Star Wars Legends: Vong Wars
GM KTE "Master GM"
Era New Republic Era
Start Date 20 Feb, 2012; Restart 26 Sept 2015

Last time on Star Wars Legends, the heroes have made it back to the planet of Dubrillion safely and after some discussion Pedric has offered to stay on board and pay for the cost of upgrades to the ship. In the meantime he had paid for the rest of the crew to stay in the nearby Lithill Resort while the ship was being upgraded. It is currently morning on this side of the planet and most of the crew is down at the ship looking over some of the modifications...

Foreman: He walks down the ramp as the group comes up towards the ship. They worked hard all yesterday to get the ship finished and have started early this morning. "Good morning," He says to the crew as they walk up.

Shi'tal Bralor looks over at the ship, not having been by since the day before to check on things.

Grendy: (No resort session? Damn.)

Dan the Foreman: "As you can see we were able to install the shields and the anti-boarding system as requested." He says looking over his checklist. "I have my men working on the Medical suite and Maneuvering Jets as we speak."

Tetka LoSaal: "Just tell us what you did to the Star," Tetka groans. He drank a lot recently, even by his standards, and is still recovering.

(Darnit! Too late!)

Pedric Melvar III winces behind a pair of sunglasses at the noise of the construction and now the conversation, suddenly wishing he had stayed at the resort. "Perfect. Can we inspect what's been done already?"

Master_GM (GM): "Sure thing," He says handing out hard hats as he brings you all aboard. He goes on and on about how difficult it was to install the shields and now that they are installed it is only making for more work to get in the Maneuvering jets due to the shielding being non standard for this type of vehicle.

Dan the Foreman: "Sure thing," He says handing out hard hats as he brings you all aboard. He goes on and on about how difficult it was to install the shields and now that they are installed it is only making for more work to get in the Maneuvering jets due to the shielding being non standard for this type of vehicle.

"We are hoping to get the work done by the end of the day."

Pedric Melvar III: "Excellent." He says, ignoring everything else he had been complaining about.

Tetka LoSaal: "What a load of bellyaching..."

Shi'tal Bralor eyes it all critically though not finding anything at fault, nods her satisfaction.

Tetka LoSaal gives something a hearty kick to see if it stops working. He seems almost disappointed when it doesn't even flicker out

The Foreman leads you back down the ramp out into a safety zone. As you are talking amongst yourselves a blaring siren can be heard in the distance. Unsure what it means you look to the sky and notice something that hadn't been there before: several giant organism that seem to be forming a blockade around the planet. The sound of construction slowly dies down as the workers to begin to look to the sky. All hearts sink for a moment when you realize that it must be the invaders from before. A low murmur begins as the construction crew begins to talk to each other. Several different tongues are being spoken, the ones you understand are mostly filled with cursing, fear, and worry...

Tetka LoSaal: "Fantastic. Where the hell's Arkoh?"

Pedric Melvar III: "He's... Probably in his room still."

Arkoh Osoran is currently across town meeting with a Pa'lowick woman about getting some prized material off planet when this happens.

Ralrarra took Pedric's advice and spent his time at the spa.

Tetka LoSaal: "...Fine. Star's probably not spaceworthy yet, anyway, or I'd try to run the blockade while they're still getting into position."

Master_GM (GM): The construction crew begins to panic. Men are starting to walk off to go check on their families.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Looks like that work isn't going to be completed today like the foreman though.. not unless he can keep his crew from leaving."

Tetka LoSaal: "He should let 'em go. There are more important things in the galaxy than maneuvering jets."

Pedric Melvar III quickly rushes to the foreman, "Sir, your crew is leaving the job site..."

Dan the Foreman turns to his crew and starts to yell at them. He tells them that if they walk off they ain't getting paid. Some of the men still do others stay behind and begin to talk to the foreman.

Master_GM (GM): In the sky above you start to see ships taking off and heading towards the blockade. As they head into it they are immediately met with hundreds of smaller organism pouring out of the larger creatures. Like spores coming off of a Toydarian mushroom.

Many of the ships are being forced to the ground if not blown out of the air.

Tetka LoSaal: "Amateurs."

Pedric Melvar III counts the men that are still walking away.

Shi'tal Bralor shields her eyes to watch the ships get stopped by the blockade. "Looks like they're prepared to keep us here." She looks at the others. "We better get Arkoh here, this is bound to cause more hysteria."

Tetka LoSaal: "He's indisposed. Hey, foreman! Seems you're short a few men. I know the ship, and my way around a hydrospanner. I'll help you install the damn jets myself, if I have to."

Pedric Melvar III: (How many are actually leaving?)

Dan the Foreman: About 15 have left he is talking to some of the others. He finally turns back from his small committee. He gravely walks up to Pedric, "With the recent turn of events this changes everything..."

"I have some men loyal enough to stay and complete the job, but I am not sure if we can finish today. I have some others that are willing to continue, but they say they are going to need more credits."

Pedric Melvar III: "How about passage off world for anyone who stays? You guys are improving this ship, and we already have the best pilot."

Tetka LoSaal: "Easy there; you're gonna make me blush."

