Star Wars Legends: Vong Wars
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era New Republic Era
Start Date 20 Feb, 2012; Restart 26 Sept 2015

On Dubrillion (after Oct 3, 2015) Edit

Shi'tal Bralor steps onto the ship, which has been emptied of its usual crew. Listening for a moment to the silence she makes her way towards through the ship in search of Pedric.

Pedric Melvar III sits at his computer, in his quarters. Expecting Shi'tal to show up any time, he has left the door open. Beside him at his desk sits a pot of (the Star Wars equivalent to coffee?).

Shi'tal Bralor stops outside his door, peering in as she knocks on the bulkhead. "Guess you were expecting me?"

Shi'tal Bralor doesn't wait for the invitation to come in. The door is after all open.

Pedric Melvar III: "I was hoping you'd show up, yes." He turns to face her, "Have a seat." He says gesturing to the small sofa in the room.

He checks the time on his pocket watch, and is visibly shocked when he sees the hour;.

Shi'tal Bralor takes the proffered seat, relaxing back into it. "I would have thought you would have gotten yourself a suite at the posh resort you sent us to."

Pedric Melvar III: "You'd think..." He trails a little. His gaze drifting to the common wall of the other guest quarters Tal previously occupied.

"For now, I think I'm best here."

*best off

Shi'tal Bralor follows his gaze to the wall of the other quarters. "I don't think I've said.. I'm sorry for what happened with Tal." Her own expression changes to one of since sorrow.

Pedric Melvar III: He nods.

Staring off into space for a moment, he quickly gathers his thoughts, "So anyway, the reason I wanted to speak with you."

"I'd like you to make a list of all the ship's components that aren't needed and can be removed, or upgraded, such as upgrading the shielding."

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Shi'tal Bralor: "Ok... to what end?"

Pedric Melvar III: He smiles, appreciating the question, "I want this ship to be capable of doing anything we need it to, and to give us the best shot against these Yu Zon Vong (spell check?)."

Shi'tal Bralor: "What sort of upgrades are we talking about then? Aside from shields. There's plenty of cargo space to be converted, but then this ship may start losing it's hauling ability."

Pedric Melvar III: "And that is why I need your expertise. The questions I see are :What do we currently have? What, if anything, is lacking? What could we use/what could be improved? And do we currently have anything we don't truly need."

Shi'tal Bralor frowns thinking "Have you discussed this with Arkoh?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Not yet. I thought it would be best to have something to approach him with."

Shi'tal Bralor stands and starts to pace as she thinks about it. "Fortunately, this class of ship can handle a variety of upgrades that Arkoh and his previous mechanics haven't taken advantage of yet. We may be able to spare a great deal of the extra space we have."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Shields are a good start, but upgrading the thrusters to be more maneuverable could help use avoid taking those shots in the first place. Upgrade to the sensor package. Oh,. and anti boarding systems."

"We could convert one of the smaller cargo holds into a dedicated med bay.. Doc would like that."

Shi'tal Bralor is still pacing as she spouts out her ideas.

Pedric Melvar III smiles, listening to her rattle things off.

Shi'tal Bralor continues for several more moments and she pauses as she turns back to Pedric with a frown. "Do you think Arkoh will go along with all that?"

Pedric Melvar III: "You worry about how to do it, and I will handle pitching it to Arkoh. I can get Arkoh to listen to me."

He smirks, "He doesn't know it yet, but he likes me."

Shi'tal Bralor raises an eyebrow. "Is that so?" Realizing she was still standing she takes resumes sitting on the couch.

Pedric Melvar III: "Absolutely."

"So. Here's my proposal: take today to assess some of these things, prioritize the needs/wants, and we'll discuss them over dinner. A non wookie-prepared dinner."

Shi'tal Bralor: "What brought this all on any ways?"

Pedric Melvar III: "What do you mean?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Well, I'm sure you don't have to go investing what's going to be a great deal of credits into this ship to get around. Usually such measures are taken when one has a vendetta of some sort."

Pedric Melvar III: He thinks for a moment, "I guess it is personal."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Because of Tal?"

Shi'tal Bralor says it more of a statement then a question but leaves it open for him to disagree.

Pedric Melvar III: "Yes." He says, in what is surely the most sincere tone you've heard from him yet. "No one else here knows it, but he wasn't just some hired body guard. He... He practically raised me."

Shi'tal Bralor nods accepting his answer. "Can't say I can fault you," and then slowly she says, "I know what it is to want to do... something after losing someone like that."

Pedric Melvar III: He looks at her, visibly saddened, but also a little lighter after sharing with her, "I'm sorry to hear you know how I feel. That's not a pleasant thing to endure."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I can't say it gets much better... I was angry for a long time afterwards, took some time for me to find a way to focus it." She cocks her head at him. "Focusing on the wrong thing, though might end up getting one killed."

Shi'tal Bralor smiles sheepishly. "I'm sorry.... I don't mean to preach."

Pedric Melvar III: He returns a small smile, "There's a difference between preaching and concern, in my opinion. I'd hope it's the latter."

Shi'tal Bralor gives a small genuine smile. "Tal cared a great deal for you. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you're still... fighting on."

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, he'd have some choice words for me if I wasn't." He says, letting out a small laugh.

Shi'tal Bralor smiles grows a little larger. "I wish I could have gotten to know him better. I guess I'll have to through you, eh?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I guess so." He turns to look at his computer screen quickly. Turning back, "Ms. Bralor, it has been lovely talking with you, but I think it would be best if we both got to work." He says, standing, "I will require your answer about dinner, however."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Oh, ok. Sure."

Shi'tal Bralor stammers with the sudden change in tone of their conversations. She stands and gets ready to leave.

Pedric Melvar III: Sensing her confusion, "I hate to cut things short, it's only that I think I could lose the whole day in talking with you. You are an intriguing person, but we both do have things to tend to."

Shi'tal Bralor raises her hands to placate his explanation."No, no... I understand. There will be plenty of time to talk later." She starts heading for the door.

Pedric Melvar III: He walks her to the door, "So will I see you for dinner? I know a great restaurant with a great view on the water. We can discuss the ship, and... Anything else that may come to mind."

Shi'tal Bralor pauses at the door for a moment. "Yes... that sounds good." She stops as she realizes what she's agreed to, "You mean a fancy dinner don't you?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I do, yes. Be to your room by 17:00, there will be dresses and jewelry for you to choose from on loan from the resort. I'll be by in a shuttle at 18:00 to take us to the restaurant." He says as though this is a normal thing. "Unless of course you have any reservations or objections."

Shi'tal Bralor seems slightly overwhelmed by the prospect, but decides to take it in stride. "No... no... I'm sure what you have planned will be fine." Deciding that she'd better leave before he put her up to anything else she stepped out into the hallway. "I'll see you tonight then."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'll see you tonight." He returns, before heading back to his desk.

Shi'tal Bralor shakes her head wondering what she's actually agreed to and goes to the engine room to do the work up.

Shi'tal Bralor steps out of the lift into the lobby of the resort right at the agreed upon time. Only slightly self conscious as she looks around, she adjusts the long silken skirts. Having apparently taken the time to get sufficiently cleaned up, she's piled her red hair up, but still allowed small tendrils to fall across her bare neck. 

Shi'tal Bralor: 

Schwall: Just at the same moment a speeder arrives and pulls up to the front of the resort. Pedric steps out and moves to the door, slipping the door man a tip, he waits there for Shi'tal to make her way to him.

Schwall looks on with a smile, as she comes closer he can't help but have a look of awe. He hadn't been sure exactly what to expect of the engineer in a cleaned up state, but his expectations appear to have been beat.

Shi'tal Bralor spots Pedric with the speeder and makes her way over. She's apparently not too uncomfortable with what she's wearing, just more so with the attention she realizes she's garnering as she makes her way through the lobby. She does her best to ignore the looks as she stops just in front of Pedric. "Hey," she says meekly. Up close, Pedric can see she's actually applied some makeup for the occasion.

Schwall: Have to tend to something real fast.

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Pedric Melvar III seems lost for words for a split second, "Hello." He takes her hand and guides it to his arm as he leads her toward the speeder. "Ms. Bralor, I must say you look absolutely gorgeous this evening." Arriving at the speeder, he opens the door on her side.

Shi'tal Bralor seems unsure how to handle the compliment and instead gives a quiet "thank you" as she allows him to lead her to the speeder. "You've cleaned up nicely yourself," she comments looking him over before getting in.

Pedric Melvar III has donned one of his finer suits. For the first time in the past 2 days, he has taken the time to shave, and though he has tried to cover them, he still has a bag under each eye, as it is likely he hasn't been sleeping well.

Pedric Melvar III: "Thank you." He says in response to her compliment. He then closes the door before walking around to his own and climbing in.

Shi'tal Bralor shifts uneasily in the back of the speeder, but stops as Pedric takes his seat beside her. Once it starts moving she asks slowly. "Where is it we're going?"

Pedric Melvar III: "It's a small restaurant, right on the water. This is, as I've been told, the best time of day to eat there because it provides the best view."

Shi'tal Bralor nods her acceptance of his answer. Looking him over again she comments, "Was this one of the things you were planning last night instead of sleeping?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Oh this? No, this came together this morning." He pauses, "I'm working on something much more... Intensive instead of sleeping."

(I don't think the SPY project is common knowledge in character, is it?)

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Shi'tal Bralor: "Oh? Must be important if it's keeping you up."

Pedric Melvar III: (Yes.)

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Pedric Melvar III: "It is important. Even if it weren't though, I haven't been able to sleep when I've tried."

Shi'tal Bralor nods in understanding and doesn't press further. "I am surprised though," she pauses, readying to change the topic. "That you decided to spend your energies taking me out, rather than one of the multitude of other girls."

Pedric Melvar III , not sure if she means that as a slight or not, "Oh? Why is that?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Well uh..." she starts rather sheepishly. "You could have brought anyone, but instead you've brought me. And you can't say it was to talk shop, because we had all day to do that. We didn't need to go out to some fancy restaurant."

Pedric Melvar III: "Ah, but I didn't bring anyone, nor did I want to. I brought you because. I find you intriguing, as I mentioned before." He appears for a second as though he has more to say, but doesn't continue.

Shi'tal Bralor decides to press. "Intriguing am I?" she says with amusement. "Is that all?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Well the fact that I find you incredibly attractive certainly helps. But, to be entirely forthcoming, I've met very few Mando'a, and I've always had a respect for the people since I learned about them in school."

Shi'tal Bralor seems amused. "And what sort of things did your school teach about my people?"

Pedric Melvar III: "They mostly focused on the history, you know, the war and all, which was fascinating. I had to learn anything more on my own, but there isn't exactly a wealth of information out there, at least that I've found."

"When I learned Mando'a, that helped, as most of the publications that do exist are printed therein."

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Schwall: By all means, continue though

Shi'tal Bralor: "It's unusual to find an aureti so interested. Intriguing yet you managed to learn our language. Who taught you?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I taught myself mostly. Part of business training is learning as many languages as possible. After you learn 3 or 4, learning additional languages gets easier. So through books, and buying drinks for the couple Mando'a I've met at various ports and stations, I managed to piece it together."

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Schwall: I'm back.

Shi'tal Bralor nods, impressed. "I've never really had the mind for other languages. They just don't really seem to click."

Schwall: "The first 2 are the hardest. It gets easier with every one there after. But that may just be my experience."

(Probably would be about this time they pull up to the restaurant. I have to discuss some website edits with my manager, I'll give a description when I'm done.)

