeder's controls. The events of the day are just becoming too much for the young inexperienced woman.

Morse: Morse climbs over the seat, and sits down next to Rina.

"We can't stay here. We've gotta move." He looks at her, and snaps his fingers in her face. "Are you hearing me?"

Rina Joran starts as Morse snaps his fingers. With a force of will, she nods. "Yes."

Morse: "All right. Now. You're going to run like hell for that house while I stay here and do my best to give you cover. You're not gonna turn around, you're just going to run, you understand?"

Rina Joran nods again. "Run.. right." She looks out towards the mansion's entrance. Taking a breath she gets ready to jump out and mae a rund for it.

Nell: The Knife-fish are nipping at her heels the whole way...

Master_GM (GM): The Knife-fish are nipping at her heels the whole way...

Morse turn.

Morse: Once he knows she's made it, he bolts for the door as well, trying to avoid the beasts as best he can.

Master_GM (GM): One group attacks each of the to runners.



No luck is on my side it seems tonight.

Master_GM (GM): Lucky for you two.

Alicia G: suits me fine :)

Master_GM (GM): The pair reaches the door with the things at their heels. Nell presses the door to open them at the last minute in order to not let any schools of the fish into the building. Once you two are in Nell slams the doors shut and the creatures attack into the door. Nell begins to breath heavily.

Rina Joran is breathing heavily from the sprint to the door. She looks at Morse, looking him over to see if he was bitten. Satisfied she turns to look at Nell's wound. "You won't be getting very far on that leg. Let's get you patched up a bit. Hmm?"

Nell: "Thanks."

She says out of breath.

Morse: Morse leans against the wall, breathing heavily.

Master_GM (GM): As you are catching your breath a round, smiling human set down from a set of stairs in a pair of expensive robes. Out of place with his ion rifle and electronic rangefinders fitted over his eyes. He welcomes you into his large room with expensive tapestries and bright natural light that pours in from the skylights above. This must be Jaffro Davengatt. Standing next to him is a man you met before Gall, the sheriff, however his clothing is covered in his own blood. "Welcome, you are the couriers for Wylla, right?" He says with a laugh.

Rina Joran: "Yes, though seems the pickup hasn't been as simple as we thought." Motions for Nell to take a seat as she pulls out a medpac to treat the leg.

Morse: brb

Master_GM (GM): "Well, I am afraid we are not going to be able to fulfill that order on the account of this skekfish infestation." He replies matter-of-factly as he watches over you patching up his daughter.

Rina Joran frowns glancing up for a moment "Skekfish... Name doesn't match their wanton destruction."

Alicia G: taking 10 for 26

Master_GM (GM): "Well, when you become a biologist you can name the next dangerous species anything you want, sweetheart, but I am afraid you are going to have to go." He turns to Gall. "Would you kindly see them to the door?"

Morse: back

Nell: "What!? No papa! We can't just turn them out, they will die out there!" She exclaims.

Master_GM (GM): "Nell you get over here right this minute. I have no time for arguing. We simply do not have the resources." He demands.

Rina Joran blanches looking over at Nell's father at his declaration.

Nell hangs her head it seems that she always listens to her father as she slowly gets up and makes her way over to her father.

Morse: Morse looks Gall in the eye. He gives him a look that is sure to communicate he's not going back outside without a fight.

Rina Joran: "You would sentence us to die, even after we saw your daughter safely here?"

Master_GM (GM): Jafro grabs his daughter's arm and slowly backs towards the turbolift.

Morse: "I'll have no problem leaving, but you're going to provide us with a speeder and any ion weapons you have. Also, ensuring your defense system doesn't shred us on the way out."

Master_GM (GM): As Gall steps into the turbolift, Gall lowers his voice and says, "Tell you what, there is a speeder in the back of the house. You could use that one to escape. I'll show you where it is, just move along like I'm kicking you out-" He does not even get to finish his sentence as a scream comes from Nell from behind him. A large school of skekfish leaped out from under the lift, they must have dug up under it and attack Jafro overwhelming him in moment!