Dan the Foreman: "You are going to try and offer man men passage off planet. They all have families. I am not you could really fit all of them. Some of them might even have their ship. I am not sure they are going to go for that."

Shi'tal Bralor: "How many of them have families?"

Pedric Melvar III: "It doesn't have a be a long trip, just to the next plant, so even if we pushed the capacity... No one is going to want to stick around with these Yu Zon Vong around, trust me. And anyone who tries to leave in their own ship is probably going to end up like all of them." He says gesturing to the ships trying to leave.

Dan the Foreman: "A majority of them." He responds. Looking back at your ship. "I doubt your ship could really house all of the men alone could be housed comfortably in your vessel. Much less if anyone of them have families."

Tetka LoSaal: "He's right. She's a freighter, not a cruise liner. Not built for a bunch of families to go on vacation."

"And if it were, I doubt it could run the blockade. If you want these people out of here, they're gonna need a better shot than one ship slipping through."

Shi'tal Bralor: "I doubt we're the only ones who haven't made a run for it yet."

Dan the Foreman: "What should I tell my men?" He asks looking back at his antsy crew.

Tetka LoSaal: "You really know the quality of a leader when he asks the client how to give orders to his own crew."

Pedric Melvar III: "That's not going to help anything, Tetka. How many people can you run the blockade with on board?"

Tetka LoSaal: "I'd say we've got space to accommodate about five passengers, besides the regular crew."

"Not exactly the evacuation you're dreaming of."

Shi'tal Bralor does her own mental calculations of what the ship could hold.

Tetka LoSaal: "If the trip's really short, we might be able to start cramming people into the cargo hold, I guess..."

"But unless it's really short, supplies aren't gonna hold."

Pedric Melvar III: (What's the nearest planet?)

Tetka LoSaal: (I honestly don't even remember what planet we're on. Druckenwell?)

Pedric Melvar III: (Dubrillion)

Master_GM (GM): Dubrillion

Tetka LoSaal: (Then probably Destrillion)

Master_GM (GM): Closest planets you are looking at would be Bastion, but that is the Imperial capital. Then Dantooine. Finally Mygeeto and Garqi.

While Destrillian is close, I would say it is a bit too close.

Possibly also blockaded.

Tetka LoSaal: (It's also kind of a wasteland and the only place we could drop them are the mining colonies)

(So, fair point)

Pedric Melvar III: "All loaded down like that, do you think we could push it to Dantooine?"

Alicia G: I'd say Bastion is the best bet

Master_GM (GM): If they'd let you in.

Imperial Remnant still are a bit human-centric.

Alicia G: brb

Tetka LoSaal: (Isn't hyperspace travel a bit faster along major routes like the Corellian Run?)

Master_GM (GM): Yeah

A route shaves off some extra time.

Alicia G: could you switch us to the galaxy map?

Schwall: Any chance for a "you are here"?

Alicia G: top right

Schwall: Got it. Thanks.

Rob: (Hello)

Tetka LoSaal: "Dantooine? I could get 'em to Sartinaynian a lot faster."

Dan the Foreman: "Let me put it this way. Let's say my men go with your plan. Right now they are about 20 left. Now let's say that only half of them had families." He begins to punch so numbers into a calculator. "So roughly bringing it to 44. Could you even reasonable fit even half of that?"

Master_GM (GM): Hey Rob!!

Tetka LoSaal: "No, and I said it was implausible from the start. I'm just answering questions as they're asked."

(Rob! You beat Brian here.)

Rob: (I don't know if that's good.. but I'll take it!)

Alicia G: considering he's likely still asleep and you had a valid reason to be late?

Tetka LoSaal: (It's like noon there, I can't believe he's sleeping so late)

(Maybe he forgot we didn't play last week and thought it was an off-week)

Rob: (That could be it)

Master_GM (GM): So to catch you up everyone else is down at the ship looking if over when an invasive blockade happens. You were at the spa. I am sure it was cut short to find the rest of your crew, so join in at any time.

Pedric Melvar III curses under his breath, "Fine, increase their pay by 1,000 credits each."

Ralrarra: (I was at a spa!? nice.)

Tetka LoSaal: (I have decided that you look like this )

Alicia G: hehe

Ralrarra: (perfect)

Master_GM (GM): Brian finally responded.

Tetka LoSaal: Tell him his ass is _fired_

And I'm Captain now

Ralrarra: Ralrarra joins the others, with curls and ribbons in his hair and a single towel tied around his waste.

"...Seems I'm late to the party once again."

Master_GM (GM): Sam wins. He forgot it was this week.

Tetka LoSaal: Boom! Called it.

Master_GM (GM): he also can't wait for the pile of insults he will get once he joins.

Alicia G: hehe

Master_GM (GM): Anyway Seth roll persuasion.

Tetka LoSaal: 20,000 credits and he has to roll?

These people are REALLY demanding

Pedric Melvar III:

Persuasion 29

Tetka LoSaal: it's not even as if they're in more danger working on the ship than they are at home

Pedric Melvar III: Especially since it's just throwing money away.

They're going to die if they don't leave.

Dan the Foreman: "I'll go talk to them." He says.

