Star Wars: Forgotten Ones
GM AliciaG
Era Rebellion
Start Date 10 Nov 2014

Torrale and Albel Pre-Session Edit

Blackness engulfs the waking moments. Everything stands still and for a moment it’s as if everything in the galaxy has been made whole. Then the feeling drifts away, leaving only the emptiness.

What was the last thoughts before the darkness? Even that thought has slipped away.

The numbness begins to fade and finally there’s the thrum of life returning. Thoughts and sensations become clearer, until the final reality comes into focus.

You’re alive...

Story Teller: You can’t remember the last time you felt so tired and your limbs heavy from inactivity. The air around you is thin and musty making it difficult to breath. The sounds of a generator elsewhere coming to life and the sounds of your own breathing dominates your existence.

When you try to open her eyes, you find only blackness. Whether it’s because the room itself is pitch black or there’s something wrong with your vision you don’t know. Feeling around you find you're enclosed in some sort of tube. While your muscles ache almost painfully you discovers one more thing: your gear is missing. It would seem you’re only clad in your undergarments.

Albel Nakehmall opens his eyes blearily. "Ugh, what happened?" he murmurs quietly to himself and extending his senses to search for signs of life

Alicia G (GM): Torrale's vision would be uneffected since he sees through the Force.. anyways

Torrale Mezitio Coughing slightly as the man in a tube opens up. Looking around he could still see the presence of character he almost wished that was still in existence. "Cough, cough." Getting his supecsions were true. "Ahh I see that you are still alive as well COUGH COUGH."

Story Teller: Ruling: Organics will be persistent -2 CT, with Albel suffering the added penalties for blindness. So -4 to Reflex, -2 the other Defenses, skills and attacks, -2 to Perception (-7 for vision related checks).

Torrale Mezitio *up

Story Teller: The tube remains closes with their being no release from the inside to get out. The metal of the tube is strangely warm and shouting causes your voice to echo in the small confines

Albel Nakehmall: "What the hell did you do to me?" he says leaning forward in his tube, searching for something to latch on to

Albel Nakehmall winces at the sound reverberating through their confined space

Albel Nakehmall: (I suppose hell isn't a thing in SW. My bad.)

Story Teller: Reaching out into the Force: the two force users would sense each other and a half dozen others about a kilometer above them.

Albel Nakehmall: (Can we sense each other's force sensitivity?)

Story Teller: you both may roll opposed checks if you wish to hide this

UtF checks

Torrale Mezitio: Torrale laughed inside as he saw that his 'friend' stuck inside the tube. Everything started to become clearer in his vision through the force. The power lines were racing in all different direction springing to life as though it was an organism. Looking around in his pod he was seeing if there was way to get out. "Calm down sithspawn you will get out of here soon enough. This has been your first chryotube experience has it?"

Albel Nakehmall: "Oh, good. Jedi self righteousness first thing in the morning. I can tell this is going to be a wonderful experience for us both." he says ignoring the latter question and reaching out with the force to try to locate some sort of mechanism that would trigger their release

Torrale Mezitio: Detotnate the latch

Alicia G (GM): make sure on your sheets to put yourselves -2 steps on the CT

Torrale Mezitio: Use the Force 23 on my pod

Albel Nakehmall: (I'm sorry, where is CT?)

Story Teller: Condition Track.. its a buch of radio buttons

Torrale Mezitio: (does it work?)

Story Teller: ok.. you go down the Condition Track when you take damage and it exceeds your Damage Threshold (DT). Each step will give you and increasing penalty on your rolls and defenses right now you're at Normal so -2 steps would put you at a -2 penalty on everything mentioned

Albel Nakehmall: (oooh. I see it.)

Story Teller: another step and you'd be at -5 to everything once you set your CT, roll UTF from the sheet and it will include your penalty

Albel Nakehmall: (Mhmm. I got it. Any way to search for a release mechanism?)

Torrale Mezitio: (I already blew mine wide open, if the gm allows it)

Story Teller: Torrale, what were you tying to do to the pod with UTF? so MO? do you move object. I don't see it n your sheet?

Torrale Mezitio: (detonating the release latch on the pod so it would be aloud to break) (that is one of my force powers)

Story Teller: As you can't see where the latch is exactly.. no

Torrale Mezitio: then it would break the glass

Story Teller: You manage to break the small viewing port After a long moment, there's a hiss of air as less stale, yet moist air as the door to the tubes lift up and back towards the ceiling. The metal bed you had been resting on leans up, encouraging its occupants up and out of the pod. It's then at least you see your surroundings. The cavern is a mix of technology and natural rock formations as if whoever put the pods here used whatever they could from the original technological structure where the pods rested and put them in the cave. A generator off to one corner vibrates and then turns off as its function comes to an end sustaining the pods. There's four pods in total, but only two (the ones you leave from) appear to have continued working till now. Albel, would of course be sensing most of this using the Force, but wouldn't be noticing any exacting details of his surroudnings.

Albel Nakehmall sits up in the pod, searching with his mind for his lightsaber in the dark. The Jedi's too if he can find it.

Torrale Mezitio: "Though I can agree that they are not for the claustrophobic." Torrale said as he got out of his tube. "Now sith apparently you do not have your lightsaber on you.

Story Teller: you wouldn'tknow he's a Jedi, just another force user likewise.. just another force user.. lol

Albel Nakehmall: (The smug condescension gives it away.) either way looking for his own lightsaber

Albel Nakehmall: should I roll use the force to find it?

Story Teller: Are you attuned to your lightsaber?

Albel Nakehmall: mhmm I would think so anyway

Story Teller: roll UTF then

Albel Nakehmall: anything special needed for it?

Story Teller: did you build it?

Albel Nakehmall: need to be Jedi 7 for that, right?

Story Teller: Character Level 7

Albel Nakehmall: ah then yes

Albel Nakehmall: Use the Force 16

Story Teller: You manage to sense your lightsaber coming from an adjacent room, but not any others

Albel Nakehmall: "If I may ask, how did you end up in here? From the way you've been speaking you've been through it before." Albel Nakehmall asks as he makes his way slowly towards the door

Torrale Mezitio: Looking around his surrounding he stretches out and looks to see if there is any lockers nearby that might contain something of value. "In a cryotube yes. But walking out in your undies and blind is certainly not the brightest idea."