Nell grabs her father's ion rifle and runs back towards the group. All the while the skekfish are still flailing towards them from ground.

Rina Joran gasps and pulls out her blaster ready to shoot at the skekfish that come after them. "I think it's time to show us that speeder..."

Morse: "You don't have an air speeder, do you?"

He says, heading toward the back, cautious of any further openings in the floor.

Nell: "If only we could afford such luxuries," Nell replies in a sarcastic and biting tone, mostly lashing due to the recent events.

Master_GM (GM): Running towards the back as well. You reach the back and there sits a fully enclosed landspeeder. It is however surrounded by skekfish.

Rina Joran takes the ion pistol Nell had claimed earlier (leaving her with the rifle)

Rina Joran: "Ugh.. they beat us here."

Nell: "Quick get inside!" She yells.

Master_GM (GM): A group swarms each of you as you try to climb inside.

Master_GM (GM): Hit?

Rina Joran: DC 19

Morse: What was the roll for me?

Master_GM (GM): 25

and 11 damage

Morse: Hits.

Master_GM (GM): Who is getting into what seating?

Rina Joran gets into one of the back seats. Done with her attempts at piloting

Morse: Unless anyone has pilot trained, Morse will pilot, using a force point to activate fool's luck.

Master_GM (GM): Go for it.

Morse: Morse, wounded by the attack, struggles to climb into the speeder. Once in, he takes a quick second to get the engines started.

(There's really no way to pick up what we came here for, is there?)

Master_GM (GM): (It is up to you. Do you think there is a chance?)

Morse: "Let's head to the ship. At the least, we'll be able to regroup." With that, he punches down on the pedals.

Alicia G: the worst you do is get us killed and this becomes a dream :)

Master_GM (GM): (Indeed.)

Rina Joran: "I hope they've got the ship fixed"

Master_GM (GM): The skekfish only chase the vessel so far as it is able to pick up more speed than they can muster. As you start drawing in Morse's comm comes to life. "kerrrrrrrrrr Morse kerrrrrrrr copy?"

Morse: "I copy. What's your status?"

Master_GM (GM): The channel begins to clear up, "There you are. We have had one wounded and have sealed ourselves into the ship. You still alive? You got..." he pauses for a moment, "The shipment?"

Murrac: The channel begins to clear up, "There you are. We have had one wounded and have sealed ourselves into the ship. You still alive? You got..." he pauses for a moment, "The shipment?"

Morse: "Negative. The risk is too high."

Murrac: "Damn, Guerla won't be happy..." He pauses for another moment, "You sure there is no way..."

Alicia G: how much of this am I hearing?

Morse: "Do you have any intel on these skekfish? It would sure help if I knew more than just that they pop when you hit them with an ion blaster."

Murrac: Over the comm you are hearing a good amount of it.

Murrac sighs. "All right, better for your safety than..." He just cuts off. "Return safely."

Rina Joran has been listening to the conversation "Guerla? I thought we were picking up a shipment for Lady Wyalia?"

Master_GM (GM): Gall chuckles a little.

Morse: Morse thinks for a while, about what passing on the pickup might keep him from advancing. "I need to at least asses it." He steers back toward the town.

Master_GM (GM): "It is really worth that much to you?" Gall says looking at Morse from the passenger seat.

Rina Joran notices the change of direction. "Morse, the ship is THAT way!"

Morse: (How big of a package is it?)

Rina Joran looks between Morse and Gall. "Somebody better tell me what's going on!"

Master_GM (GM): It is a package not going to heavy you can hold it in your arms.

Morse: (The buildings in town are all pretty close to each other, right?)

Master_GM (GM): Correct.

Morse: "All right. I've got to try. I don't intend to put any of you in direct danger. Rina, if you don't mind taking over piloting for me. I'm going to try to get onto on of the lower roofs in town, and make my way to the building where our package is. You three stay in the speeder and keep it mobile. I'll give a yell on the comm once I need you to circle around and pick me up."

"These things take time to be able to eat their way through solids, it seems."