Master_GM (GM): Welcome aboard, Brian.

So good of you to Join us.

Tetka LoSaal: (I almost had Tetka go address them earlier and say something like "Attention, assholes! Do your jobs or go to hell!")

(But I decided that would probably not help)

Pedric Melvar III: (Thank you.)

Tetka LoSaal: (And that he was slightly sympathetic to those worried about their families anyway)

Master_GM (GM): So to catch you up everyone else is down at the ship looking if over when an invasive blockade happens. You were with a Pa'lowick woman "talking business". I am sure it was cut short to find the rest of your crew, so join in at any time.

Dan the Foreman returns to Pedric. He nods. "They agree." And he puts his hand out to shake on it.

Brian M.: (sigh Sorry guys.)

Pedric Melvar III shakes his hand to seal it.

Tetka LoSaal: (I wish Pedric had actually just pulled out a thermal detonator)

Pedric Melvar III: (What?! Why would he do that?)

Dan the Foreman turns back around to his crew. "All right ladies, let's get as much of this done before the sun melts int he sky."

Tetka LoSaal: (Because he's my kind of scum. fearless and inventive?)

Master_GM (GM): Ho ho ho ho...

Ralrarra: (Silly question. How do I write in that fancy text for rp purposes?)

Dan the Foreman: You type /me in front of your text.

Alicia G: you can also use /ooc to write as your default name without having to change your As dropdown

Master_GM (GM): Yep

Ralrarra: (ah ok)


Tetka LoSaal: (Wow, I did not know that. I've been using roll20 for like 4 years)

(No, three. Close enough.)

Master_GM (GM): The men start working hard, but with the loss with a little less than half the crew it is still going to take them some extra time to get everything done.

Tetka LoSaal: (Is there a reason we can't help?)

Master_GM (GM): (No, there isn't.)

Shi'tal Bralor gets to work helping them finish up, eager to have it all done before something else happens

Master_GM (GM): *You're just not covered under their insurance.)

Ralrarra Ralrarra prods at one of his new curls and turns to Tetka, "Do I look more or less intimidating now?"

Tetka LoSaal: "You look like you belong at a seven-year-old girl's tea party."

"As one of the pastries."

Master_GM (GM): (Brian you going to join in?)

Ralrarra "so less...?" He rubs his chin, pondering. He then lets out a sigh, "I'll take it."

Master_GM (GM): Anyone who is going to help on the ship is allowed to make a roll to see if we can get this thing together any faster.

Shi'tal Bralor:

Mechanics 24

Tetka LoSaal:

Mechanics 25

Shi'tal Bralor: that was a rather lack luster roll

Alicia G: should I reroll?

Master_GM (GM): Up to you.

Pedric Melvar III: (I only have a 6 in mechanics. I probably shouldn't "help.")


Mechanics 20

Tetka LoSaal: (It was a pretty good roll for me!)

Shi'tal Bralor:

Mechanics 24

well.. then

at least I get it back

Master_GM (GM): (If you can think of another way of helping other than mechanics I will accept that roll)

Shi'tal Bralor: Doesn't Pedric have an inspiration talent or something? or was that way back when?

Ralrarra: (could I roll for technology..?)

Pedric Melvar III: He has no inspiration. If there's anyway someone with a computer could help... Maybe to analyze blueprints?

Or schematics?

Ralrarra: (i can use a computer)

Pedric Melvar III: Other than that, I can hold a flashlight with the best of them


Use Computer 25

Master_GM (GM): You also have Powerful friends. That gives you automatic check of 23 for any one roll of your choice.

Ralrarra can also make a Tech check if you want.

Tetka LoSaal: (He just made a pretty okay computer roll)

Pedric Melvar III: (I thought Brian was here?)

Tetka LoSaal: (So did I)

(I think he decided he missed too much of the session and left us again in shame)

Master_GM (GM): Yeeaaah... I don't know if he fell asleep at his computer or not.

Brian M.: (I've bb

Pedric Melvar III: (Anyway, I guess I'll go for mechanics. I guess he's calling a friend to talk him through it?)

Brian M.: (*been trying to catch up in the logs)


Master_GM (GM): (I think calling in a favor from a mechanic friend to come down and help.

Pedric Melvar III: (That'll do then)

Brian M.: (And I don't have any Mechanics or anything else that would make for a useful roll either)

Tetka LoSaal: (But you have leadership skills)

Pedric Melvar III: (You could always punch anyone who is slacking off)

Tetka LoSaal: (That you can use to punch the crew members into greater efficiency)

(Dammit Seth)

(Stop beating me to...........)



(the punch B) )

Ralrarra: (buh dum tsh!)


Brian M.: (Call me blind, but I can't find any leadership talents on my sheet)

Master_GM (GM): All of the hard work pays off and by then end of the day, covered in sweat, grease, and other starship related fluids you all stand back and admire the work you put into it and now have a finished product.

Dan the Foreman: With the last of his men leaving the site he walks up to Pedric. "I wish you all the best of luck." He finishes his sentence looking up in the darkened sky. The outline of the blockading vessel still visible with the dim lights.