Story Teller: This room was dedicated to the cryo tubes it seems, there is however a door, one that the red skinned man is now heading towards.

Torrale Mezitio: Perception 28 Notes: Sees through the force

Albel Nakehmall: "I will take that under grave advisement. Do you know where we are?" he asks when he reaches the door and feels about for an opening mechanism or a light switch

Story Teller: The door has a simple mechanical latch that needs to be lifted to open it.

Albel Nakehmall: Assuming there was no sign of a light switch he opens the door. (Actually, can I use farseeing to see in the dark? Or does it only show you what you could normally see?)

Alicia G (GM): Farseeing is a specific power that allows you to essentially scry a specific target

Albel Nakehmall: which in this case would be himself

Story Teller: you can however use a conjuction of UTF and Perception to see in the dark

Torrale Mezitio: (so do i find a locker of any kind that I can use or open)

Albel Nakehmall: Oh, okay one sec

Story Teller: you would be spending FPs however to see your surroundings if that was what you wanted to do

Albel Nakehmall: (Oh. Bugger. Figured you only spent FPs when you went into overdrive mode)

Story Teller: This room was dedicated to the cryo tubes it seems, there is however a door, one that the red skinned man is now heading towards.

Albel Nakehmall: (Must have skimmed that section)

Alicia G (GM): you don't usually have to roll unless I call for it

Torrale Mezitio: (which direction do the power conducts go if there is any outside of this room)

Story Teller: There aren't any power conduits extending outside this room that you can see without further examination Albel, the latch is a bit stiff from misues, roll a strength check

Albel Nakehmall: Strength 12

Story Teller: It budges a little bit, but not enough to release.

Torrale Mezitio: (even in ceiling, its just a generator and power lines to the cryotubes) As examines for a moment torrale sees the sith trying to open the lock. "Hmm do you need any help, oh karking sithspawn"

Albel Nakehmall: "Oh, delightful. Apparently we've been down here so long the door has rusted over." he says putting his weight into this time

Torrale Mezitio: walking closer to him as he continues chatting

Albel Nakehmall: "Karking?" he asks looking towards the sound of his voice as he tries again "I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that word."

Story Teller: roll it when ready

Albel Nakehmall: (Any bonuses for the extra weight?) Strength 6

Torrale Mezitio: "then where have you been? In sith monastery. If they even have those." Toralle looks at the sith and touches him "allow me to try"

Albel Nakehmall: "By all means." he says getting out of the way

Torrale Mezitio: "you might to watch your step. There is a hole you are about to step into." Strength 0 "hmm yeah this door is beyond repair for the moment"

Albel Nakehmall patiently waits as his temporary companion expends his energy on it.

Torrale Mezitio: (like you can see me) Hmm mechanics roll to see how the door Mechanics 21

Torrale Mezitio: works and is another way around the mechanism Story Teller: Looking the door over, you see how you can remove the rusty latch. Roll another mechanics

Albel Nakehmall: (Can certainly hear the strained grunting if nothing else, lol. Though, he probably can make you out fairly well. Both force sensitive, remember?)

Torrale Mezitio: Mechanics 26

Story Teller: Making creative uses of a nearby stone, Torrale manages to break away the rusty latch holding the door close. Make another Strength check to push it open. Torrale Mezitio: Strength 18 "When in doubt hit it with a rock"

Story Teller: There's an earsplitting screeech as Torrale nearly falls into the next room as he uses brute strength to get the door open.

Albel Nakehmall: "Well, if it works." he says through gritted teeth. "Are you going?" he asks if he doesn't immediately proceed

Torrale Mezitio: Let me check Use the Force 16

Story Teller: The next room is as dark as the last, along one wall is a set of four lockers, two of them apparently empty their doors hanging ajar. The other two are locked with nothing more than padlocks.

Torrale Mezitio: barely passable is there any electronic equipment

Story Teller: None that you've seen since the cryotubes

Torrale Mezitio: this does include lightsabers or anything with a powersource

Albel Nakehmall: Well, if he's just standing there then Albel is going to brush past him with a quiet "Excuse me." heading towards where his lightsaber is. Presumably one of the lockers

Torrale Mezitio Toralle looks and sees the set of the lockers. 'hmm looks like whoever put me in here was nice enough to leave some stuff here.' He thought to himself, seeing the sith walk past him he see him going to one of the lockers and follows suit

Albel Nakehmall: they rusted enough to just get jerked off or will something else be required?

Story Teller: Torrale.. high or low?

Torrale Mezitio: high

Story Teller sends secret roll

Torrale Mezitio: "Your lightsaber is going to need a recharge though

Story Teller: You could probably bash them off with another rock... But they seem to have one point needed a key, which has rusted to uselessness in this moist air

Torrale Mezitio: Toralle looks at the locker for a moment and then goes back for a rock to try and break it.

Albel Nakehmall: "I'm more concerned about this rust. Not a good sign for our time incapacitated." (Can I use Force Disarm to rip the lock off its hinges?) (Figure if it can rip a weapon out of the hands of a combat veteran it can break a rusty lock)

Story Teller: You will manage to get into the lockers and you manage to be standing in front of the ones including your items.. everything is there, however if you had more than 2k credits left over from your starting money, you've lost it, Instead of credits you have a pouch of gems in whatever amount was left.

Albel Nakehmall: "Marvelous." he says reaching in and grabbing his lightsaber and igniting it." If it still works, a warm golden glow fills the room

Story Teller: While the equipment was stored in air tight compartments, it seems that the energy cells couldn't withstand the amount of time they'd ben inactive. The lightsaber fizzes and dies, not fully igniting.

Torrale Mezitio: "having some trouble with the lightsaber. ol' sithspawn" Toralle says as he finishes putting on his gear and examining his blaster rifle. "Ionized gas might be a different story" Mechanics 22

Albel Nakehmall: "Pity. I was hoping for some light. Oh well." he says putting the light saber between his teeth and steadily pouring energy into it as he pulls the rest of his equipment out.