Shi'tal Bralor: k

Schwall: Actually... We're getting swamped a bit right now. Might have to table this for a bit.

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Schwall: Hello!

Alicia G: 'lo!

let's finish this!

Pedric Melvar III: The driver pulls up to the restaurant and slows to a stop near the entrance.

Pedric Melvar III steps out of the speeder and walks around to Shi'tal's door to open it for her and offer his arm.

Shi'tal Bralor looks out the window as Pedric walks around, taking in her first look of the restaurant he had selected. Taking his arm as she steps out of the speeder she finishes her assessment of the place.

Pedric Melvar III: She might notice there doesn't appear to be a name or any type of sign. Heading inside, they are escorted to the table. It is dressed very fine, and the wait staff stands next to the table to seat them.

Alicia G: they're the only ones there right?

Schwall: In that section.

I forgot to add about the balcony and all since I mentioned it earlier.

Shi'tal Bralor looks out over the water for a moment as the waiter pulls out her seat for her and then turning her attention back to what they're doing takes the seat. "Even though you told me.. I wasn't quite expecting this."

Schwall: He smiles, "Yes, I aim to please. And you won't find too many places with a better view."

Shi'tal Bralor raises an eyebrow. "At least this close to a city."

Pedric Melvar III: (Stupid name changing...)

Shi'tal Bralor takes the glass of wine the waiter just poured and takes a sip, holding it properly by the stem. "This place is nice... thank you."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm glad you like it." He says, raising his glass in return.

Pedric Melvar III gazes at her for a second, "So, Ms. Bralor, I've shared some things about myself, I'd be interested in hearing about you."

Pedric Melvar III: *more about...

Shi'tal Bralor smiles slyly at him as she takes another sip and sets it down. "Like what?"

Pedric Melvar III ponders for a minute as he tries some of the horderves that have been set before them, "Anything at all. Tell me about your family, tell me about how you got into engineering, or anything you like."

Shi'tal Bralor takes one for herself and chews thoughtfully for a moment. "Not all that exciting... I have two brothers and sisters; we grew up on Concord Dawn, on a farm that's been in my family's care for generations."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I learned my skills from my father, but never really put them to use till I left."

"Other than Tal... you haven't talked much about your family. Only fair." she smiles picking up her glass to take a sip.

Pedric Melvar III looks down. He lets out a sigh, and takes a large drink of wine. "You're right, it is fair, though I'm not sure where to begin on that topic."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Beginning is generally a good place."

Pedric Melvar III: "Right. I don't have any siblings, thankfully, as I wouldn't wish my upbringing on anyone else."

"I was raised all over, my father moved us a lot. He's successful, but people tend to take issue when they find out his former line of work."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Hmm.. a lot of people take issue with what they don't understand. Still, you must have seen some amazing places?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Oh yes, I think Coruscant was my favorite. It had everything."

"But, when I was 12, he realized he wasn't going to make me turn out the way he wanted, and sent me off to school on Corellia."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Really? My parents went to school on Corellia. It's where they met. I've always wanted to go there."

Schwall: "It's a nice place. What's kept you from getting there?"

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs "Other things.. Mostly stayed in the Outer Rim." She finishes her glass of wine and sets it down to be refilled. "Closest I've been was Talus, but that was a long time ago."

Shi'tal Bralor: "What did your mother think about sending you away to school?"

Schwall: "My mother never said, or apparently thought much at all. I think she is afraid, not entirely sure of him, or just not being the good wife in general." He says as he also finishes a glass. "I think we're either going to need a change to a better subject, or order something harder than this wine."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile. "You're the one who asked about family first."

Schwall: "It's true, my error." he says, mustering his best smile in return, "So, the thing I've been most curious about you. Why was a young woman, such as yourself, at a space port, alone and looking for work?"

Shi'tal Bralor shurgs "I don't like staying in one place too long. Especially when the crew starts thinking they can take advantage of a young woman... all alone."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I wasn't always alone..." she says trying to be light about it. "I traveled with Uncle for awhile."

Schwall tilts his head a little, "Well..." He is clearly unsure what to say, "I wasn't saying I was opposed to that harder liquor."

Pedric Melvar III: (Sorry, I accidentally closed the tab, and didn't realize it set my name back when I restored it)

Alicia G: np

Shi'tal Bralor: "Isn't that supposed to be an after dinner thing?" she jokes.

Pedric Melvar III smiles at her joke, "At a place like this, that is an any time you want thing."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Don;t let me stop you then."

Shi'tal Bralor continues to just sip on the wine as she munches on the appetizers.

Pedric Melvar III: "All I meant is that that doesn't sound like a pleasant story either."

"By the way, they'll prepare anything upon request, so if you have a favorite dish, feel free to order it."

Shi'tal Bralor nods thinking and then she seems to look embarrassed "I've never actually ordered anything fancy before."

Pedric Melvar III: "It doesn't have to be fancy if you don't want. I, myself, often order a very simple meal I remember enjoying while on Coruscant."

Shi'tal Bralor: "What is that?" she asks honestly intrigued

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, it's a type of meet sandwich I used to buy it from some street vendors. I always had to sneak them on my way home from school because, of course, I wasn't allowed to eat something so improper. Fortunately, Tal was more than happy to say we encountered some trouble or another getting home that kept us late." He says, chuckling.

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile. "Those are the best kind of foods.. The ones you're told not to eat, but you find a way to anyways."

Shi'tal Bralor turns to the waiter when he returns after deciding what she wants. Their version of a bantha steak salad.

Pedric Melvar III: "Indeed. These days, I'm always sure to be positive it is at least real meat in there."

Shi'tal Bralor makes a face. "I'd hate to think what vendors would try to pass off as meat."

Pedric Melvar III: "Oh, you'd be amazed. Of course, at age 10, that was most of the fun."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I imagine so. At 10 I was sneaking off to Mandalore with my brother. Put my father in right fits."

Pedric Melvar III: "I imagine it would. How far was it?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "If we managed to get on the right ship? Couple hours."

"The trick was getting home before people realized we were gone."

Pedric Melvar III looks in awe of her story. "I think I would have been killed had I tried to sneak off for hours at a time."

Shi'tal Bralor: "We only did it a couple times. It wasn't long after that I lived on Talus."

Pedric Melvar III: "What caused the move?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "My mother. I lived with my grandparents for a time, along with younger sister. Though I think she's still there."

Pedric Melvar III nods. Seeing their food come out, "I will warn you, though I've tried, there is no polite way to eat this meal." He says as the plate is put in front of him.

Shi'tal Bralor looks over his dish for a moment before picking up her fork and turning to hers. "I doubt you'll have to worst manners I've ever seen," she jokes.

Shi'tal Bralor: the worst*

Shi'tal Bralor is content to eat in silence while watching Pedric make a mess of the sandwich, her amusement growing with every bite.

Pedric Melvar III: "Enjoying yourself?" He manages to get out between bites.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Oh, yes..." she says as she sets her fork aside upon finishing her entree. "When was the last time you ate one of those?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm not sure." He says as he takes the time to clean his face.

Shi'tal Bralor laughs as she reaches over with her own napkin to get a spot he missed. When she's done she gives him a small embarrassed smile. "Sorry."

Pedric Melvar III smiles as she reaches across. "Don't be."

Shi'tal Bralor reaches for her glass to hide her embarrassment only to realize its empty. She reaches for the water glass instead. "What else did you have planned for the evening?" she asks seeing that dinner was done.

Pedric Melvar III: "Do you have any requests?"

Shi'tal Bralor shakes her head, but then adds. "It's been awhile since I've actually been able to enjoy fresh air." She glances down at the ocean view. "Walk on the beach sounds nice."

Pedric Melvar III nods in agreement, "That does sound nice."

Pedric Melvar III stands and motions to a walkway from their balcony down to the seaside, "Shall we?"

Shi'tal Bralor smiles as she stands and starts in the direction of the walkway, slow enough for Pedric to easily catch up. She's quiet for a long while as she watches the waves crash, her thoughts apparently elsewhere.

Pedric Melvar III is content to walk along beside her in silence for a while, looking at both the scenery and Shi'tal. He breaks the silence first, "Is there something on your mind?"

Shi'tal Bralor blinks as she turns to look at Pedric, seeming to remember she's not alone. She smiles sheepishly, "Sorry, I was just trying to remember the last time I saw an ocean." With an impish smile she steps off of the boardwalk and into the sand, removing her short heels as she steps further away.

Schwall follows suit by removing his own shoes, and following along.

Pedric Melvar III follows suit by removing his own shoes, and following along.

Shi'tal Bralor lifts up her skirt to avoid it trailing over the sand as she looks back at Pedric to see if he was following her. She stops only when she reaches the edge of the wave's reach.

Pedric Melvar III catches up to her slowly, as he takes small steps, trying not to damage his suit. He stands next to her, and enjoys the breeze for a moment.

Shi'tal Bralor looks out over the water and into the horizon beyond. "It's amazing how different everything is when you're actually planetside. When you're in space you see the oceans, but you can't really experience.. well, this."

Pedric Melvar III ponders her words for a moment, this sort of thing not being unusual for him.

Pedric Melvar III: "How long has it been since you've truly been planetside? Not just seeing the inside of a port?"

Shi'tal Bralor thinks about it as she looks out over the water. "Other than brief stops.. it's probably been a few years since I've actually had a chance to enjoy the scenery."

Pedric Melvar III: "A few years?" He seems to have to really work to comprehend that.

Shi'tal Bralor nods, looking back over to him. "I've always preferred working on ships, and when I am planetside I tend to be too busy to enjoy things."

Shi'tal Bralor grins at him "Certainly no time for sight seeing or fancy dinners."

Pedric Melvar III: "I find it's important to make time for sight seeing and fancy dinners." He says, not entirely clear if he's returning a jest or being sincere.

"Though I typically just call them dinners."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Dinning at exclusive restaurants is your norm?"

Pedric Melvar III: "When such an establishment is an option, yes."

Shi'tal Bralor shakes her head astounded at his life style. "I guess I'm just a bit more frugal."

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, it helps when you know the person who owns the restaurant, or can make it fit with a business appointment."

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Shi'tal Bralor laughs. "It seems you know quite a few people."

Shi'tal Bralor goes back to staring out over the water as the sun finishes setting. "What exactly is your business?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Investments, mostly. Very similar to what I'm doing with Arkoh, really, just with larger profit margins."

"There are some other markets I'd like to pursue, but don't have the capitol just yet."

Shi'tal Bralor glances sideways at him, "Use family money to get started?"

Pedric Melvar III laughs out loud upon hearing her question, "Yes, I guess you could say that."

Shi'tal Bralor looks at him confused. "You guess?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I knew my father would likely give me some seed money to help me on my way when I finished school. But that would have meant two things I didn't like the idea of: seeing my father again, and worse, being indebted to him. So I figured out how to gain access to his accounts and skimmed small amounts of money over the course of roughly 3 years. It didn't take much to talk Tal into leaving my father's employment, and left school a year early." He smiles, "To my knowledge, he's never found out."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Things were never very good between you after he sent you to school? He never wondered how you were able to live so well?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Things were never good between us once I started talking. I knew leaving school early would make him angry enough to not check up on me, and I haven't made any efforts to reach out to him either. I don't even know if he is aware of how I live."

Shi'tal Bralor nods in understanding. "I haven't heard from mine since I left Talus with my uncle."

Pedric Melvar III: "Did you not have a good relationship with them?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "I used to write my sisters and my brother, Kel. The messages are pretty few though. It's been years since I've stepped foot on Concord Dawn."