Tetka LoSaal: "Captain better be dead with how long he's taking."

Dan the Foreman: Right...

One second My math was off.

Pedric Melvar III: By a lot... Yeah!

Shi'tal Bralor having long ago discarded the hard hat as she squeezed her way through the tighter portions of the ship. She steps out of the ship a mess of grease and well better likely not to ask. With the fading light she no longer has to shield her eyes to see the ships.

Alicia G: didn't we get it down to 250k?

so would be 270

well Pedric did

Dan the Foreman: Yeah sorry I forgot. it is 194,000

Master_GM (GM): Some men walked off and he didn't end up paying those that did.

Pedric Melvar III: Wow, he was actually honest about that? Cool!

Alicia G: even better

Pedric Melvar III walks the various corridors of the ship until he finds the rest of the crew, "Has anyone heard from our fearless captain at all?"

Shi'tal Bralor shakes her head. "You would think he would have made it here right when the blockade started."

Tetka LoSaal: "Are you sure you didn't hire an assassin by mistake, Pederast? You don't exactly have a great track record for distinguishing between the two."

Pedric Melvar III: "You mean you didn't call him on your commlink?"

He says to Shi'tal.

Shi'tal Bralor gives him a look. "Been a bit busy."

Pedric Melvar III: "Right, because I file assassins and escorts in the same column in my address book."

(Ever planning on hopping in, Brian?)

Tetka LoSaal: "Just saying. You've got a history."

Ralrarra: "We've all got a history of some kind... No need to dwell."

Arkoh Osoran rushes up the entrance ramp and immediately starts barking orders. "Why are you laggards still standing around? You should be at your stations prepping for takeoff/"

Master_GM (GM): As Arkoh approaches you behind him is a trail of containers marked medical supplies. It is a rather large cargo load.

(Though currently I'd say you all are not on the ship, but outside of it looking at it as you talk.)

Arkoh Osoran: (right)

Tetka LoSaal makes an impolite snorting sound as Arkoh immediately starts giving orders, and pulls out his flask of Corellian whisky.

Tetka LoSaal: "Look who decided to show up."

Master_GM (GM): (tetka's way of prepping the ship.)

Shi'tal Bralor watches as the supplies get loaded up. "Guessing we got a job?"

Arkoh Osoran: "Cut the chatter and fire up the engines or I'll water down all your drinks, Tetka."

Ralrarra moves over to the medical supplies, loading them up and taking inventory as he does so.

Tetka LoSaal: "Schmendrick was making the decisions while you were 'indisposed'. Tried to cram a freighter full of fifty people."

Shi'tal Bralor sighs as her immediate plans to shower are destroyed and she heads up the ramp to do a final systems check.

Arkoh Osoran: "Aye. Got tied up with Lando. He needs us to run these supplies out of here."

Pedric Melvar III: "It was that or throw away credits needlessly. Ended up going with the latter." He says begrudgingly.

Tetka LoSaal starts warming up the engines

Shi'tal Bralor: "Got a plan to get us past the blockade?" she asks as she passes

Tetka LoSaal: "Oh, credits, too bad you're so strapped for those. You're a damn pauper."

Brian M.: (Wow, you sounded just like Arkoh there, Jake)


Tetka LoSaal: (? Jake didn't say anything)

Brian M.: (Ah. It was a dm from him haha)

Ralrarra: (Jake wrote as Arkoh)

Brian M.: (I feel funny)

Arkoh Osoran: "Seems as though Lando has some plans for a massive push tonight. New Republic ships are gonna help punch a hole through the blockade."

Shi'tal Bralor nods. "Right.. guess we''ll get to put the new systems to the test then."

Brian M.: (also, for the record, i had no idea direct messages were a thing here in roll20)

Tetka LoSaal: "Pff. Republic ships. I could run this blockade with my eyes closed. They don't even have tractor beams."

Arkoh Osoran: "They extra firepower will be a nice boost though. Good distraction to help us slip away."


Master_GM (GM): Near the foot of the ramp are some people. They are all carrying luggage. They look like a group of passengers.

Shi'tal Bralor heads for the engine room

Arkoh Osoran addresses the passengers, "Hurry it up, people, we haven't got all day. Settle into the cargo bay and await further instruction."

Pedric Melvar III sits down at one of the computer stations, and plugs in one of his personal computers.

Ralrarra: "We're taking passengers too?"

Tetka LoSaal: "Princess, you already paid them extra to work, right? The safe passage promises rescinded?"

Pedric Melvar III: (Really?! We're taking on passengers?)

Master_GM (GM): In walks a couple of familiar faces: Acklay Smalls the bartender and her bouncer Inthi the Ithorian.

Arkoh Osoran: "Was part of Lando's deal. Only five passengers though, so no bellyaching from you."

Master_GM (GM): Pedric immediately recognizes Mr. and Mrs. Lithill of the famed Resort Lithill.

Ralrarra grunts, "Hopefully no harm will come to them in our journey then." He folds his arms, "Lando realizes that I'll do whatever it takes to keep everyone alive, right?"

Pedric Melvar III: After starting some things running on his computer, he heads over to greet them.