Torrale Mezitio: to overview my weapons and check there working condtion

Albel Nakehmall: normally he'd respond to the ionized gas comment with a wink... but I don't think there's enough light in here to see each other properly anyway. Not at that level of detail anyway

Story Teller: The equipment is in good shape, same condition as what you can remember, the only difference is there's no power to make them work.

Torrale Mezitio: "I still need you to get out of here." Toralle replied as he put his gear and looked at the sith stumbling in the dark. However as he looking at the lightsaber in his hand and then proceeds to place it on his person

Toralle then proceeded to walk to the power generator with his tool kit at the ready. "If you want to even get out here you might want to check the door in front of you" He said.

Albel Nakehmall pulls his light armor over his head once Torrale is likewise occupied. "One thing at a time, my caustic companion."

Torrale Mezitio: Mechanics check to see if i can use the generator to power my equipment in particular my blaster Mechanics 28

Albel Nakehmall: "May I ask when you're from?"

Torrale Mezitio: and its depleted power packs and energy cell "On the other side of the border that is as much as you are going to get know sith." He said as continued to examine the generator

Albel Nakehmall: "I see. Very well, then." having reclaimed his equipment he checks the door barring their exit

Story Teller: Torrale manages to jury rig the generator to recharge everything.. now to turn it on without blowing anything up. Roll another

Torrale Mezitio: Mechanics 29

Story Teller: You manage to recharge everything, one by one. The door is of the same sort leading into the locker room

Torrale Mezitio after he was done recharging the equipment toralle then removes the jury rigged parts from the generator. Torrale Mezitio: Mechanics 11 before Albel can use it

Albel Nakehmall forces the door open in a similar manner as the other. He comments "You seem to have quite of anger. Isn't that rather unbecoming of a Jedi? Or are they encouraging acerbic tongues on Tython now?" Albel Nakehmall: quite a bit*

Albel Nakehmall: Strength -1 Albel Nakehmall: that door does not want to budge

Story Teller: You forgot to turn off the power generator before taking it apart; A red flashing light appears

Torrale Mezitio: Toralle proceeds to run

Story Teller: Albel goes to hit the latch with the rock and instead it shatters into a thousand little pieces [[1d6] damage

Albel Nakehmall jumps slightly at the blaring alarm and the panicking force sensitive

Albel Nakehmall: how big are the lockers?

Torrale Mezitio: "Set up an IED going to use blast to open the door." Now get behind something or get in the locker

Story Teller: mmm... Not big enough for you to fit in unless you're rather small.. think typical tall lockers no alarm.. just a red light on the generator FYI He rolled so poorly that he broke the alarm :)

Albel Nakehmall hopping in the damn locker and shutting the door because apparently this joker just set ooff a bomb taking cover behind whatever is in here then and pressing his head against the wall so it doesn't bash his skull against it

Story Teller: There's a firey explosion from the cyro room. The resulting fire ball rushes past you as the fire follows the course of the air. Roll Endurance

Torrale Mezitio: Endurance 27

Albel Nakehmall: Endurance 10

Torrale Mezitio: so 27 and a ten what does that get us

Story Teller: Torrale manages to stay conscious as the burst of fire uses up most of the oxygen in the small enclosed room. Albel however immediately falls uncouncious. Both of you take 17damage

Torrale Mezitio: hey whats your threshold albel

Albel Nakehmall: 10 atm.

Story Teller: As the smoke begins to clear, the fire stopping as quickly as it started with the decrease in air, the heat in the room is almost unbearable and the air is thin as Torrale takes what breaths he can, his lungs burning. Albel has fallen unconcious on the other side of the room.

Torrale Mezitio: Looking over the aftermath of the explosion he could see that the sith is knocked over. Breathing sparsely he looked at him. The temptation of killing him was flowing over him. A sith lord right in front of him. He could kill him and be done with him. Just a pull of a blaster trigger. But he needed to get it out of here. Running to the door toralle looked at the mechanism and see what he could with it.

Torrale Mezitio: Mechanics 25 Torrale Mezitio: Strength 4

Story Teller: Torrale weakly tries to break the latch on the door with little success

Torrale Mezitio: Torrale looks at his equipment and proceeded to strap some detonite on the door. 'I am not going to get this open with a strength on this. Mechanics 23 detonite placed

Story Teller: You have detonite?

Torrale Mezitio: running over to the knocked out sith Toralle pulled out his blaster and took aim

Story Teller: I actually make the check.. what's your mod?

Torrale Mezitio: Blaster Rifle (Assault) Energy Attack: 24 Damage: 23 Notes: Devastating Attack, PBS

Story Teller: what's your mechanics mod?

Torrale Mezitio: +9 that is what the sheet is telling me]

Story Teller: that with your penalty?

Story Teller sends secret roll

Story Teller: You take aim and fire on the detonite, cowering behind the door jam you expect a explosion... but it never comes

Looking over the detonite you see that you hit your mark, but wasn't set properly to do any real damage

Torrale Mezitio: looking over what remains in his inventory and pulls out the lightsaber in his possession. 'Come on work for me sister.' he thought to himself as he pressed what was the ignition

Story Teller: Albel, go ahead and make a Constitution check

Albel Nakehmall: with the negatives?

Torrale Mezitio: yeah he is at a minus 5 minumin

Story Teller: Having recharged the lightsaber it springs into life.

Story Teller: Albel will start regaining conciousness, wake up when you want

Torrale Mezitio: 'thank you sister' He thought as he saw the saber through the force. Running with it in hand and then impaled the door. do I need to make a check on that

Story Teller: Nope.. Torrale manages to slice easily though the door's lock and then for good measure (if you want) the hinges

Albel Nakehmall: "mmmm... Next time you decide to blow something up to get through a door, please wait." he says slowly sitting up rubbing his throbbing head

Torrale Mezitio: I am going to make a hole through it enough to where a person could fit through it

Story Teller: With the path now clear, the next room contains a spiral staircase leading up into darkness

Torrale Mezitio: "It got you moving, now on your feet. Move it!!!" He yelled as grabbed the sith by his arm and dragged him up with his free hand.

Albel Nakehmall gets dragged to his feet, coughing the rest of the smoke out of his lungs

Story Teller: The fire is out

Albel Nakehmall: "Just calm down, man. Rushing isn't going to help." he says as he gets his hands under his feet, activating his light saber for the sake of light.