Pedric Melvar III: "10 years, for me, since I've last seen my family."

"Can I ask why you were the only one that left with your uncle?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Malena already had her life on Concord Dawn and Tamara was too young. Jalek and Kel stayed with our father," she shrugs.

"I didn't want the life my grandparents had to offer, so I left."

Pedric Melvar III: "Fair enough."

Shi'tal Bralor seems to contemplate something, but doesn't voice what's going through her mind. Instead she turns to start walking along the beach, further from where they had their dinner. "Even after my uncle died, I never really thought going back was an option."

Pedric Melvar III walks beside her, "How long ago was it that he passed away?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "About a year ago," she says quietly. "He was killed while we were on a job." She stops suddenly and looks at him with a frown. "I'm not sure why I'm telling you this."

Pedric Melvar III meets her gaze, "By all means, don't say anything you don't want to." He pauses, "Though. If you truly have been alone since this happened, you probably should talk to someone about it."

Shi'tal Bralor frowns. "Well.. then I'll talk about my uncle and you can tell me about Tal."

Pedric Melvar III frowns as well, "I suppose that is a fair deal."

Shi'tal Bralor can't help but to smile. "What a pair we make... Neither of us really willing to talk about our pasts."

Pedric Melvar III nods to her statement, "Indeed. It should prove beneficial, though, I should hope."

Shi'tal Bralor loops her arm through Pedric's and starts him walking again. "I've gathered that Tal was hired by your father as a bodyguard when you were a child?" She glances up at him for confirmation before asking her next question. "Did he go with you when you were sent away to school?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, I guess you're half right about my father hiring Tal. My father was a high ranking member of the empire, and when it ended, he was able to maintain a handful of the soldiers that reported to him as his personal security. Once I came along, Tal was assigned to be my body guard, and yes, he went with me everywhere."

Shi'tal Bralor grows quiet as she absorbs this bit of information. "Was he part of the Remnant?" she asks out of curiosity.

Pedric Melvar III: "I believe he was." He lets out a sigh, "Sorry. For obvious reasons, I don't like to talk about this, but we did say we're talking about our past."

Shi'tal Bralor squeezes his arm in an apology, and then gets back on track of her original inquiries. "If Tal was a soldier... was he stormtrooper?"

Pedric Melvar III: "He was. Though his past was always off limits when I tried to bring it up. I never really managed to get much out of him despite my best efforts, but I think he must have had somewhat of a similar upbringing to mine. He always seemed to understand what I was going through."

"He did say one time..."

"... He didn't want me to be pressured into my father's wishes." Stopping for a second, "The way he said it, though. It was like he had experienced that same thing first hand."

"It might just be the way it seemed though, or that I wanted it to be that way."

Shi'tal Bralor says slowly. "Most advice does come from experience... maybe he did go through it himself."

Pedric Melvar III: "Anyway, my relationship to Tal was probably the strangest I'll ever experience. He provided guidance as a father would, defended me like a brother, and all while technically being my employee." He says with a faint laugh.

Shi'tal Bralor smiles at him. "Well I imagine he had to get a cut of your success somehow."

Pedric Melvar III: "Oh of course. I'm sure he was the best paid bodyguard out there."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I remember the expression on his face when he found out about the Twi'lek a few days ago. He was genuinely concerned for you."

Pedric Melvar III: "Yeah, he never really approved of that sort of thing."

Shi'tal Bralor grows quiet as they walk along the beach. "I imagine trying to entice you like that would be the most efficient way to get to you. You do seem to have a penchant for pretty girls. Even Arkoh has noticed."

Pedric Melvar III gives her a meaningful look, "You could say I have a weakness for attractive women, yes."

Shi'tal Bralor looks at him with some confusion from the look he gives her. "What?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Never mind. I think we've gone off topic, and now it's your turn to talk."

Shi'tal Bralor 's turn to sigh as she looks anywhere else other than Pedric. "Guess it is."

Shi'tal Bralor is silent for a moment as she tries to decide where to start unless Pedric asks her something specific "His name was Antos... Antos Bralor. He was my father's brother."

Shi'tal Bralor casts Pedric a sideways glance "He's one of those family members you hear about growing up, but no one ever really talks about."

Shi'tal Bralor: "For some reason though he agreed to take me with him and taught me his trade. In return I kept up his ship and helped on his jobs."

Pedric Melvar III: "I have my guesses, but what was his trade?"

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small devious smile. "What's your guess?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I'd have to guess bounty hunter? Had to be something dangerous, and I know a lot of Mando'a have worked that particular trade."

Shi'tal Bralor nods, "You're right. It's an easy occupation my people fall back on. Even our Mand'alor is one."

Shi'tal Bralor: "It has it's challenges and perks over being a mercenary."

Pedric Melvar III: "So you're an engineer that moonlights as a bounty hunter."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Used to.. I haven't had the heart for it."

Alicia G: heading home

Schwall: "No, I suppose you wouldn't."

Pedric Melvar III: "No, I suppose you wouldn't."

Alicia G: "Besides... it was hard enough getting employers to take me seriously when I was partnered with my uncle. Particularly after they got a look under the helmet. It was much easier getting jobs as an engineer."

Shi'tal Bralor: oops

"Pay wasn't as good, but I made it work."

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, I am glad you made it work long enough to end up in Arkoh's crew."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile. "Me too. Got to say I wasn't expecting to get another job so easily."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm sure they needed a new mechanic pretty badly. I think Tetka probably drove the last one off."

Shi'tal Bralor: "He is.. a character" she comments slowly.

"Have you known them long?"

Schwall takes a moment to recall the answer to her question. "I guess it's been about 3 years now, that I've gotten rides from them on occasion."

Pedric Melvar III takes a moment to recall the answer to her question. "I guess it's been about 3 years now, that I've gotten rides from them on occasion."

Shi'tal Bralor: "That's a long time. Never considered just getting your own ship to crew?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I've thought of it. But I've found it's beneficial to be able to move about without being easily tracked."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I suppose that all depends on whether Arkoh logs who is passengers are."

Pedric Melvar III: "True. But I always paid him extra to help ensure some anonymity."

Shi'tal Bralor nods and then shivers as a gust of wind comes in.

Pedric Melvar III sees her shiver and promptly takes off his jacket and drapes it over her shoulders.

Shi'tal Bralor smiles apologetically. "Thanks.... not exactly wearing walking attire." She stops to look back out over the ocean again. "Maybe we should head back?" she asks reluctantly.

Pedric Melvar III: "We can keep walking, and I can call the speeder to us, if you like."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Ok..." she says slowly. "Isn't it just up at the restaurant though?"

Pedric Melvar III: "It is."

"We could stay out here a while longer, though, unless you're wanting to turn in for the night."

Shi'tal Bralor shakes her head. "It

Shi'tal Bralor: It's just getting cold out here."

Pedric Melvar III nods. "I can have the driver bring us some blankets if that's preferable."

Shi'tal Bralor seems to think about it for a moment and then with a small smile nods. "Alright, and maybe something to drink?" She says meaningfully

Pedric Melvar III: "Of course." He says as he pulls out his datapad, "And what is your drink of choice?"

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs lighlty. "Suprise me."

Pedric Melvar III: "Certainly." He says as he taps on the screen of the datapad. "Everything should be here momentarily."

Shi'tal Bralor looks at him curiously and with amusement "Have it all.set up to give orders from your datapad?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Of course. How else would I?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Well, most people would use a commlink."

Alicia G: Heading out

Schwall: Same here in about 5 minutes.

Pedric Melvar III groans, "I can't stand using commlinks. Only for the most important of matters."

Shi'tal Bralor can't help.but to laugh. "I guess since your a computer wiz that's something you can get away with." She pulks the jacket he gave her tight as another gust envelops them.

Pedric Melvar III: "Not so much of a 'wiz.' But I understand enough about computers to do what I want."

Alicia G: "You handled yourself well on sensors the other day, and i always see you typing away on your laptop. It took some skill, i bet, to hack your father's accounts. I think maybe you're trying to be modest."

Shi'tal Bralor: Oops

Pedric Melvar III: "Ok, you caught me. I do well with computers, and could really do some damage if I worked at it a little more."

Shi'tal Bralor laughs lightly as he admits it. "What is it you've been working on anyways?"

Pedric Melvar III: "That's something of a surprise."

Shi'tal Bralor raises an eyebrow, intrigued. "Oh? Surprise for?"

Pedric Melvar III smiles at her curiosity, "For the crew."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Does Arkoh know you're planning something?"

Pedric Melvar III: "It's not truly a surprise if he does, is it?"

"I don't think he'll have any problems with it, though."

Shi'tal Bralor seems doubtful. "You know him better than i do..."

Pedric Melvar III: "I do. He'll be fine with it, or he'll get upset, and get over it. But I really don't see that happening.

Shi'tal Bralor hmms and then notices the chauffer coming with the blankets and liqour.

Pedric Melvar III waits for the blankets to be arranged, and the liquor to be put on ice in a bucket. He then tips the chauffer and sits down atop the blanket.

Shi'tal Bralor joins him on the blanket, arranging her skirt carefully around her. She sits for a moment listening. Picking up the cups she takes thwe chilling bottle and takes a testing sip.

Alicia G: Bah

Shi'tal Bralor pours the liquor into the cups and pasaes him one before taking a sip

Pedric Melvar III: "The imports list said this came from Concord Dawn." He says, taking the glass, "I thought that would be the best to surprise you with."

Shi'tal Bralor is suprised as she takes the sip to discover he's right. It was a good thing she took a small sip of the strong, colorless liquid. "Tihaar..."

Pedric Melvar III is ignorant to the strength of the drink, and takes a standard swallow, and promptly begins coughing profusely.

Shi'tal Bralor: "This is quite a treat... Thank you."

Shi'tal Bralor laughs as she rubs his back as he coughs. "Strong isnt it?

Pedric Melvar III clears his throat after a a minute or two, "Yeah, it has some strength to it." He says as he coughs still a little more, "You're welcome." He says as he slowly takes a considerably smaller sip.

Shi'tal Bralor: "It takes some getting used to," she says taking a larger sip than before. "I'm surprised your supplier was able to import this."

Pedric Melvar III: "There are ways to get just about anything. After tasting it, I'm more surprised anyone is allowed to bottle this." He says in jest, still clearing his throat between sips.

Shi'tal Bralor smiles, holding up the cup. "The corellians have their whiskey... We have our brandy."

Pedric Melvar III: "It does get smoother after you get used to it, doesn't it?" now taking bigger sips.

Shi'tal Bralor: "If you drink enough, you probably won't even notice." She takes her own big sip.

When they're like she refills their glasses putting the bottle back in the ice to keep it chilled.

Pedric Melvar III: "I think I'm already feeling that."

Shi'tal Bralor sips the liqour, more used to its effects than Pedric and not as eager to intoxicate herself. After a moment of looking at him she decides to ask, "Do you want to talk about what happened to Tal?"

Pedric Melvar III looks at his glass as she asks the question, "Perhaps after another glass. But I'm not sure what I would talk about?"

Shi'tal Bralor aquieses by pouring him another glass. "What happened with the Vong?"

Pedric Melvar III takes a large drink and curses in a handful of languages, "Vong" being audible a couple times throughout.

Shi'tal Bralor waits for him to finish. "Is that all?" She teases lightly. "I suppose cursing is beter than not talking perioid"

Pedric Melvar III: "What is there to say?! He... He did what he was supposed to do! My life was in danger, and he acted." He says, now staring out to sea.

Shi'tal Bralor leans into him, letting her head rest on hee shoulder

Alicia G: Im having no luck with this keyboard...