Arkoh Osoran: "I trust your skill."

Tetka LoSaal: "Ha. Like to see you patch anyone back together if we blow up in the middle of space."

Ralrarra glances over at the passengers who are boarding, "I'm referring to the cargo of meds.. I will use them if necessary. No hesitation."

Master_GM (GM): You hear a mechanical barking and up behind Mr. and Mrs. Lithill is their son with his mechanical canine.

Ralrarra: "very true Tetka... I would be useless in that situation. So don't blow us up."

Tetka LoSaal: "Haven't yet."

Arkoh Osoran: "We'll just have to make sure you don't need them, Ral."

Pedric Melvar III: "Jak, Lokhin, what a pleasant surprise to see you both here."

Ralrarra smiles, "Exactly."

Jak and Lokhin Lithill: "Aldin Roth. How good to see you again?" Says Mr. Lithill.

Shi'tal Bralor steps out of the engine room, still a mess from her earlier work. "Systems check out. Good to go," she says to Arkoh,

Tetka LoSaal: (Mr. Lithill seems unsure if it's good to see them again)

Arkoh Osoran: "Excellent. We can save the pleasantries for later. Cargo bay is that direction."

Arkoh Osoran points nonchalantly toward the cargo bay.

Jak and Lokhin Lithill: "I am most distressed to have such a situation as this in our meeting. I was unaware that you had purchased passage off of the planet on this vessel as well."

Tetka LoSaal takes a long swig of whiskey, draining the last of the bottle, and tosses it aside.

Pedric Melvar III: "This way." He says, leading them, "Ah, this is actually a recent business venture of mine."

Tetka LoSaal: (Aldin Roth? Oh, my. Seems someone has a few different names.)

Jak and Lokhin Lithill: Jak laughs. "You always have a new one."

Arkoh Osoran: (Indeed)

Tetka LoSaal: (I expect a punch or two from this revelation)

(Aliases are definitely punchworthy)

Master_GM (GM): The mechanical dog sniffs Ralrarra's foot and barks at him.

Arkoh Osoran: (Arkoh is warming up his fists as we speak)

Shi'tal Bralor hears the alias and mouths it to Pedric as he passes, a teasing grin on her face as she goes back to the bay.

Ralrarra looks down at the mechanical dog, "Shush."

Pedric Melvar III: "It's the only way I know!" He chuckles along with him.

Arkoh Osoran makes his way up to the cockpit to make sure they're ready to go.

Lando Calrissian: "Calling all ships, this is Lando Calrissian speaking. What we are about to try and pull off is dangerous and most likely suicidal, but it is our only chance. The New Republic Army is about to be here any minute and we going to fight for our lives and our freedom. I do not know what these beings want, but whatever it is it is hostile. We can't let ourselves be oppressed any longer. Wait for my signal, on that we will all take off simultaneously."

Tetka LoSaal sits tensely as the ship sits, ready for takeoff

Tetka LoSaal is poised with his hands on the controls

Shi'tal Bralor gets ready to activate the shields once the ship takes off.

Ralrarra goes to the cargo hold, looking over the passengers.

Tetka LoSaal takes a second to start in on a bottle of juma juice before he returns to his position

Pedric Melvar III sees them safely to the cargo bay, "Well, I should be off for now. I should check on everything with the crew." He says, quickly making his way back to the console he was working at.

Arkoh Osoran makes an announcement over the intercom. "Get ready for a bumpy ride. To all passengers: strap yourselves in wherever you can. To my crew: You know your jobs. Don't get us killed. We're all counting on you to get this right the first time."

Ralrarra: ( as far as take off goes... where do I go? )

Alicia G: we'll probably need a gunner...

Master_GM (GM): The wait feels like forever. Each passing second like an hour of time. The ship would be filled with silence if not for the sound of Altiir blissfully unaware of the situation and making the most of it playing with his mechanical dog.

Ralrarra enters the gunner station and waits

Master_GM (GM): Above in the air there is a small flash of light. An explosion of some kind. Soon the night sky is filled with flashing lights. The New Republic is engaging the enemy. The comms remain silent and Lando has yet to give the signal.

Anxiously many of the passengers wait as the skies above become tense with battle.

Arkoh Osoran: "Hold. Wait for the signal, Tetka."

Shi'tal Bralor watches a nearby panel she's routed to monitor sensors. "Come on..." she says between clenched teeth. She braces for the sudden take off that's bound to happen sooner rather than later now that the fleet has engaged the Vong

Tetka LoSaal senses it's about to start. He flicks on the internal comms.

Master_GM (GM): Only a few more minutes pass before you heard Lando's voice come through the comms "Now!"

Tetka LoSaal: "Everybody hang on to your butts," he slurs, immediately accelerating to top speed toward the breach.

Arkoh Osoran steadies himself as the ship lurches forward into the breach.

Master_GM (GM): Along with your ship rises several other vessel along with you heading towards the closest breach. Immediately some of the Vong Vessels move down to engage those that are trying to run the blockade.

Pedric Melvar III struggles against the force of acceleration.

Master_GM (GM): Three ships are in bound towards your vessel in particular to engage.