Master_GM (GM): Gall places his hand on Morse shoulder. "If you are going to do this. I should help you. I know this town better than anyone."

Rina Joran: "And what do I tell Murrac if you end up getting yourself killed? ... He told us to head back."

Morse: "Don't worry, Rina. You'll come to learn this about me: I'm very good at not getting myself killed." To Gall, "I'd rather you not risk yourself in your current state."

Master_GM (GM): "I got nothing left to live for, but you do. Helping someone is a good way to go out."

Morse: "Well, if you insist. I'll do whatever I can to make sure you make it out."

Master_GM (GM): He nods, "Ready?"

Rina Joran: '/me frowns. "I don;t like this." Realizing she doesn;t have much choice she takes the speeder's controls.

Morse: "Let's get to it."

Session 5 Edit

Last time, Rina and Morse found themselves on a planet that has been infested with what has come to be called Skekfish. They have reached the side of one of the buildings and are currently climbing up it to get into the house that is holding the goods that Morse was sent here to collect. Go ahead and make a Climb check to start off the action, Morse.

Schwall: Do I still have my ability that allows me to add 5 to physical checks at this lower level?

Master_GM (GM): When you spend a Force point, Yes.

Schwall: Ok. I had a talent before.

Extra effort or something.

Ah, extreme effort. I just can't remember what it does.

Master_GM (GM): Spend two swift actions to give a +5 to STR-based skills.

Schwall: Can I trigger that then?

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Master_GM (GM): I think you don't need to add the "+" into the mod box.

                             Morse: Ah. Do I need to reroll, or will my 20 stand?

Master_GM (GM): Morse lifts himself up effortlessly onto the rooftops and pulls the Sheriff up with him. The skekfish jump at the Sheriff as he is pulled up. The fish continue to attack at the enclosed speeder, but it does little affect on it. Some of the tiles are loose on the rooftops make an Acrobatics check.

Master_GM (GM): Some of the loose tiles on the roof top fall and hit the ground and they are immediately attacked by the Skefish. Gall steps on one of the loose tiles and loses his footing. He slips on the tiles and starts to fall towards the ground. You are going to have to make reactionary Climb Check.

Morse: How long does Extreme Effort last for?

Master_GM (GM): Just for that action.

Morse: I guess I'll go fool's luck then.

Climb 12

Alicia G: too bad I don't have Move Object at this level...

Master_GM (GM): Morse reaches and grabs Gall's hand, only to have Gall pull him with him. Morse's foot catches on a firm roof tile. Gall is now hanging off of the rooftop hanging onto Morse's hand. Down below the skekfish jump at Gall's feet. "Don't let me go!" He shouts to Morse.

Rina Joran sees that Gall is about to fall and sees how close she can maneuver the speeder to be under him.

Master_GM (GM): Make a Pilot check.

Rina Joran: Pilot 22

Master_GM (GM): Rina Smoothly Pilots the speeder under the man. Now you can either make a straight STR check with your Extreme Effort and pull him up or Use acrobatics to let him fall on the speeder.

Morse: Morse considers letting the sheriff fall into the speeder for his own safety, but knows he wanted to come along. He does his best to lift him up.

Master_GM (GM): With great effort, Morse pulls Gall back onto the rooftops. Breathing heavily, "Thanks for the save." Gall stands back up and the two of you reach a gap in the rooftops. "The room is just over that gap." He points towards a window on the other side.

Morse: "Don't mention it." Morse sizes up the gap, estimating the distance across.

Master_GM (GM): You could make the jump, just don't roll low...

Morse: After estimating in his head, he backs up from the ledge a couple steps and then with a dash, he lunges for the other side.

Jump 13

Master_GM (GM): BTW Fool's Luck lasts to the end of the encounter.

Alicia G: 18!

Morse: I thought so!

Master_GM (GM): Leaping across he sticks the landing, Gall follows right after, landing not as gracefully. The two of them climb into window and now are in a hotel room of some sort. "Now are you sure it is in here, because I gave this place a good look through when we caught the guy and we found nothing."

Morse: "I'm sure it's here." He says as he begins to look around.