Schwall: No worries.

Shi'tal Bralor stares out with him into the waves.

Shi'tal Bralor: "If you two hadn't defended the ship the way you did... We all may have died."

"I know that probably doesn't help..."

Pedric Melvar III: "You know the worst part? I couldn't have done anything to change the outcome of it all. Nothing I know could have helped in that situation at all. Not only did I have to watch him die, I had to realize I couldn't do a damned thing to stop it."

Pedric Melvar III wipes his face with the sleeve of his shirt.

Shi'tal Bralor can feel her own tears coming to the surface as his own pain bringa up her own. "Antos..." She starts, but chokes on her sudden sob. "Followed me into what ended up being a trap." She grows quiet inable to continue as she fights her own tears.

Pedric Melvar III puts his arm around her shoulder, and squeezes gently. His own tears coming more freely now, he continues to try to dry them on his sleeve.

Shi'tal Bralor takes a staggered breath trying to bring her tears under control. "I told you we were a pair..." She says trying to find some humor.

Shi'tal Bralor takes a big sip of the tihaar, and it ends up being too big and she coughs.

Pedric Melvar III: "It seems you're right about us, then." He reaches for his glass, only to find it empty.

Shi'tal Bralor reaches for the bottle finding there's only a little left. She pours it into his glass. With the little bit of hers left she holds it up in a toast. "Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum."

Schwall: What's that mean?

Shi'tal Bralor: "Antos," she adds and then glances expectantly at Pedric.

Alicia G: Daily remembrance of those passed on I'm still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal. Followed by repetition of loved ones' names.

Pedric Melvar III raises his glass along with her, however, his hand is noticeably more shaky than hers.

Pedric Melvar III: "Tal." He says in response.

Shi'tal Bralor nods in approval and under her breath adds a couple more names before taking a drink.

Pedric Melvar III finishes his drink in one gulp and promptly lays back on the blanket. "Did you get him?" He pauses, "Whoever set the trap?"

Shi'tal Bralor looks at the empty glass for a long moment before answering. She sighs heavily, "No... He got away."

Shi'tal Bralor has only Pedric's coat sleeve to dry the last of her tears, before she too lays back on the blanket. With the limited space she ends up quite close to him

Pedric Melvar III: "Well I intend to get back at the Vong. I'll be more than willing to help you get back at whoeever got Antos."

Shi'tal Bralor turns her head enough to frown at him. "Afraid that's easier said then done... I've been trying to find him again over this last year and he has significantly more resources than i expected."

Pedric Melvar III turns to face her, "Do you know his name? I can float it out to my contacts."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm yet to encounter the person or piece of information my network can't track down."

Shi'tal Bralor frown deepens as she considers his offer.

Shi'tal Bralor seems to make up her mind as she gazes up u

Shi'tal Bralor: To the sky, avoiding his gaze. "Adol Valton."

Schwall: Should I know that name?

Alicia G: Yes...its supposed to be the name pedrics father used when he was a Moff

Schwall: Ah. Gotcha. I forgot that detail.

Pedric Melvar III looks at her with wide eyes, seemingly sobered for the moment. "Say that name again?"

Shi'tal Bralor hesitates only for a moment, her eyes close as she repeats herself.

Pedric Melvar III rolls back onto his back and looks up at the night sky and contemplates this new information.

Shi'tal Bralor doesnt move from her own spot waiting to see how Pedric would react next after receiving this bit of news. "Still want to offer your help?" She decides to ask.

Pedric Melvar III doesn't respond for a couple minutes. "I don't see why not." He explains, "If you wanted to hurt me, someone of your skill would have had no problem with that, and you were honest about this, so I don't see why you wouldn't have been honest about the rest of what you said." He pauses for a moment, "I have no loyalty to that man. I think we mutually disowned each other a long time ago."

Shi'tal Bralor Iets out a staggered breath as she releases it, çhoked by another round of tears she fights. Turning towards him finally she props her head up as her hand comes to tentatively rest on his chest. "Thank you." She says in a near whisper. "And I'm sorry... I never really planned for you to know."

Pedric Melvar III makes a tsk noise, "I'd prefer to know." He says as he is suddenly aware of the pressure of her hand on his chest. Turning to face her again, he gazes into her eyes, and lightly places his hand on her cheek.

Shi'tal Bralor eyes close with the touch and a small shiver goes through her. When they open again, they're filled with doubt. With her free hand she takes the one stroking her cheek. Reticently she starts, "Pedric.... I... don't think I can do this."

Schwall looks slightly startled, having not even realized what was going on, "Oh, no, that's quite all right."

Pedric Melvar III looks slightly startled, having not even realized what was going on, "Oh, no, that's quite all right."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile in response and adjusting her position rests her head on his shoulder. With a tug on the blanket she adjusts it to block out the chill. "It's said misery likes company. Who thought we would be miserable together?" she asks with dry humor.

Pedric Melvar III: "Surely, it's some sort of cosmic coincidence." He returns in a similar tone.

Shi'tal Bralor hmms not entirely convinced of that.

Shi'tal Bralor: "My mother used to say things tend to happen for a reason, just may not always know what that reason is."

Pedric Melvar III: "That's an interesting thought. I tend to think most things occur by chance, however."

Shi'tal Bralor: "However we've come together... I'm glad to not be alone anymore."

Pedric Melvar III lets out a large sigh/yawn upon hearing her words, "I can certainly agree with that."

Shi'tal Bralor pokes him in the side, though reluctant to move herself, comments idly. "This isn't really a good place to fall asleep."

Pedric Melvar III: "No? I find when one has gone for a couple days only getting maybe a half hour of sleep at a time, and is incredibly under the influence of strong alcohol.... Anywhere becomes a fitting place to fall asleep."

Shi'tal Bralor laughs softly. "I suppose that's true. Maybe I'm just not very trusting, but we look like prime targets. Maybe you should call for that speeder."

Pedric Melvar III: "Prime targets? Who would be out to get us?" He says, laughing, "But I will call for the speeder if that is what you prefer."

Pedric Melvar III fumbles for his datapad.

Shi'tal Bralor gives a small shrug and shifts to account for his movements to grab his datapad. "This is when having just a commlink would be ideal..." she teases as she watches him fumble with the pad.

Pedric Melvar III: "You and your commlinks." He shakes his head, then regrets it quickly due to ensuing dizziness. "Commlinks don't automatically transmit your location. With this, I just tap a few buttons, and he's on his way."

Shi'tal Bralor: "There are times when it's better to actually talk to people."

Pedric Melvar III: "Such as?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Well..." she thinks. "It's easier to detect deceit, determine someone's frame of mind... You lose the experience of connecting with who you're talking to when you just punch in a few buttons on a pad."

Pedric Melvar III: "Yes, I'll be sure to vet the driver to make sure he isn't up to something."

Shi'tal Bralor rolls her eyes. "It's not all negative... Our conversations for example.. things could be much different if we were shooting messages back and forth."

Pedric Melvar III grins at her, "I understand what you're saying."

Alicia G: "Do you just like to argue?" She asks curiously.

Pedric Melvar III: "Some. I think arguing is just a bi product of business dealings, however."

Shi'tal Bralor: "And politics," she comments.

Pedric Melvar III: "Hm? What about politics?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "People in politics tend to argue quite a bit too."

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs. "Was just an observation."

Pedric Melvar III: "They do. I tend to stay away from politics."

Shi'tal Bralor: "For the best," she says lightly. "It's what got a bounty placed on your father I'm thinking. Or he just pissed off the wrong person."

Pedric Melvar III: "Knowing him, it's probably both." He replies, then it hits him, "Theres? A bounty on my father?"


Shi'tal Bralor: "Yes, last I checked it's still active."

Pedric Melvar III withdraws a little. "So people are after my father." Suddenly, he starts putting things together, "So that Twi'lek? Your plan was to get me to lead you to him? How hard was I to find?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "It wasn't easy, but obviously possible. It took me the better part of the last several months to put things together."

"If the Twi'lek was trying to use you to get to him, her plan wasn't exactly all that thought out. She caused quite the raucous going after SPY and then... confining you."

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, let's say she was after me. That's two that have tracked me down within a similar time frame."

Pedric Melvar III starts thinking back to which names he's used recently and at which locations.

Shi'tal Bralor nods slowly. "Could it possibly just be a coincidence?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, anything's possible. She could have just seen me throwing credits around that space station and been looking for a quick score."

"Too bad she wasn't left alive."

"Even if you're the only one, that's still one person that was able to track me down, when I've done everything I know how to keep myself separated from him."

Shi'tal Bralor goes cold at a thought. "Would it be in him to throw a trail that leads to you?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I wouldn't put it past him, and he certainly has the resources to find me if he wanted to."

Shi'tal Bralor: "And more resources to keep himself hidden as hunters chase you down...."

Pedric Melvar III: "That is unfortunately the most plausible thing. Which means he probably also obtained most of my aliases, so I have to assume all of them are compromised."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Castin Melvar mean anything to you? That's the last name I was able to find being used."

Pedric Melvar III: "Yeah, that's one of mine. Don't remember using that one recently though."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Maybe he used it."

Pedric Melvar III: "Damn. Well, it looks like it's time to acquire some fine Dubrillion real estate."

Schwall: brb

Shi'tal Bralor glances up at him curiously. "Real estate?" she asks skeptically

Schwall: back

Pedric Melvar III: "That's my standard method of throwing people off my trail while I build up some new identities. Acquire some residence somewhere, and buy some public stock, maybe acquire some business there as well. Did you get run around to a couple different planets while you were looking for me?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "A couple. It mainly took me so long as I was wary of getting caught in another of his traps."

"That... and I was living port to port. Bribes are expensive."

Schwall: brb again. Apparently there's a birthday celebration for someone.

Alicia G: heh ok

Schwall: Back

Shi'tal Bralor: wb

Pedric Melvar III is saddened at the thought of her struggling to get by. "Sorry it took you so much effort."

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs. "You have the Vong.. I had your father."

Pedric Melvar III continues thinking about everything, and slowly, he begins to feel more lost than ever.

Shi'tal Bralor: "After a while, it got too much to hold onto the anger.. now I just want to find him to finish what was started."

Pedric Melvar III: "Right." He says distantly, apparently lost in thought.

(I just realized... The driver is taking a long time to get there.)

Alicia G: lol. figured you would bring him in whenever :) or Jake brings in a complication

Schwall: No, I just forgot.


It's probably fair to say they made the transition to the speeder at some point)

Alicia G: likely...

They both stumble drunkenly into the speeder

Or at least Pedric does...

Schwall: Sounds about right

Shi'tal Bralor gets lost in her own thoughts as she proceeds to look out the speeder window.

Pedric Melvar III leans his head against the side of the speeder. "I can't think straight right now..."

Pedric Melvar III: He sounds all but entirely defeated.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Something will come after a night's sleep and after you deal with the hangover...." she says brought out of her reverie. The speeder comes to a stop outside of the resort. "Why don't you come up?" she suggests slowly.

Pedric Melvar III looks at her with his head tilted a little, "Are you sure about that?"

Shi'tal Bralor returns his gaze. "I wouldn't have offered."

Schwall: Lol, he should just end up passing out on the couch or something.

Pedric Melvar III nods and exits the speeder, then walks around to open her door as well.

Shi'tal Bralor looks around as she gets out of the speeder. "So far I've been able to avoid Tekta and Arkoh... Let's just steer clear of the bar."

Pedric Melvar III laughs, "Why are you avoiding the crew?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Not the whole crew... Just the ones that might make things difficult."