Shi'tal Bralor puts what power she can into the shields and engines as she sees the vong moving to engage

Arkoh Osoran shouts over the intercom, "Battlestations, people!"

Tetka LoSaal grins and turns on his own targeting computers.

Ralrarra grips the controls tighter, "Time to make a path.."

Ralrarra: (so, opening fire! what do I roll? )

Master_GM (GM): The ships immediately fire once in range on your ship and another ship that is nearby, an aging Corellian corvette. Shi'tal give us a roll for putting up the shields.

Tetka LoSaal: (When will I roll for initiative?)

(I can use Pilot, right? Man, it's been a long time.)

Master_GM (GM): Not going to really worry about initiative. Making this more of a Skills challenge than a combat encounter.

Alicia G: er ok... what roll,

Tetka LoSaal: (I'm not shooting at them?)

Master_GM (GM): Mechanics.

Shi'tal Bralor:

Mechanics 36

Master_GM (GM): Oh, you can. That is a roll in a Skills Challenge you can make.

The shields arc forwards as Shi'tal directs the deflector shields. The plasma fire hits into the shield and takes a majority of the damage.

Tetka LoSaal: (We have laser cannons and quad lasers, but I don't remember which are turret-operated and which are pilot-operated)

(I think I bought the quads and made them pilot-operated. Which makes sense, given Tetka would want to buy guns for himself.)

Master_GM (GM): Quad are Pilot.

Arkoh Osoran: "Guessing they aren't too happy to see us, eh? Har har."

Tetka LoSaal: (Do I only get to use the attack modifier listed in the ship's sheet? I forget how it does attack rolls. It's been a while, and Saga's ship combat rules always struck me as bizarre)

Alicia G: your bab+ship's int

+2 for pilot operated weapon

Master_GM (GM): You add you Base atk to the first thing in tthe character sheet.

I think I might have already done that.

Tetka LoSaal: (It looks like you did it for my old sheet, at a level lower)

(I'll correct it for the new BAB)

Master_GM (GM): ok

Tetka LoSaal:

rolling 1d20+8






(I'm gonna reroll that.)

Master_GM (GM): ok

Tetka LoSaal:

rolling 1d20+8






Tetka LoSaal guns for the lead Vong ship.

Master_GM (GM): Add a FP and that should be successful

Tetka LoSaal:

rolling 1d6





Master_GM (GM): The heavy firepower slams into the lead ship and causes it to move off course. These things are resilient with their shielding.

Alicia G: brb

Tetka LoSaal:

rolling 7d10

















(91 damage)

Master_GM (GM): Ralrarra you may fire as well.

Ralrarra: (sweet!)

rolling 1d20+6






( I'mma reroll that...)

rolling 1d20 +6






Alicia G: nobody wants to use my pretty sheets :(


Master_GM (GM): The targeting computers are having a hard time locking onto the ships. They continue to register as asteroids on the computer.

Tetka LoSaal: ( D: sorry)

Pedric Melvar III comes on over the crew's comms, "I think I may be able to get us some extra thrust by diverting some power away from nonessential systems to the engines. If we're all ok with a little thinner air, I can probably do more. Tetka, your call on when."

Master_GM (GM): Suddenly the comm crackles to life...

Tetka LoSaal: "Steady... steady..."

(I think skill challenges also have a turn order.)

(It would help to know who goes when)

Master_GM (GM): It is coming from the Old Corellian Corvette. "Mayday, mayday we are losing altitude. Out ship is not going to make through the blockade. We have medical patients on board..."

(Each person gets like a single turn during it, order is not set in stone.)

"Is there anyone out that can read us and is able to come for an assist?"

Shi'tal Bralor will keep pumping power to shields to keep them up

Tetka LoSaal waits for Arkoh's order.

Arkoh Osoran: "sigh I don't get paid enough for this."

Arkoh Osoran hails the ship. "This is Arkoh Osoran of the Errant Star. Send us your coordinates. We will move to assist."

Master_GM (GM): "Oh, thank the Force. Sending coordinates now."

"Hurry I am not sure how mu-" The transmission instantly cuts and becomes static.

Tetka LoSaal veers off toward the coordinates.

Pedric Melvar III: "Why are we changing course?"

Master_GM (GM): The vessel is in sight and easy to get to.

Pedric Melvar III: (Oh. Nevermind)

Tetka LoSaal: "I hope there's anything left of 'em to save by the time we're there, or we're wasting time we don't have."

Pedric Melvar III: (I thought they got blown up)

Tetka LoSaal goes in with some flashy maneuvers to try and lead off some of the Vong attack force

Master_GM (GM): The Vong seem to move back as you head to the surface. You see the best place to attach to the ship and get on board. They are probably going to need parts and things for their engine.

Arkoh Osoran: (Where's the pit crew when you need em?)

Tetka LoSaal: (Wait, they wanted us to dock?)

(Welp, okay)

Tetka LoSaal quickly docks with them.

Master_GM (GM): They need parts at least. Unless you are going to just carry them out.

The docking ring attaches.

Alicia G: so we've landed back on Dubrillion?