Torrale Mezitio: Your lightsaber is still out i think mine is the one that is on

Albel Nakehmall: (Well, he built it himself and one of the options is to make them force activated.)

Story Teller: The lightsaber hasn't had enough time to recharge and once more sputters before shutting off

Albel Nakehmall: (Or not. Alright.)

Torrale Mezitio: (and you know see the emblem of Republic Military Operations)

Story Teller: force activated just means that the switch is internal and requires a DC 10 UTF to activate

Torrale Mezitio: (on my flight suit along with rank)

Albel Nakehmall: DC 6 unless you changed it but yeah. Can I charge it with force lightning or is that going to make me eat a DS point?

Torrale Mezitio: (might destoy your energy cell)

Story Teller: using Force Lightning will always garner you a DSP

Albel Nakehmall starts heading towards the stairs

Torrale Mezitio turns off the lightsaber and hands the sith a glowrod in his utility belt. "Here take this for your eyes"

Story Teller: The stairs go up and up.. There's no end in sight as the two move slowly.

Albel Nakehmall grabs the glow rod. "Thank you."

Torrale Mezitio bring his rifle to a ready position

Albel Nakehmall: "Considering you seem to dislike me I admit to being somewhat surprised to wake up at all after that blast."

Torrale Mezitio: "I need you pure in simple. If not I would be enacting protocol 3-45.b which is killing you.

Torrale Mezitio: " Torrale said as he continued to down the flight of stairs.

Story Teller: You're going up stairs as you were at the very bottom of them :)

Albel Nakehmall: "I see." he says quietly laughing. "So, your escape plan is to walk with a Sith at your back, constantly throw insults at him, and flat out state your intention to later attempt to kill him."

Torrale Mezitio: "Considering you are enemy combatant and looking over your injuries. You are not in that great of shape." Torrale replied "Have you seen the uniform and last I check our sides have never got along."

Albel Nakehmall: "No, there's always some violent simpleton entirely missing the point. But, it is what it is."

Session Edit

Last time on Forgotten Ones.... Aela, Ozel, Nadia and Bill managed to track down the missing agents, or at least what was left of them. Klieri was found dead in her apartment, and upon decrypting her datapad, Bill discovered a set of coordinates leading to the Steamfields in the Nyriaan Wilderness. Unfortunately, Yrssk seems to be at large having apparently not been to his apartment in a few days. ‘Old man’ Ash has been hired to guide the team in their expedition to trek the distance to the location on the datapad, and investigate the disturbance Nadia sensed coming from the same area. As the group was traveling through a copse of the chlovi trees, they were attacked by a pack of chlovi cats. The cats were easily fended off with little harm done and now regrouped in the ground car, Aela. Ash, Bill and Nadia resume their course. After several more treacherous hours of dealing with various flora and natural traps, Ash is true to his word and they arrive on the outskirts of the Steamfields. Ahead, a dense copse of meadlin’s trees prevent the groundcar from going any further...

A'sh approaches the copse to inspect the probability of pushing through it

Aela Viszla hops out of the ground car, and takes a look around with her exceptional visual acuity.

A'sh comes back with a frown. "Not getting through here. Could go around but it could add half a day depending on how far this stretches."

Aela Viszla: "What is it you are trying to do?" She looks at him, "Go around the trees?"

A'sh: "We could be going through on foot, but not with the groundcar."

Aela Viszla: "How far around, and how far through are we talking?"

A'sh: "Couldn't tell you for sure going around... Going in a straight line though, about half a click to the coordinates from here."

Aela Viszla shrugs, "Sounds good to me. Nadia, Bill? You up for a wilderness hike?"

Nadia perks up and then gets out of the vehicle. "Not looking we have much choice."

Bill: "Alright, the sooner we get movin' the sooner we're done." Bill gets out of the ground car and starts moving towards the copse

A'sh: "Alright then... You three have fun.. I'll be waiting here for you to get back,"

Aela Viszla laughs, and nods at Ash, "For sure, keep the doors locked, Old Man, I dont wanna to come back to a half eaten corpse of an old man, you know? If you get scared, come into the woods and we'll protect you."

A'sh scoffs at Aela and sets about setting himself up a camp.

Nadia stands on the edge of the copse. "Let's get going then."

Aela Viszla heads into the copse, turning on her sound dampeners.

Nadia:Survival 22

Nadia gets her bearings and then proceeds to lead Aela and Bill through the copse

Story Teller: On foot, the journey takes a great deal longer, especially when Nadia has to navigate the group around several hazards and impassible sections of trees. But finally in the distance the unmistakable sound of a sudden burst from a geyser can be heard. The copse abruptly ends and ahead the Steamfields lay. The Steamfields are a swampy region of hot springs, geysers and natural vents that spew scalding steam and sulfurous fumes. Some of Nyriaan’s hardiest fungus species live in this boiling pools, their phosphorescent light mixing with the steam and mist to lend an eerie countenance to the entire area. Areas of relatively dry ground weave around and through the seething mud and water, but the way is twisting and mazelike. Geysers send unpredictable scalding fountains skyward, sometimes across the more navigable paths.

Aela Viszla keeps the sound sponge running, while she moves about semi-sneakily. The outline of a sculpture can be discerned through the thick mist and steam that hangs heavily in the air here. It appears to be a rough statue of a humanoid set atop a raised stone platform. The stone steps leading to the statue are rust colored, as if bloodstained.

Aela Viszla lifts off, and flies up above the venting geysers and what not, looking for a good path from up above.

Nadia: "This place reeks of the Dark Side..."

Bill: "Some one remind me again why we're here."

Nadia checks her readings on the map "The coordinates are just ahead."

Aela Viszla uses hand gestures to motion everyone forward, and gives an estimate on where its safe, because she's an expert like that...

Bill sighs "Alright then, lets get a move on."

Nadia gets her blaster ready, not liking this place one bit.

Story Teller: Perception please

Use the Force 24 Perception 23

Bill: Perception 20 Notes: low-light

Aela Viszla: Perception 18 Notes: Low-Light

Story Teller: All three of you see the group of 'thugs' laying in wait on the other side of the monument. HAving been noticed they charge out

Story Teller: ok.. Poison!