Shi'tal Bralor pauses as she walks with him into the lobby. "I don't think Arkoh would approve. He's already uptight about the upgrades on the ship."

Alicia G: going to be heading home soon

Pedric Melvar III: "I told you, I can handle Arkoh. He's got a short temper, sure, but underneath that, he's still a business man. We speak the same language, just quite a bit differently."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a skeptical look but leaves it at that. It still doesn't keep her from casting glances around at the people around the lobby as they wait for the lift.

Pedric Melvar III: "You should have said something. We could have entered separately."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Too late now," she says with a small smile which drops as the door opens and she stands to the side to let people out.

Pedric Melvar III: "Correct." Entering the lift after the others have exited.

Shi'tal Bralor presses the button for her floor. "Have you been to this place before?" she asks to pass the few moments before the lift arrives.

Pedric Melvar III: "I have. I stayed here right after this place was built, the first to stay in the penthouse suite. A gift from the owners as I helped to fund the build."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Is that right? One of your many business ventures?"

Pedric Melvar III: "It was, yes."

Shi'tal Bralor asks pleasantly. "So am I going to see a placard with Pedric Melvar on it somewhere?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I think there's something to that effect in their boardroom."

Shi'tal Bralor laughs softly as the lift doors open. "Well it's not the penthouse... but it's still a nice room," she comments taking his arm as they walk down a short ways to her room. She enters the lock combo and steps in.

Pedric Melvar III: "I was told they were the nicest rooms they had available."

Shi'tal Bralor takes off her low heels as she steps in further into the living area. "You'll have to be the judge of that."

Pedric Melvar III looks around, smirking, "I guess I could slum it here if I had to." He also takes off his shoes, sand spilling out in the process.

Shi'tal Bralor shakes her head as she throws the shoes into a pile near the closet where the concierge had left the items for her to select from. Apparently, they hadn't been by to collect them yet.

Shi'tal Bralor walks barefoot to the balcony door and opens it.

Pedric Melvar III stands in the living area as she opens the balcony door, waiting to see if she steps out or not.

Shi'tal Bralor takes in the breath of fresh air as the doors open, but instead turns around and heads for the minibar. Grabbing a couple bottles of water she hands one to Pedric before sitting down on one of the plush sofas.

Pedric Melvar III takes the bottle graciously, and begins to drink from it as he joins her on the sofa.

Pedric Melvar III: "The important question is whether or not you like the accommodations here, though, isn't it?"

Shi'tal Bralor pauses from taking a sip for a moment to take a look around her. "It does the trick," she says with faux haughtiness. Taking a sip she gives him a small smile.

Pedric Melvar III: He returns her smile, "This is certainly a nice couch. You just kind of sink into it."

He says as he reclines, leaning his head back.

Shi'tal Bralor: "I guess if you're going to fall asleep, this would be one of the places to do so," she teases lightly.

Pedric Melvar III: "If I do fall asleep, will you stay out here? I... Don't want to be alone."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small frown before setting down the bottle of water on a side table. "If you're going to fall asleep.. it won't be here." She holds out her hand, and continues. "Not when there's a perfectly good bed in the other room."

Pedric Melvar III: "That does sound much better!" He says, reaching out to take her hand.

Shi'tal Bralor stands and helps him to his feet. "I figured it might," she says, amused. Once he's on his feet she indicates the door on the other side of the room. "Through there."

Pedric Melvar III walks over to the doorway, doing his best not to stumble.

Shi'tal Bralor watches him take a few steps towards the room, and steps up to walk beside him, grabbing his hand again. She palms open the door and a dim light comes on. Maneuvering him to the bed, she eases him to sit on the edge.

Pedric Melvar III: "Ms. Bralor, I do believe I'm drunk."

Shi'tal Bralor laughs lightly as she sits next to him, taking his hand and patting the back of it. "I think you are the definition of haryc b'aalyc right now." (("tired and emotional" - i.e. drunk))

Pedric Melvar III: "That sounds about right."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Come on," she says helping him back into the bed. "I promise you won't be alone tonight."

You have just finished a walk through with the Rodian foreman as he inspects the vessel and he is the third Mechanic company to come through and inspect the place to give you a final estimate. You are nearing the boarding ramp when he stops and turns around towards you. He runs a few more numbers.

Foreman finally looks up and he asks, "About how quickly do you want this all done?"

Foreman: The whole time he had been talking he has been eyeing up Pedric and sees him as a very rich client, you can almost see the credit symbols in his eyes.

Shi'tal Bralor looks between the rodian with the credit signs in his rather large eyes and Pedric. She'd handled the technical part of the tour and with it having been the third time it had almost become rehearsed. Now was the negotiation part of the meeting. Definitely not her expertise.

Schwall: Back... Sorry.

Pedric Melvar III looks the foreman on directly. "We need this done as quickly as possible."

Foreman grunts a little, "Hrrm, well, let's see," he says plugging in the last of the numbers. "I can get all of the stuff you need done with my best crew in 2 days. But..."

Foreman: "It is going to cost you." He pulls out a bill and hands it to Pedric, the total coming up to be: 396,700 credits.

Pedric Melvar III: "That's interesting." He says pulling his data pad from his inside pocket, "According to the numbers Shi'tal here gave me, you're high by about 100k."

Pedric Melvar III hands the foreman the datapad for review.

Shi'tal Bralor crosses her arms over her chest as she studies the Rodian's reaction, daring him to contradict the initial figures she had given Pedric. She had been rather thorough in her research.

Foreman: His antennae twitches a little bit as this is brought to light. He clears his throat, "You see though I have some of the best men in town and their skills are superior to any of competitors. Plus we offer insurance for the first three months."

Pedric Melvar III: (What's his name?)

Foreman: (Illthin Dan)

Shi'tal Bralor: "Any good service would warranty their services for at least that long." she comments dryly.

Pedric Melvar III makes a tsk sound, "Mr. Dan, for 400,000 credits, I'd expect you to personally station yourself on board the ship to repair any scuff marks made while loading cargo."

Master_GM (GM): Roll Persuasion

Pedric Melvar III:

Persuasion 22


Do I get rerolls in side sessions?

Alicia G: rerolls allowes?

Foreman: (Yeah, but don't bother.)

"All right, all right fine." He says re-estimating the cost. "How does...299,700 sound, then?"

Pedric Melvar III ignoring the Rodian entirely, he looks to Shi'tal, "Oh look at that, he got warmer." Turning back to the foreman, "That's the right direction, but you're still north of our figure. And I wouldn't want Shi'tal to have gone through all the labor of compiling this information for nothing."

Pedric Melvar III: "Here, I'll make it easier." He lets that hang for a second, "225,000."

Foreman: "A man who likes to bargain. I can respect that, but I have kids to feed and people to keep employed. For that I can't really go any less than 289,700

Pedric Melvar III: "No, I like my figure, thanks." He takes a second, "Tell you what, Mr. Dan, you're the first to come down more than 50k, so I'll forget your blatant attempt at robbery. If you accept 225,000, I'll call my good friend Flora Zahn, she's editor of Dubrillia Daily, and you will receive a glowing review in tomorrow's addition." He lets that thought simmer for a bit before adding, "Or. Someone might hear about a certain foreman's attempts at price gouging."

Master_GM (GM): roll Persuasion

Pedric Melvar III: Can't I take 20 due to influencial friends?

Master_GM (GM): I suppose...

Pedric Melvar III: Whatever.

I'll roll.

Persuasion 17


I'm rerolling

Foreman: ok

Pedric Melvar III:

Persuasion 32

There we go.

Alicia G: much better

Shi'tal Bralor watches the exchange and the hard tactics Pedric is putting on the foreman. She raises an eyebrow for a moment at the latest ultimatum and wonders what sort of counter the Rodian would come up with or whether he'd cave.

Foreman: "Ah, but don't we all like the lower number of the two. From what I am hearing though is that I have come down in price more than most so, I will cut you deal for a glowing review. I will come down to 255,500. However that is as low as I will take what with the prices for equipment and all of the work is worth at least that."

Pedric Melvar III: "You're the first to budge, but not the last crew we will see today. Even if you lose some with this, you'll gain more with new customers. That's business, friend. But you have come down, so out of respect for that, let's meet at 240,000."

Foreman: "Well, really, if you can find someone who can work for that low amount and an attaboy, I would go with them. I ain't budging from my amount. You look like you could afford it."

Pedric Melvar III smiles, "Understood. Well, if you prefer to make nothing today, then the ramps over there. We have more crews coming."

Foreman: "I hope you find your magical crew who need that low amount desperately." He says turning to leave.

Pedric Melvar III: "I'll go 245,000." He says before the Rodian leaves.

Shi'tal Bralor rolls her eyes as the two seem to be playing a game of chicken.

Foreman: He turns around and says, "250,000 and you have yourself a deal."

Pedric Melvar III: "Deal." He says quickly, extending his hand.

Foreman takes the poffered hand and shakes it.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Great... now that's settled.. How soon can you get your teams here?"

Foreman: "I'll have my team in here first thing in the morning." He says handing Pedric things to sign.

En Route to Dantooine (after Oct 17, 2015) Edit

Shi'tal Bralor knocks on Pedric's door. It had been some time since the impromptu meeting in the lounge where Pedric had shown Arkoh and her SPY's new form as the ship's AI. She's taken the time to shower and now stands with her shower kit in one hand and her computer bracer in the other waiting to be let in to his room.

Pedric Melvar III opens the doors to allow her in. "Feel better?" He says in reference to her now clean appearance.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Much," she steps in setting her small kit next to the door. "It's amazing how much better one feels when clean."

Pedric Melvar III: "I agree. Fortunately, I don't often find myself getting dirty in the first place." He eyes the wrist bracer, "Should I go ahead and have a look at that?"

Shi'tal Bralor hmms as she hands over the bracer which has apparently been designed to disconnect from the integrated slot of her armor.

Shi'tal Bralor takes a seat on the couch and starts combing her wet hair out as she waits.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Unfortunately, I'm small enough to get to the areas most mechanics can't. They also tend to be the dirtiest."

Pedric Melvar III takes the bracer over to his desk and connects it to his computer. He clicks a few things, then turns to face her, "It's a useful trait for your trade, I'm sure."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I suppose," she says with some indifference, watching him for a moment as he hooks it up to his computer.

Shi'tal Bralor starts braiding her damp hair over her shoulder.

Pedric Melvar III watches her braid her hair for a moment, internally debating on what to say, they do have to share space on board the star after all. Deciding to boldly confront new waters, "So I think we should probably talk some things out."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile as she wraps the tail and then runs the comb through it to smooth the ends. "You think?" she says more of a statement then anything. "There's quite a bit we should talk about." She gives him a moment and then asks, "Have anything you'd like to start with?"

Pedric Melvar III ponders her question for a moment, having suddenly lost his courage for the moment.

Pedric Melvar III: "Truthfully, I'd like to hear your thoughts first."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I think we need to decide where we stand with each other. If we're going to chalk up what happened to just that one night, or.... turn it into something."

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, I'll be honest, since it seems like that would be important." He says oddly, almost like it a question, "I'm conflicted on that."

Schwall: Hold on. I was working on correcting that. Stupid Enter key

Alicia G: lol

now you know how I felt the other day

Pedric Melvar III: "Well, I'll be honest, since it seems like that would be important." He says oddly, almost like it's a question.

"I'm conflicted on that."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Conflicted about what exactly?"

Pedric Melvar III: "There is a part of me that doesn't want it to end there and only be one night." He pauses, "But then there's the other side that doesn't really know any other way."