(Did Murrac say anything about how to find the package?)

Master_GM (GM): (He told you it was under the floorboards in the room.)

Morse: Morse looks around the floor for any rugs or shelves that appear to have been recently moved.

Perception 24

Master_GM (GM): As you find a shelf that had been moved you start to hear the whole creak and then a large snapping noise comes from down stairs. Looking out her window Rina and see the creatures swimming around the base of the building that Morse is in.

Rina Joran yells up into the window. "You better hurry, they

Rina Joran: they're starting to swarm."

Morse: "Doesn't sound like we have long before they tear this building down." He says as he quickly moves the shelf. He grabs a poker from the fireplace (assuming there is one) in the room and begins prying at the floor board.

Master_GM (GM): The boards start coming up and the building continues to creak.Under the floorboards is a wooden crate.

"Well, I'll be. They took great lengths to hide it. Now I hope this box will be worth it."

Gall says.

Morse: "Me too..." He says, lifting the crate out of the floor. He looks out the window, hoping to see a balcony or perhaps an awning.

Rina Joran tries to bring the speeder under the window.

Rina Joran: Pilot 12

going to reroll I think...

Pilot 19

Master_GM (GM): There is none in this room, but stepping out of this apartment room and into the hallway, there is a banister rail that allows you to look down and see the lobby area of this hotel from above. Down below you see the skekfish jumping through the boards and they seem to working around the support beams loosening them up. There is a window that leads out to the front near the end of the "hallway".

As you look out the window Rina is just below you. You can almost feel the building colasping beneath you. You do not have much time.

Morse: "The fall's gonna hurt, but I'd say jumping out here is going to be our best bet."

He lifts the window and prepares to drop the crate. "Watch out down there."

Master_GM (GM): The crate falls and hits the roof. Make an acrobatics check as the floor beneath you gives way.

Morse: Acrobatics 23

Master_GM (GM): You both keep your footing as part of the landing falls into the floor. "All right let's leap." It is another acrobatics check to cushion the fall.

Morse: Acrobatics 30

Master_GM (GM): Landing on the speeder, you don't even hurt yourself and just in time two the building is beginning to crumble. Rina, make a Pilot check to get away from the debris falling without losing your top surfing passengers.

Rina Joran: Pilot 20

Master_GM (GM): Gall and Morse hang on as they pull away from the building as it crumbles. Getting a good distance away the two are able to get back into the cab with the loot.

Morse: Morse leans back in his seat once they're on their way toward the ship again. He breathes heavily, thinking back on what they just did and hoping it was worth it.

Rina Joran glares at Morse for a moment as she slows down to give them to get into the cab and situated.

Master_GM (GM): When arriving back at the ship the cargo bay is already down and ready to scoop them up into the vessel and take them away from this nasty place. Rina parks the vehicle into the cargo ramp and it slowly lifts into the ship. Murrac is there to greet them.

Rina Joran turns off the speeder as the ramp lifts them up into the ship and is glad to once again be in familiar territory.

Murrac: "What took you so long? I thought it would be a quick trip over here." He says with his hands on his hips.

Morse: "Didn't want to show up empty handed." He says, as he lifts the crate out of the speeder.

Murrac eyes opens wide, "That's my boy!" He walks over to you and gives you a pat on the back. "I knew if anyone could pull a job off with this much pressure it would be you. Let's get that stored away."

Rina Joran frowns as she watches the two of them.

Nell steps out of the speeder with the injured Gall. She looks out of the port window looking back at her old life now in shambles. A single tear runs down her cheeks. She whispers something quietly to herself.

Morse: "We. Lost Dorj and Kor (that's right, isn't it?)." He says, as he carries the crate to the storage.

Master_GM (GM): (Yes.)

Murrac: "They were good men. Once we break atom, we will have a moment of silence for them." He adds somberly.

Rina Joran comes to herself as she remembers Nell and Gall are there and approaches them. She puts a tentative, reassuring hand on her arm, "I"m sorry about your father, Nell."

Rina Joran: "Why don't we go to the mess and get a cup of caf... after all this I'm sure we could all use one."