Aela Viszla: so, with low light, I can only see 4 squares, is that right?

Story Teller: it's not lowlight coniditions.. there's a heavy fog cause by the steam from the water Also.. the land is difficult terrain so x2 movement

Story Teller: Not really. Though depending on how you go, the fog isn't as dense up higher, but it clings to the ground making it hard to see. Aela Viszla: I'll ready a blaster shot, in case anyone comes into my line of sight.

Aela Viszla's turn is done. Sith 1, it's now your turn!

Torrale and Albel, you continue your climb up the staircase shaft. Please roll an Endurance check

Torrale Mezitio: Endurance 14

Albel Nakehm: Endurance 11

Story Teller: oh.. and Albel, I have a feeling at one point or another during the climb you would have stopped to recover back to -2 on the CT

Story Teller: alright..You two begin to slow.. growing more weary as the stairs continue on in the darkness. But you both begin to feel a dark presence as you get closer to the surface.

Albel Nakehm stops on the stairway as he feels the presence. "Do you feel that?"

Torrale Mezitio: "Nope I just think the sickness is getting to you. In fact I am just thinking you don't like climbing stairs. Don't blame you for it." Torrale said as he continued climbing up. "And besides we aren't going to find anything to help either one of us by just stopping"

Story Teller: Aela, take your shot as one gets into close range Aela Viszla: Deathhammer, PBS Ranged Attack: 28 Damage: 20 Notes: Point Blank Shot DiceBot: Sith 1 lost 20 hit points.

Aela Viszla fires Deathhammer from above, grinning beneath her helmet. Story Teller: The thugs converge on the group

Sith 1's turn is done. H3-4L B07, it's now your turn! JT

Albel Nakehm: "Clearly it was just my imagination, then. Considering what awaits our arrival is obviously a waste of time." he says, continuing up the stairs behind him, beginning to cloak his presence

Torrale Mezitio: "You are getting a little dim"

Bill: having heard blaster fire bill will ready an action to shoot the first enemy he sees

Alicia G (GM): You should be able to see them dimly, that not the case?

Bill: ok then bill fires his first round in centuries The Retro Fire Special Point Blank Piercing Attack: 29 Damage: 21 Notes: DiceBot: Sith 1 lost 15 hit points.

Story Teller: As the lead thug comes into view, he's just as quickly shot down Are you able to end turn?

H3-4L B07's turn is done. The next turn has begun! Alicia G BWS2K

Story Teller: Use the Force 36

Nadia takes a running leap avoiding an expense of water before coming to rest near to Aela

Nadia: She takes a shot off at the next thug coming into view heavy blaster pistol, verpine energy Attack: 17 Damage: 16 | Crit: 36 Notes: ion Aela Viszla: "Hey there." Aela says through her helmet's voice modulator. DiceBot: Sith 2 lost 35 hit points.

Story Teller: The next thug goes down as well

Round 2

The Previous turn is done. Aela Viszla, it's now your turn! Poison Story Teller: Sec Aela Torrale and Albel!

Nadia: "You didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun did you?"

Aela Viszla nods, "I sorta did. It's good for you to stretch your wings a little, though."

Story Teller: The air begins to grow heavy.. but not the stale air that you had experienced in the depths of the cave. This is humid and is growing much warmer.

Torrale Mezitio: "Sniff Sniff Hmm looks like we are close to surface of something if the air is changing."

Story Teller: Are there any actions you wish to take other than climbing the stairs?

Albel Nakehm: He nods. "Most likely. Perhaps a jungle or beach of some sort."

Torrale Mezitio: (I am going to reach out and detect any force users in the area)

Story Teller: ok Roll

Albel Nakehm: (I'll do the ssame)

Story Teller: Use the Force 26

Albel Nakehm: Use the Force 28

Story Teller: Use the Force 17

Torrale Mezitio: (I am just going to check my blaster and prepare for whatever I may come across scouting ahead of Albel a round ahead)

Story Teller: Ok.. so that was a full round action.

Torrale Mezitio: (yep, what he did was a full round)

Story Teller: OK Aela!

Aela Viszla: Deathhammer, Zero Range Ranged Attack: 15 Damage: 27 Notes: Deathhammer, Point Blank Shot, Zero Range

Aela Viszla's turn is done. Sith 1, it's now your turn!

Story Teller: As Aela gets closer she gets a better look at the thugs... Although Human in form, these wretched beings are twisted and deformed in ways that confound the imagination. Wearing makeshift robes and homespun clothing, they reek of filth and physical corruption. They howl like beasts, wave their spears threateningly, and growl in a tongue that sounds as evil as they look. They begin to converge. How high up are you?

Aela Viszla: however high the geysers are, I'm 5' up above that

Story Teller: All 4 fire on Aela pulse wave pistol energy Attack: 14 Damage: 9 Notes: pulse wave pistol energy Attack: 15 Damage: 7 Notes: pulse wave pistol energy Attack: 7 Damage: 12 Notes: pulse wave pistol energy Attack: 22 Damage: 8 Notes: And all miss

Sith 1's turn is done. H3-4L B07, it's now your turn! JT Aela Viszla: "Nice shootin', Aces. You got some sort of reason for attacking us, or is just your winning personalities? Also, water is all around, feel free to take a bath."

Bill fires upon the enemies shooting at aela Bill: The Retro Fire Special Point Blank Piercing Attack: 29 Damage: 18 Notes: Story Teller: 4 or 6? Bill: 6 DiceBot: Sith 6 lost 18 hit points.

H3-4L B07's turn is done. The next turn has begun! Alicia G BWS2K

Story Teller: Aela's comment seems to be only half understood by the crazed humans and they begin the go more beserk. Bill aim is true and it staggers his target for a moment.

Nadia aims on the same one Bill fired on and lets loose Nadia: heavy blaster pistol, verpine energy Attack: 16 Damage: 22 | Crit: 34 Notes: ion

Round 3 The Previous turn is done. Aela Viszla, it's now your turn! Poison

Another one goes down. Hold Aela.. Torrale and Albel! Doing anything other than resuming the climb?