Shi'tal Bralor nods glad he admitted it. She's quiet for a moment as she tries to find the words to explain herself. "After what happened to Antos, I've been afraid of losing anyone else I care about because of things I might have to do..."

Pedric Melvar III: "What might you have to do?"

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs, and gives him small smile. "If I knew, then I could avoid having to do them, couldn't I? It"

Alicia G: damn enter key

Shi'tal Bralor: It's just sometimes things have to be decided on the spot and choices have to be made."

Pedric Melvar III: "Right. You don't want anything to weigh you down."

Alicia G: "That's not entirely it..." She stops realizing she doesn't really know how to get her point in without sounding foolish.

Shi'tal Bralor: "My uncle died pushing me out of the way of a trip line... One I failed to see. He paid for my mistake and now i have to live with that knowledge... I don't think I could go on knowing someone else i cared about did the same."

Pedric Melvar III thinks over what she's saying. "I think... You may have been right all along. We are a pair. Even if we don't really know how to define it yet." He says as he makes his way over to her and puts his arm around her.

Shi'tal Bralor sighs heavily at his assessment. As he puts an arm around her she leans in to let her head rest on his shoulder for a moment. "Maybe it's too soon to decide whether we would work."

Pedric Melvar III: "That is very likely true."

Shi'tal Bralor looks at the door thoughtfully. "Which could get very interesting on this ship..."

Pedric Melvar III: "It could." He says as he thinks of the likely reactions of the crew members, "It certainly could."

Shi'tal Bralor is quiet for a long moment as she has nothing to add to the current train of thought. "Is there anything else you think we should talk about?"

Schwall thinks for a minute, "I can't think of anything. You?"

Pedric Melvar III thinks for a minute, "I can't think of anything. You?"

Shi'tal Bralor frowns for a moment and then decides to ask. "Will you tell me one day what your real name is?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I don't know if I actually have a 'real' name. My father would usually change our names when he moved us, and I'm fairly certain he had been doing so before I was born, so as far as I know, even my birth name doesn't really mean anything."

Shi'tal Bralor can't imagine having to change her name so often. "Wasn't it confusing as a child? Having different identities?"

Pedric Melvar III: 'It was for a while, but you know, whatever you're raised with becomes normal for you. No, I suppose if I wanted a 'real name' I'd have to create one."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Have you ever thought about it?" she asks genuinely curious.

Pedric Melvar III: "Can't say that I have, actually. Like I said, it just became so normal, and there are so many benefits to being able to switch your identity." He stops to think for a moment, "Is there any reason why you're asking?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Curiosity, really," she gives him a small smile as she considers the passengers in the hold. "It's a wonder you can keep all your secret lives separate."

Pedric Melvar III: "It's not that hard, really, after you figure out your system."

"The hard part now is going to be getting a new identity. I can't trust any of the people I usually go to."


"Well, I guess that might work out in my favor.... I just 'moved' to Dubrillion, which is now under seige from the Vong. That should throw some people off of my trail."

Shi'tal Bralor: "And other than the crew, the passengers know you as Aldin."

Shi'tal Bralor has a thought. "What name did you sign on the work orders?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Arkoh's."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile. "Prevented one problem at least."

Pedric Melvar III: "I suppose I could try picking a name to actually take on."

Shi'tal Bralor smirks. "After a life of having your pick of identities, think you could handle that? Finding the persona that is actually who you are?"

Pedric Melvar III has to stop and think about that question.

Schwall: Hey Jake

Alicia G: boo

Master_GM (GM): Hey

Alicia G: not sure if it matters, but I've made some adjustments to my background

Master_GM (GM): Make as many as you need.

Where did you put the new changes?

Shi'tal Bralor: on the gdoc

I'm still mulling over a few things

Pedric Melvar III: "That question just opens the door to so many philosophical questions..."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Most important questions do."

"If you're going to pick a name, a new identity, then you better decide who it is you want to be."

Pedric Melvar III: "All right, so nothing huge then..."

He laughs nervously.

Shi'tal Bralor: "But..." she starts slowly. "If it was really your father who laid the clues for myself and any other hunters to find you, then you're probably going to want to take care of him first."

Pedric Melvar III: "Which, that too, will take a considerable amount of work. If he is onto me, he has to have someone in my network in his pocket. If I go asking around, word might get back to him."

Shi'tal Bralor: "And in the end you won't know if it was him till you do."

Pedric Melvar III: "If I can find where he's keeping his money these days, that would be the easiest way to track him down."

Shi'tal Bralor nods. "From Antos' notes he screwed over a great many people, mostly Imperials when he left the Remnant. He apparently tried to buy them out. Maybe that's a lead you can use."

Pedric Melvar III: "That may be. I'll have to think about it."

Shi'tal Bralor nods and then glances over at his computer as it beeps. "I think we forgot about my bracer."

Pedric Melvar III: "Ah right." He moves back over to the desk and finishes up the last of the configuration.

Pedric Melvar III finishes up with her wrist bracer and hands it back to her., "That now has all the same functions of the others."

Shi'tal Bralor takes it and starts to fasten it to her left wrist. "Great, thanks. At least it means one less thing to carry around and worry about."

Pedric Melvar III: "Indeed. It was unfortunate I couldn't find any of the children's datapad models for Tetka."

Shi'tal Bralor gives a small laugh at the thought of it. "I'm sure he'll do fine... he does manage well enough even when he is drunk."

Pedric Melvar III: "I suppose that's true. It would have been more for the humor of it. Anyway, hopefully I can render the datapads obsolete, maybe facial recognition could suffice."

Shi'tal Bralor nods. "Some sort of biometrics at least. SPY should be handle it."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm just a fan of security measures that aren't really visible. If you put a biometric scanner a the door, that tells people there is a security measure in place and could be beaten. Though, I suppose most security systems don't have a full AI running them either."


Shi'tal Bralor: "That's abnormal enough even if we do have any visual measures. Would be more secure than relying on these datapads which anyone could use."

Pedric Melvar III: "It's a work in progress."

"Actually.... Biometrics..." He says as he heads back over to his desk. "I had had an idea to make her make a holographic projection of herself. I bet I could get the biometric reader to function through that projection." He says as he begins opening up various programs on his computer.

Shi'tal Bralor raises an eyebrow. "Holographic projection... You would have to install the projectors within the bulkheads."

Pedric Melvar III: "It's possible the work crew received some extra 'sensors' to install when they were installing all of the sensors for the anti-boarding system, so the hardware could possibly already be in the bulkheads."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Very devious of you... when were you going to tell us about that little addition?"

Alicia G: Seth has gone to lunch

Pedric Melvar III: "When I had it working correctly. And after I told you all about the first portion. Arkoh is a sensitive man, I felt giving him information in small, digestible bits might be the best approach."

"I guess now I'll have to figure out what form to project her in."

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs. "We've always known her as a droid. Wouldn't it be odd to have her appear as anything other than that?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Hmmm. I could just let her decide. I'll upload some modeling software for her to use. See what she comes up with."

Alicia G: I can just see all sorts of pranks coming from that bit

though holoprojection from what I've seen isn't as advance as it is in ST so we've got that going at least

Schwall: That's what I'm counting on

Shi'tal Bralor nods, watching for a moment as he gets into his work. "It seems you've got it all figured out now."

Pedric Melvar III: "I think so, yes." He looks toward her and smiles, "Thank you for your assistance."

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs. "Don't think I did much, but you're welcome."

Pedric Melvar III: "You helped me get past some mental blocks that were hanging me up."

Schwall: Jake, can you give me a couple human last names from the randomizer?

Shi'tal Bralor tilts her head in acceptance of his explanation. "Everyone needs a sounding board... Did Tal help you with your work?"

Pedric Melvar III: "He would sometimes. I would sometimes have him vet a potential investment."

Schwall: Upon talking about Tal, his face changes as he thinks of various things, he lets out a sigh, "Shi'tal? Could you help me out with something?"

Pedric Melvar III: Upon talking about Tal, his face changes as he thinks of various things, he lets out a sigh, "Shi'tal? Could you help me out with something?"

Shi'tal Bralor raises an eyebrow as she sees the change in his expression. "What is it?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I still need to go through his belongings... I haven't been able to bring myself to do it."

Shi'tal Bralor nods in understanding. "Tal's belongings... If you would like me to... I can help you."

Pedric Melvar III: "I think just having someone around while I go through them might help?"

Pedric Melvar III slowly makes his way to his bed, and reaches underneath. With a few tugs, he is able to pull out a couple pieces of luggage.

Schwall: I think I'm going with Kol for Tal's last name, by the way.

Alicia G: glad you figured out something. Talon Kol? nice ring to it

Shi'tal Bralor follows him to stand next to the bed, looking at the trunks which contain what was left of Tal's life. She puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder as they look down at them. "Take your time. There's no need to rush through this if you're not ready."

Pedric Melvar III nods as he opens the trunk that appears the most worn of them all, "I owe it to him. I don't know of any, but I should make sure he doesn't have any next of kin, check for a will..."

Pedric Melvar III: He says, clearly not wanting to confront the finality of it all.

Shi'tal Bralor moves to take a seat on the bed so she's sitting across from Pedric and the trunks, but still able to see what's going on. "I imagine if he did keep anything, we'll find it in here," she agrees.

Pedric Melvar III: "The family information should be here if I can find his papers from when he joined the Stormtrooper corpse." He says as he sifts through the clothes and various items.

Schwall: going to make a call

Shi'tal Bralor watches the process. "You think he kept that information all this time?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Yeah, I guess that is a long shot."

Shi'tal Bralor: "It may be more likely he kept letters," she comments.

Schwall: Jake, since you're here, do you have anything to add on what would be found in Tal's belongings?

Master_GM (GM): Hmmm...

I will add a datapad, a hololink, and holopicture of Pedric and his mother.

Schwall: would that be the datapad he has the armor specs on?

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Pedric Melvar III: "This might have what we're looking for then." He says as he spots a datapad and picks it up.

Pedric Melvar III powers up the datapad and looks at the display. "Damn. He has some encryption on this device."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile. "Is that surprising? I'm sure you'll be able to decrypt it soon enough."

Pedric Melvar III: "Not surprising at all, no. But I still had hoped it would be simple." He heads over to his desk and plugs it into his computer, "I had better get a decryption algorithm running now. Who knows how sophisticated that lock is. Could take a while."

Shi'tal Bralor nods. "At least, unless he's trying to throw people off, there's a chance something good is on there... Otherwise why go to the bother of encrypting it?"

Pedric Melvar III: "True. And I don't think this is a decoy. Looking at it, it looks like it's been with him for a while."

Shi'tal Bralor waits a moment while he fiddles with his computer to start the decryption. "Does it say how long it's going to take?"

Pedric Melvar III: "This? If I let it run through the night it might be done by the morning. It really depends on how strong the encryption is."

Alicia G: brb

Pedric Melvar III: He returns to the bed to keep going through the belongings. Not really finding much else of note, he is about to close the case when he spots the holopicture. He takes it in hand and looks it over.

Schwall: Same, actually. Have a meeting.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Anyone you know?" she asks not seeing the subject in the picture from her vantage.

Pedric Melvar III: "That's me with my mother." He says as he hands it to her.

Shi'tal Bralor takes the image carefully and looks at it bemusedly. "Did you know he had this?" She asks handing it back to him.

Pedric Melvar III: "I didn't." He seems confused, "There are more recent pictures of me that he could have had."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Maybe this one has a more.... emotional connection. Do remember when it was taken?"