Arkoh Osoran: (no, we're assisting a ship)

Pedric Melvar III mutters to himself, forgetting he has the commlink on, "Heroics are going to get us killed."

Alicia G: he said we headed back to the surface

Tetka LoSaal: (He meant the surface of the corvette. It was just weird wording.)

(Right, Jake?)

Master_GM (GM): (Right)

Shi'tal Bralor grabs her repair kit and some parts she may need to save some time and heads for the docking ring.

Arkoh Osoran: "Let's make this a quick patch. The Vong will be on us again soon."

"Get ready to launch on my signal, Tetka."

Arkoh Osoran heads toward the ramp to help on the other ship.

Tetka LoSaal: "If we're serious about getting these people through the blockade, we might as well stay docked and ride it out with 'em, Cap."

"But I'll keep the Star prepped if that's your oder."


Master_GM (GM): The docking ring airlock opens and no one is there to greet Shi'tal or Arkoh. In fact it is dark and empty hall space. Something doesn't feel right.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Suvar," she says through the comm. "Might be best if I stay over there till we get out of this... Staying docked though will only hamper the Star's menauverabiluty."

Arkoh Osoran: "We better make sure anyone's still alive before I go leaving you on a derelict vessel."

Shi'tal Bralor mind changes as she looks beyond the docking ring into the ship. Unconciously she adjusts the strap of her slung rifle, "Where is everyone?"

Alicia G: brb

Pedric Melvar III: (Can I scan that ship for any signs of life?)

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Pedric Melvar III:

Use Computer 24

Brian M.: (I can make a perception roll too if I need to)

Master_GM (GM): You count about 17 lifeforms on board.

Pedric Melvar III: (how many people is a ship like that supposed to hold?)

Tetka LoSaal: (I guess Tetka is staying on the Star then)

Arkoh Osoran: (more than 17)

Master_GM (GM): Some in the cock pit, some in the engine room and some in the mess hall.

Tetka LoSaal: (A corellian corvette? It can hold hundreds.)

Master_GM (GM): The number drops to 16

Pedric Melvar III: "Arkoh, Shi'tal, something's wrong! There's almost no one alive on that vessel."

Arkoh Osoran: "Yea, we gathered that much. What do your readings say?"

Shi'tal Bralor glances at Arkoh as she gets the news, setting aside her repair kit for her rifle.

Pedric Melvar III: "17.... Now 16."

Arkoh Osoran: "Looks like we may have found more than we bargained for, Shi'tal."

Pedric Melvar III: "We should cut our losses, here."

"Get our ship out."

Ralrarra pipes up, "Am I needed Captain?"

Arkoh Osoran: "Keep the guns warmed up. We're leaving."

Master_GM (GM): The number drops to 14

Arkoh Osoran: "Tetka. Time to go."

Tetka LoSaal: "Guess it was a waste of time after all."

Ralrarra curses under his breath.

Tetka LoSaal: "Everybody back on board?"

Master_GM (GM): As you are turning around to close the air locks you see three Vong heading your direction.

Shi'tal Bralor is about to reach for the panel to close up the airlock when she sees the vong.. with her weapon at the ready, she takes a knee and taking quick aim fires

Master_GM (GM): Roll init

Alicia G: the antibparding systems are going to come in handy :)

Shi'tal Bralor:

Rolling for Turn Order 17.15

Master_GM (GM):

Rolling for Turn Order 25.14

Tetka LoSaal: (Ah, yes. Good old 17.15-sided dice)

Alicia G: its the dex score to help break ties

Arkoh Osoran:

Initiative 28

Brian M.: (Did i do that right?)

Schwall: Though the anti-boarding system was just installed, would we have time to define the parameters of who's friendly or not?


Rolling for Turn Order 18

Tetka LoSaal: (Sorry, I'm obligated to be a smartass at least once every 5 minutes or I lose my powers)

Pedric Melvar III: (5 minutes seems low)

Arkoh Osoran: (Why does everyone else's say Rolling for Turn Order?)

Master_GM (GM): Because there is a button for it

Pedric Melvar III: (You were late, so it hates you)

Arkoh Osoran: (A button that isn't the Initiative skill button?)

Master_GM (GM): Yeah.

There is one that is above skills that says initiative

Arkoh Osoran:

Rolling for Turn Order 26.16

Master_GM (GM): You go first.

Wanna roll Tetka?

Tetka LoSaal:

Rolling for Turn Order 15.18

Arkoh Osoran: (Can I just close the airlock before they get to us?)

Alicia G: you have to select your token for it to auto populate for the turn order when you roll it

Schwall: I guess I could manually operate the defense systems.

Master_GM (GM): Yeah roll Initiative for that

Pedric Melvar III:

Rolling for Turn Order 10.12

Arkoh Osoran: (like my other initiative roll? XD)

Master_GM (GM): It is opposed rolls.

Initiative 22

Arkoh Osoran: (can i use my 28 from before?)

(or are you gonna make me roll again?)

Master_GM (GM): 1 = yes; 2 = no

rolling 1d2





Pedric Melvar III: (why was my roll not accepted?)