Torrale Mezitio: (I am one round ahead of him when it is coming to climbing, anything changed as I contineu upward)

Story Teller: Torrale, you'd make it to the top. You'd nearly smack your head on the cover stone as there's no landing to speak of. The stairs seem to continue up past the stone

Torrale Mezitio: (is their a hole then considering that air is leaking in otherwise we would still smell stale air) Perception 29 Notes: Sees through the force

Story Teller: It's not a tight fit, but tight enough for no light to pass through. You do see and feel a seam Perception was a full round. at the end of the Round Albel makes it to the top as well

Story Teller: Alright Aela!

Aela Viszla breaks out both guns and fires with all of them on the filthy creature in front of her!

Aela Viszla: BlasTech DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Dual Weapon Mastery, ZR Ranged Attack: 17 Damage: 36 Notes: Dual Weapon Full Attack, at Zero Range Deathhammer, Dual Weapon Mastery, ZR Ranged Attack: 12 Damage: 29 Notes: Dual Weapon Full Attack, at Zero Range DiceBot: Sith 4 lost 35 hit points.

Aela Viszla's turn is done. Sith 1, it's now your turn!

Story Teller: The first shot kills the vagabond quickly. a neat hole in his chest They move ever closer, tying ultimately to use their spears

Torrale Mezitio: (nevermind my detonite is useless, not because of not having a timer. It's because it is old)

Story Teller: pulse wave pistol energy Attack: 12 Damage: 7 Notes: pulse wave pistol energy Attack: 7 Damage: 9 Notes:

Sith 1's turn is done. H3-4L B07, it's now your turn! JT

Bill keeps moving up and fires on another of these... things Bill: The Retro Fire Special Point Blank Piercing Attack: 16 Damage: 16 Notes: JT: at number 3 DiceBot: Sith 3 lost 16 hit points.

H3-4L B07's turn is done. The next turn has begun! Alicia G BWS2K

Story Teller: Nadia will fire on the one in front of Aela heavy blaster pistol, verpine energy Attack: 16 Damage: 15 Notes: DiceBot: Sith 5 lost 15 hit points.

Round 4 The Previous turn is done. Aela Viszla, it's now your turn! Poison

Torrale and Albel! You've reached the top of the staircase, or at least as far as you're going to go.

Torrale Mezitio: " yawn You have a glow rod yet you still can't see?"

Albel Nakehm sees if his lightsaber works yet

Story Teller: There's a stone cap of some sort blocking the way, though the air is much more humid up here than further down. And you've begun to hear the sound of blaster fire The lightsaber turns on

Albel Nakehm: "Excuse me." he says as the yellow gold glow of his light saber fills the stairway. Getting a better look at the door he searches for what seems to be the weakest point and starts shoving his light saber into it

Torrale Mezitio steps down a few steps to avoid a possible collapse

Story Teller: Alright... Aela.. you're getting fired on

Aela Viszla fires deathhammer at 5, and her other gun at 3 Aela Viszla: Deathhammer, Dual Weapon Mastery, ZR Ranged Attack: 26 Damage: 27 Notes: Dual Weapon Full Attack, at Zero Range BlasTech DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Dual Weapon Mastery, ZR Ranged Attack: 24 Damage: 26 Notes: Dual Weapon Full Attack, at Zero Range Story Teller: blaster carbine energy Attack: 16 Damage: 12 Notes: PBS Now it's you're turn.. and you manage to take down the target in front of you DiceBot: Sith 5 lost 20 hit points.

Aela Viszla: did I miss 3?

Story Teller: Dual weapon is a single target

Aela Viszla: ah, ok

Story Teller: unless you have an ability that says otherwise

Aela Viszla's turn is done. Sith 1, it's now your turn!

Story Teller: The final adversary fires up at Aela

Bill: "Not to bright are they?"

Story Teller: But willmore than likely miss 8

Sith 1's turn is done. H3-4L B07, it's now your turn! JT

Bill: The Retro Fire Special Point Blank Piercing Attack: 12 Damage: 28 Notes: bill may have become overconfident by these enemies seeming stupidity

Story Teller: Even enraged as it is, it manages to avoid Bill's shot

H3-4L B07's turn is done. The next turn has begun! Alicia G BWS2K

Story Teller: heavy blaster pistol, verpine energy Attack: 13 Damage: 11 Notes: DiceBot: Sith 3 lost 11 hit points.

Bill: "Damn fog!"

Story Teller: Nadia manages to hit the Sith but he's still standing

Round 5 The Previous turn is done. Aela Viszla, it's now your turn! Poison

Albel continues his efforts to cut through the store, but it's slow going. The stone appears to be able to withstand the brunt of the ligthsaber's energy. Doing anything Torrale? While you decide... another shot comes from behind the group.. this time aiming for Nadia blaster carbine energy Attack: 15 Damage: 13 Notes: PBS

Torrale Mezitio pauses for a moment and the looks inward and the stretches out.

Story Teller: k.. Aela!

Aela Viszla: shooting 3 with deathhammer Deathhammer, PBS Ranged Attack: 22 Damage: 21 Notes: Point Blank Shot

Aela Viszla lands, unable to see where the fire came from.

Story Teller: The last of the humans by the statue go down!

Aela Viszla's turn is done. H3-4L B07, it's now your turn! JT

Bill: ok so can bill determine what direction that last blaster shot came from Story Teller: Std action Perception

Bill: Perception 27 Notes: low-light Story Teller: FP?

Story Teller: You spot a figure hiding behind some rocks due East of the statue

Bill: "That way!" bill shouts and points

H3-4L B07's turn is done. The next turn has begun! Alicia G BWS2K

Nadia takes several steps in the opposite direction, toward the statue and makes a movement with her free hand. Nadia: Use the Force 22 The stone cap covering the stair begins to lift up and to the side revealing the stairway and likely a rather surprised Albel.

Round 6 The Previous turn is done. Torrale Mezitio, it's now your turn! Westley G.

Albel Nakehm raises his eyebrows in surprise, yes. Assuming there's no immediate rush to attack he lowers his light saber and looks out at his liberator(s)

Torrale Mezitio: "sigh So I see we got another person with us."