Pedric Melvar III: He looks at it closely, "I think this was taken on my last birthday before I was sent off to school."

Shi'tal Bralor considers it. "Do you have other pictures of you and your mother after then?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I don't think so. I never saw much of my parents after I was sent to Corellia."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Then... maybe he kept it for that reason," she says slowly, as if letting the idea process in her own mind.

Pedric Melvar III: "What reason?"

Shi'tal Bralor sighs. "Maybe he kept it because it had you AND your mother in it."

Pedric Melvar III: "You're saying?" He trails off before finishing the thought.

Pedric Melvar III stops to consider the possibilities Shi'tal has brought up, "But..."

Shi'tal Bralor: "This of course is all supposition.. it could just be he liked this particular picture."

"We can hypothesize all we want about why he had it, but without more information, there's no way to know for sure." She indicates the picture. "It's a good picture. You should keep it. If nothing else, you have something of your mother, too, to keep close."

Schwall: brb

Pedric Melvar III nods. "I think I will." He's clearly not sure what to think at the moment.

Shi'tal Bralor glances at the other trunk. "Do you want to keep going?"

Pedric Melvar III: "No, I... Think I've had enough for now."

Shi'tal Bralor nods, and moves to sit beside him taking his hand in the process. She's quiet for a moment and then says, "I remember having to look through Antos' things. It's never easy, but it does have to be done. You'll likely end up with more questions than answers when its over, but in the end relieved."

Pedric Melvar III takes her hand and leans against her, "It does feel a little better already."

Schwall: I'm going to go to lunch.

Alicia G: kk still picking at mine lol

Schwall: back

Alicia G: wb

I got completely distracted contemplating my game.. lol

Schwall: lol that's fine.

Shi'tal Bralor likewise leans into him. "Let me know if you want me here to look through the rest with you... when you're ready."

Pedric Melvar III: "I will. Thank you."

Shi'tal Bralor sits there with him for a long moment, hesitant to move. "I should probably go... are you going to be ok?"

Schwall: "I think so. I have my entertainment for the night." He says gesturing to the computer displaying a status bar.

Pedric Melvar III: "I think so. I have my entertainment for the night." He says gesturing to the computer displaying a status bar.

Shi'tal Bralor looks at the computer skeptically. "You know... a watched pot never boils." She gives him a small smile and then gives him a quick kiss on the check before moving to stand up. "You should get some sleep."

Pedric Melvar III smiles at her words and the kiss, "You're the one who put ideas in my head."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Well you're not going to get your answers staring at a status bar for hours."

Pedric Melvar III: "I guess I'll mess with holograms for a while to pass the time, then try to sleep if it's not finished."

Shi'tal Bralor hmmms, "Better than nothing." She starts for the door, collecting the kit she'd left by it.

Pedric Melvar III: "Good night, then, Ms. Bralor."

Shi'tal Bralor hits the panel to open the door and shoots him a smile before disappearing on the other side.

En Route to Agamar (after Oct 31, 2015) Edit

Shi'tal Bralor meets him in his quarters some time later, having taken the opportunity to get cleaned up from her work out too.

Pedric Melvar III smiles as she walks in. "Do you have a preference on what we do first?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Depends.. how long will the scan take?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Not long. Probably 5 minutes?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Then let's get it out of the way."

Pedric Melvar III: "SPY, are you ready?"

SPY slowly a female hologram forms in the room. "I am ready, Pedric." She then turns her attention over to Shi'tal. Lights move across her body in several different cross sections.

Shi'tal Bralor: "I see she used the programming to create herself a form," she comments idly as she waits for the scans to finish.

SPY: "Oh, do you like?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Er," she pauses, not used to actually talking to a computer. "It's very nice, SPY"

SPY: After a few seconds she hmms and has a strange look on her digitized face mimicking that of a human's confused face.

Shi'tal Bralor glances between Pedric and SPY for a moment before she asks, "What is it?"

Pedric Melvar III looks just as confused as Shi'tal.

Pedric Melvar III: "I don't know. SPY?"

SPY: Instead of answering her, she turns to Pedric, "The scan is successful, however it would seem that this lifeform has high levels of chorionic gonadotropin."

Pedric Melvar III: "Is that serious?"

SPY: "Very serious." She replies.

"In a human female it would be an indication that she is pregnant." Thinking for a few moments as if trying to find the correct response. "It would seem congratulations are in order." She smiles.

Shi'tal Bralor mouth opens to ask a question and then stays that way with nothing coming out as she takes in what SPY is saying.

Pedric Melvar III eyes widen at the assessment. "Th-thank you, SPY. That will... That will be all for now."

SPY looks a little confused, her data logs indicates that this should be a joyous time. However, hearing that she is not needed at the moment she removes her digital form from the room.

Pedric Melvar III sinks back into his chair almost as if the sudden weight he feels were really being pressed on him.

Shi'tal Bralor has finally closed her mouth and has collapsed into a nearby seat. Her expression is hidden as she leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. She still seems to be processing the news.

Shi'tal Bralor looks up at Pedric. "Is this some kind of prank of hers? Has to be a mistake."

Schwall meets her eyes, "It could be... Maybe the doc can run a test just to be sure?"

Pedric Melvar III meets her eyes, "It could be... Maybe the doc can run a test just to be sure?"

Shi'tal Bralor thinks about it for a moment. "Yes... a test."

Shi'tal Bralor: "When we were discussing biometrics I didn't think she'd be able to go so.. in depth in her scan. Heat prints, eye scans, yes, but not... hormones."

Pedric Melvar III: "That is somewhat of a surprise. I wonder if I can pull up the results, see what she was reading."

Shi'tal Bralor: "She is tied to the computer. I'm sure the scan records would be kept there."

Pedric Melvar III turns to his computer and searches through the system to find the scan reading.

Schwall: Would he know what he's looking at though.

Alicia G: likely not. Maybe need a life sciences check to decipher it :)

Schwall: That's what I was thinking. Jake seems to be away for the moment, I wonder what kind of DC it would be.

Shi'tal Bralor: hmm

Alicia G: I'd think it would be expert know which is a trained only use

probably a 15 or 20 is where I'd put it as a GM assuming they were trained. if not then I'd likely place it as a DC 25 for untrained (mainly since I allow my players to make know checks untrained, but just raise the DC)

Schwall: It's untrained, but I could hit 25 with a 19 or 20. Or using a force point.

Alicia G: same here

Schwall: without Jake, though it's hard to say.

Alicia G: ya

we could just go off that he finds the readings, but neither of them can decipher it for now

Pedric Melvar III: "Here they are." He says, pulling them up on, "Though I'm not sure I know what any of this means."

Shi'tal Bralor stands to look over his shoulder at them. "Neither do I," she says with a frown. From her bracer she pulls out a datacard. "Could you copy them here, please?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Of course." He says taking the card and inserting it into the computer.

Shi'tal Bralor waits for the information to transfer, a fist balls as she decides to say something. "If I am... pregnant... I don't know if it's yours."

Pedric Melvar III looks at her, and tries not to sound happy about that thought, "Oh?"

Shi'tal Bralor nods deciding not to go into it too much further, instead leaving it at, "You were hardly the first one I've ever slept with."

Pedric Melvar III: "I would have thought that to be the case."

Shi'tal Bralor doesn't say anything as she takes the datacard back once the transfer is finished. Resuming her seat, she seems to be reflecting inward as if trying to assess whether she actually feels different.

Pedric Melvar III: "It would probably be better if I'm not." He says scooting the trunk along the floor to his desk, hoping going through the remaining belongings will take his mind off of this news.

Shi'tal Bralor looks up at him as she says those words. "Why do you say that?"

Pedric Melvar III unsnaps the latches on the trunk, "I doubt I could offer much to a child as a father."

Pedric Melvar III: He stops before opening the trunk, "You know, considering my own father."

Shi'tal Bralor is quiet for a moment as she gathers the words. "You're not your father," she says simply.

Pedric Melvar III nods. "I suppose there's not too much point in worrying over it until we have confirmation..."

Shi'tal Bralor sighs as she sits back in her chair. "No, there's not." She looks past him at the trunk. "Well.. go on, open it."

Pedric Melvar III: "Right." He says, lifting the top of the trunk. "Well would you look at that. It's not ideal, but I suppose it should do?" He spins the trunk around to where she can see the Storm Trooper armor resting inside.

Shi'tal Bralor leans forward to peer into it. "Stormtrooper armor.... He kept it all this time?" she shakes her head in bemusement. "Well we could always modify the looks of it."

Pedric Melvar III: "Must've kept it around for a rainy day?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Seems that way," she stands up and moves to kneel next to the trunk. Slowly pulling out each of the pieces and inspecting them. "Doesn't look like he's used it in a while, but they're not in bad shape."

Pedric Melvar III: "Looks that way. I'm not sure what his unit did in the war, could be they didn't see a lot of combat."

Shi'tal Bralor lays out the pieces on the bed, leaving Pedric to check if there was anything else in the chest. "Even if he did see combat, only a fool would allow his armor to fall under disrepair."

Pedric Melvar III inspects the rest of the contents of the trunk, and finds little more than some extra pieces of clothing.

Shi'tal Bralor waits till he's finished riffling through the rest of the trunk.

Shi'tal Bralor: "It's a good set, Stormtrooper or not. If you're serious about armor training, you should use it."

"Though... you probably should ditch the helmet."

Pedric Melvar III: "That's a good idea."

Shi'tal Bralor: "At least for a while until it can be modified..." she picks it up and inspects it more closely, reaching her hand in to check the circuitry. "The HUD still works."

Pedric Melvar III: "That's good." He says picking up one of the gauntlets, "Is there an order to putting all of this on?"

Shi'tal Bralor affirms with a small smile. "It's easier to start from the bottom and work your way up."

Shi'tal Bralor: "But you'll want to find a kute.. an underarmor. Tal's might not fit you right, but it could work for now."

Alicia G: I'm just guessing that Tal was a different body type than Pedric, but I'll leave that up to you

Schwall: Yeah, he would have been.

Pedric Melvar III looks in the trunk for the underarmor.

Shi'tal Bralor: "It looks like a jumpsuit."

Pedric Melvar III: Finding it, he lifts it up. "And do you go nude under this?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Many do. It's a matter of preference. The last thing you want is your underwear giving you a wedgie." She grins at the small joke. "If you do wear something under it, you want it to be skin tight, but not tight enough to interfere with movement."

Pedric Melvar III smiles as well at her joke, "Right. Which is your preference?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "I wear underwear."

Pedric Melvar III: "Should I try this on then?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "If you want to start learning how to wear the armor."

Pedric Melvar III proceeds trying on the underarmor.

Alicia G: how undressed does he get?

Schwall: probably just underwear.

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a bemused smile while she watches him get into the kute. When he's done she steps in behind him to help with the fastener. ((I imagine it's like a diving suit))

Schwall: Sounds about right.

Pedric Melvar III inspects the kute, noting some spots where it's loose such as in the chest, and also notices the sleeves area little short for him. "I suppose it will do for now."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Here... try on the boots," she says handing them over. "The rest I should be able to modify."

Pedric Melvar III: "All right." He says, slipping the boots on, "They don't feel too bad, actually."

He stands and paces the room.

Shi'tal Bralor watches him as he moves about the small room. Picking up the next piece, she shows him the best way to put it on and for the pieces that needs it, marks on the inside the needed parameters for any adjustments with a marker from her toolkit. Eventually he has just the torso to put on. "He was broader than you. This piece is going to take more work."