Nell: "He was a stubborn fool. The skekfish would have had us by the end of the week if not sooner." She says in an angry tone.

Upon hearing your empathy she slowly nods and follows after you.

Rina Joran smiles and going arm in arm with Nell, leads her to the mess.

Morse: "I think the new hire is going to pan out. She really came through out there."

Murrac: "Korterra, gets us off this dumb rock." He calls to her through an intercom, to which she replies, "With pleasure."

"You think so?" He says watching her walk off Nell and Gall following her at the mention of caf.

Morse: "I saw definite promise. She got pretty rattled when things started to hit the fan, but she came back from it. That says something."

Murrac: "It will be good to have someone go out there and be the face of the company other than myself for a change. I can worry about the other end of the company."

Morse: "Definitely. You can use your office for once."

Rina Joran tries to remember how she saw the others make the caf as she leaves Nell and Gall sitting at one of the tables. She puts her best attempt down in front of them and sits down with her own cup.

Nell: She is in shock, now that all of the adrenaline has worn down. "I can't believe it is gone. I thought I would always be stuck at that ranch..." Her voice trails off.

Rina Joran cocks her head to the side and starts slowly. "Perhaps... something good can come of all the tragedy that's happened. Was there something you always wanted to do, but couldn't?"

Nell: "I am not even sure. I have always hated being there, but I never really thought what I would do if I could get out. I am lost."

Rina Joran reaches over and pats her hand. "Something I'm sure will reveal itself once you've had some time to process everything that's happened."

Murrac: Having just broke atom the intercoms come to life and Murrac calls for a meeting in the cockpit. Once everyone is assembled he begins to talk, "Losing someone, no matter how close to you is always a hard experience and today through unfortunate circumstances we lost many people today. We lost associates, friends, and even some family." He says looking to Nell. "I think it is best to take a moment and reflect on their lives and remember them fondly..."

Morse: Morse looks off into space, thinking of those that were lost.

Rina Joran bows her head, but watches Nell from the corner of her eye.

Nell allows quiet tears to run down her cheeks. She dabs them with a handkerchief.

Master_GM (GM): Gall even finally allows to let the waterworks run as he tries his damnedest to hold his composure.

Murrac let's the moment play out and gives everyone ample time to grieve. He finally turns back to his commanding self and tells the pilot and navigator to take us out of here.

Rina Joran is relieved when the planet begins to fade from view. Then she has a thought, stepping up to Murrac she asks, "Do we have a way of warning ships not to land on the planet? A buoy or something?"

Murrac: "I have already contacted the local authorities and they seem to have had to deal with something like this before. Orbital bombardment seems to be the only way to go with this one.

"I have already contacted the local authorities and they seem to have had to deal with something like this before. Orbital bombardment seems to be the only way to go with this one."

Rina Joran frowns but nods. "Doesn't seem to be much other choice. Those things could probably eat the entire planet."

Rina Joran pauses for a moment before leaving. "I was wondering though... When you hired me, you said I'd be working as a representative to your shipping business... I take it we don't always 'ship' things that we want others to know about?"

Murrac smiles, "It is best if you don't know about that part of the business, but to answer your question, not all of our cargo is on the up and up."

Master_GM (GM): (I have another side session when we are gathered and the others don't make it again. I think this one will take place as the final job you two take.)

Rina Joran: "I think, actually, it would be a mistake to not include me at least in the details to the pick up. If today was any indication. I could have perhaps made it easier for Morse to have completed it." She holds up her hands in a defensive gesture. "Not saying I need to know everything, but maybe enough that I can help."

Murrac: "It is a dangerous place you are stepping into and you are so young. I am not sure if you really want to get mixed up in all of this, it can be a huge risk." He warns.

Rina Joran shrugs, "Life itself is a risk, just because it's difficult doesn't mean I'm going to pull up the covers and hide."

Murrac smirks, "All right kid, I will let you know when we are on such a job then."

Rina Joran nods. "All right then," she mimics and then starts to turn away to see to their 'guests'.