Albel Nakehm: "Did you think we were alone? You could hear them if nothing else, yes?" he says waiting for some sort of response from the other

Story Teller: The armored figure has turned back toward the fight her companions are engaging in after having settled down the statue blocking the stairway Taking any actions?

Torrale Mezitio: (walking upstairs and looking around that is much as I can)

Albel Nakehm uses Haze to become unseen and walks out for a better vantage

Story Teller: ok.. roll perception and click EndTurn

Torrale Mezitio: Perception 30 Notes: Sees through the force

Torrale Mezitio's turn is done. Albel Nakehm, it's now your turn! Kenneth E.

Albel Nakehm: (So, Force Haze? Should I roll?)

Story Teller: Alright Albel, make your UTF for Haze and you'll have to wait till next round to look around as it';s also a STD action

Albel Nakehm: Use the Force 33

Story Teller: You'll also be spending a FP for Force Haze You can however move up and out of the stairwell

Albel Nakehm does so, looking for a better vantage

Story Teller: Are you hding Torrale as well as your self?

Albel Nakehm: (Uh... Tempted to for OOC cooperation but he's been a total shit IC so... No)

Story Teller: lol ok Albel effectively disappears from everyones sight End turn please

Albel Nakehm's turn is done. The next turn has begun! BWS2K

Story Teller: Another blast comes from the vicinity Bill pointed out, revealing the position now that they know where to look The shot is against Bill blaster carbine energy Attack: 28 Damage: 17 | Crit: 20 Notes: Rapid Shot, PBS

Story Teller: it's already doubled for the 2nd.. sucky toll roll* DiceBot: H3-4L B07 lost 20 hit points.

The Previous turn is done. Aela Viszla, it's now your turn! Poison

DiceBot: H3-4L B07 lost 20 hit points. It apparently didn't double

Story Teller: Aela!

Aela Viszla lifts off again, and flies to where the shots are coming from. Aela Viszla: ready a shot in case something comes into LoS

Aela Viszla's turn is done. H3-4L B07, it's now your turn! JT

JT: second wind Bill: gain 19 hp DiceBot: H3-4L B07 gained 19 hit points.

Bill: so he has cover right?

Story Teller: yup, he's behind some rocks taking pot shots

Bill: ok then bill will use the fog to hide Stealth 25

Story Teller sends secret roll

H3-4L B07's turn is done. The next turn has begun! Alicia G BWS2K

Story Teller: Nadia will start making her way around the water to get into range

Round 7 The Previous turn is done. Torrale Mezitio, it's now your turn! Westley G.

Torrale Mezitio: (Do I notice the albel went missing) Story Teller: Yes you do Torrale Mezitio: (field detection Use the Force 25

Torrale Mezitio: "Please don't hide from our rescuers it makes them feel unappreciated." Torrale said Albel Nakehm: got a 33, I think.

Torrale Mezitio: I will move six squares

Story Teller: That would be Nadia,and yes you can see her

Story Teller: End turn if done (6sq would be 2 move actions)

Torrale Mezitio's turn is done. Albel Nakehm, it's now your turn! Kenneth E.

Albel Nakehm's turn is done. The next turn has begun! BWS2K

Story Teller: Yrssk takes another shot at Bill blaster carbine energy Attack: 12 Damage: 23 Notes: Rapid Shot, PBS

The Previous turn is done. Aela Viszla, it's now your turn! Poison

JT: aww thought i was hidden Story Teller: And misses horrible nope.. he saw you

Aela Viszla: same ready as last turn

Aela Viszla's turn is done. H3-4L B07, it's now your turn! JT

Story Teller: what's allowing you to take 10 in combat? Bill: jump servos also all jumps count as running start whether i actually ran or not Story Teller: ok Bill: but that was my whole turn

H3-4L B07's turn is done. The next turn has begun! Alicia G BWS2K

Nadia moves closer trying to get a shot

Round 8 The Previous turn is done. Torrale Mezitio, it's now your turn! Westley G.

Torrale Mezitio: (does he have cover

Story Teller: Yes he does

Torrale Mezitio: what type aim and fire

Story Teller: +10 Improved

JT: doesn't matter aim eliminates cover bonus

Torrale Mezitio: thank you JT

Story Teller: yup

Torrale Mezitio: Blaster Rifle (Assault) Energy Attack: 21 Damage: 22 Notes: Devastating Attack, PBS

DiceBot: Yrssk lost 22 hit points.

Torrale Mezitio: he is either knocked out cold or a lot of steps down

Story Teller: As soon as the Trandoshan gets hit he seems to loose his nerve

Yrssk: "I ssurrender!" he says putting up his hands

Torrale Mezitio: "It would just be easier if people just surrendered" Torrale said just before someone shouted they surrender "oh what do you know"

Bill: "Yrsk! That you?"

Aela Viszla flies over, and puts her hand out for his gun.

Bill: bill shouts moving up onto the rocks

Yrssk gives it up without a fight. "Yesss." he says quite deflated.

Bill: "Why'd you go rogue Yrsk?" as bill jumps across the water

Nadia goes down to greet the two newcomers, though notices that Albel is gone. "Where did he go?" she asks Torrale

Aela Viszla puts the gun over her back after making a cursory check to be sure it doesnt have a bomb strapped to it.

Yrssk: "The pay wassss better."

Bill: "So you got the intel on the device or not?"

Torrale Mezitio reaches out through the force again in hopes of finding Albel Torrale Mezitio: Use the Force 11

Yrssk: The Trandoshan is heavily scarred, with a particularly livid scar running along the side of his face, barely missing one of his blood-red eyes. He wears clothes that appear to be made by native Nyriaanans, even though his species sets him apart from Nyriaan's indigenous population. His emotional state is difficult to gauge, but he seems somewhat agitated. "Perhapsss."

Bill: bill racks his shot gun and points it at Yrssks head "Round two, you got the intel or not?!"

Yrssk clears his throat and looks at both of you pointedly "I know things," he rasps, his reptilian tongue playing quickly over his scaly lips. "It ain't too late to save this karking planet from what the CSA's got planned." Yrssk lets that sink in before continuing.