Shi'tal Bralor: chestplate* ((jeez brain is failing today))

Pedric Melvar III: ((No worrries))

Once everything is snapped into place, he tries moving around again. "This will certainly take some getting used to."

Shi'tal Bralor looks at him briefly from where she's checking measurements for the breast plate. "You haven't even put the helmet on yet," she teases. "Though you're not missing much. I've heard you can't see out of it."

Pedric Melvar III: "Ah right," He grabs the helmet and places it on.

Shi'tal Bralor finishes her measurements and sets the chestplate aside. "Once I make the adjustments you should be able to move a little bit easier," she comments. She watches as he tries on the helmet.

Pedric Melvar III: "That will be nice" He says through the helmet's microphone.

Shi'tal Bralor steps up next to him and fidgets with it as she frowns. "It could be fit better. Helmets are hard to get just right though."

Pedric Melvar III: "It should be fine for a temporary basis."

Shi'tal Bralor steps back to asses the overall fit. "SInce I'm going to be adjusting them anyways.. any particular color you'd like me to paint it?"

Pedric Melvar III thinks for a moment, "Green?" He looks around, "Does the color matter?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Again, it's a personal choice. Traditionally with my people green symbolizes duty, but it could also just mean you wanted to blend into a grassy terrain. We change the colors on our armor at whim."

Pedric Melvar III: "Interesting. Well let's go with green for now."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I'll have to see about picking up the supplies on Agmar, but regardless I'll have the modifications done by the time we return to Gahqi."

Pedric Melvar III: "Thank you, Shi'tal." He says as he begins removing pieces of the armor.

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a bemused look. "Not Ms Bralor anymore?" she teases.

Pedric Melvar III smiles, "It can stay if you like. I just figured, perhaps hoped, we were past formalities."

Shi'tal Bralor shrugs with a small smile. "I was never fond of formalities to begin with."

Pedric Melvar III: "What can I say? It's become a habit."

Shi'tal Bralor hmms as she takes the pieces as he sets them down and stacks them neatly into a pile. "I've noticed a great many use formalities to hide their true intentions."

Pedric Melvar III: "And do you think I am trying to hide any intentions?"

Shi'tal Bralor seems to take a moment to think about it. "You could be, but I doubt it. I think we've gotten past that as well."

Pedric Melvar III: "Excellent." He smiles, changing out of the under armor, back into his shirt and pants.

Shi'tal Bralor finishes stacking the armor and goes back to her chair to sit as he changes.

Alicia G: brb

Shi'tal Bralor: "Can you do me a favor?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Of course. What is it?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Could you find a way to block SPY from mentioning what we've learned to the others?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I. Can't believe I didn't think of that." He says, quickly spinning back around to his computer to enter some commands. "Of course. That won't do anything if she;'s already said something."

Shi'tal Bralor: "With my luck, she probably has."

Pedric Melvar III: "I guess we'll see. We might be able to pass it off as a joke if she has."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Some joke.. Then we make out as liars when we tell them it's true."

Pedric Melvar III: "If it's true?"

Schwall: So Jake said it should be a DC 15 to read the scan. Hasn't answered when I asked if that was even without training.

Shi'tal Bralor pauses for a moment. "You designed her system... do you think she could be wrong?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I doubt she is wrong, the sensors are capable of reading quite a lot. With that said, of course there is always a margin of error."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Then I'd rather go on the assumption until I know otherwise that I am."

Pedric Melvar III: "Fair enough." He leans back in his chair. "What do you think the chances are that it's... Mine?"

Shi'tal Bralor regards him for a moment. "We weren't exactly taking precautions."

Pedric Melvar III: "That's true. But you mentioned others? How recently were you with someone else?"

Shi'tal Bralor frowns thinking, "Recently enough."

Pedric Melvar III seeing her frown, "Sorry."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Sorry for what?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I'll stop pressing, you seem to be getting uncomfortable?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "It's alright. There's just been a lot to take in today."

Pedric Melvar III: "Indeed. I'm just trying to process things. Know how to approach this all." He moves over beside her.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Is it.. important to you to know for sure?" she says slowly. "I don't hold you to any sort of obligation."

Pedric Melvar III: "What are you saying?"

Shi'tal Bralor sighs as she tries to think of a way to say what she's thinking. "I wonder, in the end, if we would be better off not knowing. I'm going to have this child, if I am pregnant, regardless of who the father is, but I also don't want you to feel some sort of obligation you have to take care of us if it is yours."

Pedric Melvar III looks at her, a confused look across his face, "I see."

Pedric Melvar III: "But, what if?" He sighs, "I care. About you?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "Then..." she says slowly. "It really shouldn't matter who the father is."

Pedric Melvar III: "I suppose that's true. Doesn't mean there isn't curiosity though."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile. "Is it true? You care about me?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Yes. I believe I do."

On Agamar (after Nov 4, 2015) Edit

Shi'tal Bralor arrives for the tail end of the duel and sees only Tetka holster his weapon leaving Pedric unconscious if not dazed just outside the ship. Kneeling at his side, she tries to get him to come around by tapping on his cheeks, "Pedric, come on. Wake up."

Schwall looks at her blearily, offering a small, half smile with the non swollen portion of his lip. His eyes roll back as he passes out.

Pedric Melvar III looks at her blearily, offering a small, half smile with the non swollen portion of his lip. His eyes roll back as he passes out.

Shi'tal Bralor sighs and mumbles something unintelligible in Mando'a. She smacks him a bit harder till he wakes up again. "Pedric... at least wake up long enough to walk to your bed."

Pedric Melvar III snaps back awake, "Everyone's taking shots at me today..." He says as she hits him. "Help me up?"

Shi'tal Bralor hmms as she stands and offers him her hand to pull him up. "I'm guessing this was a result of what happened at the hospital?" she asks quietly.

Pedric Melvar III: "That's correct, yes." He says wincing as he gets up, bruises forming from where the stun bolt hit his chest.

Shi'tal Bralor continues to support him as he regains his feet and frowns at him as she considers what he did. "Thank you," she says at last.

Pedric Melvar III: "You're welcome. I wish I had had more time to think of something."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I've should have thought through going there first thing."

Pedric Melvar III: "Yeah, I'd say we both could have done things better. In the end, though, at least I got to hit Tetka." He says with a chuckle that quickly turns to groans.

Shi'tal Bralor: "At least he used the stun setting," she says with some amusement as she starts walking with him towards the ship proper.

Pedric Melvar III: "That is fortunate." He coughs.

Shi'tal Bralor pauses their progress toward the ship as he coughs, watching him peripherally. "May not leave long lasting damage, but the stun setting still sucks." Once he's caught his breath again she helps him onto the ship and towards his room.

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm figuring that out, yes." He walks along with her, "So. Any news?"

Shi'tal Bralor hmms as they walk along the halls, apparently waiting till they're out of earshot of anyone who might wander by.

Pedric Melvar III: "Right." He says acknowledging her silence.

Shi'tal Bralor sets him on his bed, turning back to close the door as he settles himself. Her expression changes only slightly as she regards him from the door. However, she doesn't say anything as she takes a seat next to him on the bed. "The doctor confirmed it," she says at last. "She was actually surprised I found out so quickly." With a pause watching his reactions she adds, "I'm only a couple weeks along."

Pedric Melvar III lays back in his bed, and takes her hand as she sits down next to him. "Well, at least we know." He seems unsure of what to say.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Ya," she says, equally unsure. Instead after a moment she lays down next to him, letting her head rest on his shoulder. There's a long pause as her brain begins to process certain things. "Arkoh is going to freak..."

Pedric Melvar III: "Yeah, but Arkoh will freak out about practically anything."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Especially right now with the Vong terrorizing the galaxy..."

"All things considered though.... I think this is the safest place to be."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'd have to agree with that." He thinks for a while, "So when do you want to tell everyone?"

Shi'tal Bralor: "A lot could go wrong the first few months... let's wait. At least to tell Arkoh. I'll tell Ral soon." She thinks about it for a bit. "If things get worse with the Vong, we may need to tell Arkoh. It's not like I'll be able to be at the forefront like I was."

Pedric Melvar III nods as she speaks, "Yes, you'll have to be very careful."

Shi'tal Bralor pokes him in the side. "So will you.... you should start by not antagonizing our crewmates."

Pedric Melvar III: "Hey, Arkoh told me I should show more backbone, and Tetka was being, well, Tetka." He smiles, "He had it coming, I'm sure."

Shi'tal Bralor hmms. "Normally, your backbone isn't as violent," she comments.

Pedric Melvar III: "I'll admit it was a panicked decision. My first thought was to talk up the nurse, but..." He looks toward her, resting against his shoulder, "I hesitated."

Shi'tal Bralor looks up at him, with a small smile. "Well, it was a rather good diversion. I was able to sneak into a nearby hallway."

Pedric Melvar III: "Good. That was the intended affect."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Why did you hesitate?"

Pedric Melvar III: "I. Because. You were there. And a thought popped into my head about what you'd think of it."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I see," is all she says. "Next time..." she starts slowly, "Don't hesitate. One day it could mean the difference between life and death and then it won't matter what I think."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'll keep that in mind." He sighs, "I'm sure it was just a fluke anyway."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Like you said though... he likely had it coming. It was probably overdo anyways. You two have been banging heads since I've gotten here."

Pedric Melvar III: "It's what we do. Who knows, maybe things will be a little smoother now we've had it out."

Shi'tal Bralor: "It's possible. I imagine it will depend on how he feels about you after that little duel."

Pedric Melvar III: "Yeah, I guess we can only wait and see."

Shi'tal Bralor gives a slight nod and then sighs. "I better go. Arkoh gave me a limited amount of time to get errands done. He wants to leave pretty much as soon as the ship is loaded." She sits up. "Can't say I blame him. Vong is making the transport business difficult these days."

Pedric Melvar III: "Oh, all right. I think I'll get some rest then."

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a small smile as she caresses his check with a finger. "I would say you could come with me, but you don't seem to be up to it."

Pedric Melvar III tries sitting up, "I can come along if you would like. I suppose if I'm going to learn to fight I can't just expect to get to rest whenever I need it, right?"

Shi'tal Bralor watches as he sits up. "There's learning to ignore pain when you need to, and knowing when you don't need to." She gives him a small smile as she reaches over to gently thumb his busted lip. "Course you might just end up scaring some children." She laughs lightly as she stands. "Whenever I'm at a port and have a chance, I like to wander the market district. You can hear quite a bit of gossip while you price out goods. On Ghaqi for example, they've already begun marking up supplies by 50% above normal."

Pedric Melvar III: "Only 50%? They could probably do more."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Probably, considering how close to the invasion they are."

"They're not desperate... yet."

Pedric Melvar III: "No, I suppose not. It will get worse."

Shi'tal Bralor nods in agreement as she stands. "I was going to change into my armor, but maybe I'll forgo that if you're going with me."

Pedric Melvar III laughs, "I could always change into mine."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I think you'd get more of a reaction than I would."

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm sure I would."

Pedric Melvar III stands, "I should like to accompany you, however, unless you'd prefer to be alone."

Shi'tal Bralor shakes her head. "It'll be good to spend some time together... away from our crewmates prying eyes."

Pedric Melvar III: "Agreed." He says standing. He takes a second to straighten up his clothes.

Shi'tal Bralor watches him to make sure he wasn't about to topple over from any after effects from the stun bolt. "Feeling alright?"

Pedric Melvar III bobbles his head around a little, "Yeah, I think so."

Shi'tal Bralor seems satisfied with his response and starts for his door. "I'm going to grab a couple things from my quarters. Meet me outside?"

Pedric Melvar III: "That will work."