Torrale Mezitio: "I had a read on him but he seems to have either removed his energy cell from the lightsaber and destroyed it or he is hiding through the force a little bit better. What is your name little jedi?" he said in a polite tone

Yrssk: "Look, you ain't got any real reassson to keep me around. You caught me fair and sssquare, but I reckon we can ssstill ssstrike a bargain. You let me go, and I'll tell you where the Corporate Sssector Authority's gat its big guns. They won't be expecting a crew like you to come along, ssso you'll have an easy time kriffing up their planss"

Albel Nakehm looks over at the remains of the battles, trying to get a sense for the people. Anyone look particularly injured and still alive?

Nadia shrugs and holds out her hand to Torrale, her blaster pistol back in its holster. "Nadia." she says by way of introduction

Bill: "Who says I care about their plans or this planet, I just want that data. A device like that in the right hands could be... useful. Although I do still want to destroy or take the prototype and their notes on it. Why make a copy when I can have the only one?"

Story Teller: All of the begraddled Sith are dead.

Torrale Mezitio: "Nadia. A pleasure, I am Lt. Mezitio of the Republic 238th Battalion."

Albel Nakehm: "Oh, now you have a civil tongue." he says after looking about for a bit.

Yrssk: "You'll have to go there to get what you want."

Torrale Mezitio: "its odd that you would have a lightsaber in your armor."

Bill: "Ok then..." bill lowers his shot gun "let's make a deal."

Torrale Mezitio: "Ahh nice of you to reappear."

Nadia seems rather amused by Torrales introduction. "Which Republic.. or rather when?" She turns her head as she hears Albel but still can't see him.

Torrale Mezitio: "you should really learn ventriloquism might help you hide better."

Story Teller: Attacking breaks the haze for sure Albel Nakehm: (Well, intended to drop it when he spoke. My bad.)

Nadia turns to regard Albel. "Was there anyone else down there?"

Albel Nakehm looks the girl over briefly. "Not to my knowledge." (Does she feel like one of the Force sensitives mentioned earlier?)

Alicia G (GM): you can roll UTF to findout

Albel Nakehm: "I am Albel Nakehm." he says offering a hand.

Albel Nakehm: Use the Force 23

Nadia takes it with a nod. "Nadia"

Torrale Mezitio: "Last I checked the calendar year was 1800 ATC and yes The Galactic Republic"

Nadia: Use the Force 18 Use the Force 20 Alicia G (GM): lol.. Yes she does

Nadia cocks her head at him as he senses her... "You two.. have a lot to learn."

Albel Nakehm: "Yes. I would like to start with learning what year it is."

Torrale Mezitio: "Does it involve sith?

Nadia regards Torrale. "Yes," she draws out slowly and then to both of them says, "It's .... " she spouts a year in an old calendar system which marks the year as 4BBY

Torrale Mezitio: "Because last I checked we were able to hold them off by striking a bargain with the mandalorians."

Alicia G (GM): Nadia knows the different ones though and would say one that would be familiar

Torrale Mezitio: (just say almost 2 thousand of years)

Albel Nakehm: "Surely, you're joking..." he says, wilting slightly. "I knew it had been at least a century, but" he allows the words to trail off as he tries to contemplate all that could have changed in more than three thousand years

Torrale Mezitio: Torrale looked at Nadia for a moment... "Everything...everything is gone... my family... What about the Republic?" He asked Nadia as he turned away and walked

Nadia looks at Torrale. "The MAndo'ade and Republic allies against the sith... You're referring to the New Sith Wars I beleive.. One of the few instances where they were allies."

Torrale Mezitio: "What about THE REPUBLIC!!!" He yelled trying to contain his temper and sorrow.

Nadia: "Er.. Well..." "It's been replaced... By the Galactic Empire..." Nadia spews out the words

Albel Nakehm sits on the stones surrounding the stairwell, laughing slightly. "Really? Three thousand years and we're still doing this idiotic dance?" Albel Nakehm: more of a quiet cackle, really

Torrale Mezitio: Torrale took a heavy breath and looked at the corpse at his feet and let his emotions flow. Drawing the lightsaber on his back he stabbed the ground. "The sith will pay..." Looking to the nearest unattened object it bursts from torrale.

Nadia: "I suppose... the Emperor has been in power for oh... 15 years now.. Ever since the end of the Clone Wars when the Senate gave the Supreme Chancellor at the time Imperial power..." "There's something else.... The Jedi.. they were eliminated. It was Emporer Palpatine's first order of business... He claimed that they had betrayed the Republic."

Albel Nakehm: "They don't even bother to change the names."

Torrale Mezitio ears perked up at hearing Albel utter such a comment.

Nadia: "It's why you two need to be careful... Force Users have a significant bounty on their heads."

Albel Nakehm: "So, how did the Jedi get wiped out this time? A quiet purge or a full scale war?"

Torrale Mezitio: "So you are sith?!?!"

Nadia thinks.. "Both..."

Nadia: "The Order was decimated during the Clone Wars... after the war the purge eliminated any members who didn't go into hiding."

Nadia puts a hand on Torrale's shoulder. Torrale Mezitio: "What!?" He said moving her hand off his shoulder.

Albel Nakehm wipes his face with his hand, still the quiet maniacal giggles. "Everything is gone but nothing has changed. How many times do we have to go through this before someone in charge figures out what a colossal waste of time it is?"

Nadia: "Maybe... I shouldn't say any more. At least till you've both had some time to adjust a bit."

Nadia nods towards the other two further away talking to the Trandoshan. "They're like you... they woke up out of time, though in a ship."

Torrale Mezitio: "Not until I shatter his clavicle"

Albel Nakehm: "For someone that seems to hate the Sith you sure act like a marauder" he says looking at him through his hand. Torrale Mezitio: ((gtg just try to calm me down, with a force trick)) Nadia: PCs get a +10 to Will Albel Nakehm: "So, those three over there are in the same predicament? Is that common in this time?"

Nadia turns with a sigh and heads over to the others by the Trandoshan Nadia: "No... not common at all.. There were four of them... now there's six that I know of."

Albel Nakehm: "And you just keep bumping into us."

Nadia: "Would seem so..."

Albel Nakehm looks at her curiously. "Are you the only one in this merry band that's not from the distant past?"

Nadia sounds amused as she says. "Well we left our guide just beyond those trees.. He's not one. At least that I know of, but I don't really know him well."