Alicia G: you have to have your token selectedf before you roll

Pedric Melvar III:

Rolling for Turn Order 11.12

Alicia G: then it autopopulates with the turn order roll

Schwall: That;s new.

Alicia G: not really...

Arkoh Osoran closes the airlock in the Vongs' faces and tells Tetka to detach and gun it.

Schwall: New to me.

Alicia G: that's more accurate :)

Master_GM (GM): You are going to have to make a new roll.

Arkoh Osoran: (?)

Master_GM (GM): Yes you have to make a new roll.

That was the outcome.

Arkoh Osoran: (OH)

(I thought you said i didn't have to reroll)

Master_GM (GM): Nope. You asked if I am going to make you reroll...

The answer came up to be yes.

Arkoh Osoran: (but i asked if i could use my 28 first XD)

Schwall: brb

Master_GM (GM): Fair, but I was answering that question so make your roll.

Arkoh Osoran:

Initiative 29

(well, even better)

(NOW can i close the door in their faces?)


Master_GM (GM): The door slams in their face as they can't quite reach it in time. The Vong bang on the side of the ship with futility.

Tetka LoSaal floors it

Tetka LoSaal: "I hope we all learned a valuable lesson about being the big damn hero."

Master_GM (GM): Pedric roll for putting all power into the thrusters to get off this rock.

Tetka in the cockpit hears the commlinks come to life once more, but this time with the screams of the damned...

Arkoh Osoran heads back into the cockpit. "Ok, I admit it. Not my brightest idea ever. Guess that's what I get for being nice."

Shi'tal Bralor watches them through the airlock portal for a moment? "How did they get on board... when?" She doesn't leave time to answer as she rushes back to the engine room.

Arkoh Osoran: "Tetka, shut that noise off."

Tetka LoSaal: "With pleasure." Click.

Tetka LoSaal polishes off the last of his juma juice as he accelerates once more toward the breach in the blockade.

Master_GM (GM): Arkoh roll perception...

Arkoh Osoran: (is there a special extra roller for this one too? )

Tetka LoSaal: (There's one for your face, nerd)

Master_GM (GM): Whatever is on the sheet.

Arkoh Osoran: (shut up, sam)

Master_GM (GM): (oooooo, he just called you Sammmm... Ooooooo...)

Arkoh Osoran: (is it the perception above the skills or the one in my skills?)

Master_GM (GM): Doesn't matter

Alicia G: they're both the same.. only the init one at the top is different than tht skills area

Arkoh Osoran:

Perception 24

(got it)

Master_GM (GM): Tetka spots a hole among the falling debris and the ship swarms.


Arkoh Osoran: "Right there! That's our ticket out."

Tetka LoSaal: (There are occasional initiative rolls called for that actually aren't establishing init order, so the distinction is necessary)

Arkoh Osoran: (right right)

Master_GM (GM): As they move towards the hole two more ships come up from behind to attack the Errant Star.

Alicia G: I actually used to have both Init rolls up at the top, but I thought it was confusing and unnecessary

Arkoh Osoran: "Ral! Light them up!"

Ralrarra: "Will do.."

Tetka LoSaal guns it for the hole, keeping a glancing eye on the sensors and taking some evasive maneuvers.

Schwall: Back. Should I still make that roll?

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Pedric Melvar III didn't receive word form Tetka, but doesn't waste any time getting extra power to the engines after that set back.

Alicia G: don't burn out the engines!

Master_GM (GM): Roll Ralrarra and Pedric

Pedric Melvar III:

Use Computer 33


rolling 1d20 +6







Master_GM (GM): The becomes a little thinner but there is a major boost to eh engine speed.

Ralrarra: (how many rerolls are there?)

Arkoh Osoran: (two free ones i think(

Ralrarra: (ok i got one left and I'm going to use it)

Tetka LoSaal: (git gud scrub)


rolling 1d20 +6






Arkoh Osoran: (BOOM)

Tetka LoSaal: (radical (⌐■_■) )

Master_GM (GM): The blaster fire slams into one and it causes the two to knock into each and causes them to veer off course. Tetka flashes through the blockade, mooning them with his ship.

Tetka LoSaal: (And all without a single Pilot roll)

Arkoh Osoran: (don't tempt him)

Tetka LoSaal: (Skill Focus was a feat well spent)

Ralrarra: (you're that good)

Master_GM (GM): "Remember the rendezvous is at Dantooine." Lando reminds them through the come as ships starts making the jump into hyperspace.

Tetka LoSaal: (Oh god. Lando just came)

(That's what my piloting did to him)

Master_GM (GM): Has it been five minutes already?

Arkoh Osoran: (that's what she said?)

Shi'tal Bralor let's out a relieved breath as she sees them making their way past the Vong ships

Pedric Melvar III punches in the coordinates for Dantooine into the ship's computer.

Tetka LoSaal: (Watch it, Pedric. Arkoh does all the punching here.)

Pedric Melvar III: (That requires a use computer check for hyper space, as well, right?)

Master_GM (GM): Yes

Pedric Melvar III:

Use Computer 27

Master_GM (GM): Wow Sam you are on fire this afternoon.

Pedric Melvar III: "Ready when you are, Tetka."

Tetka LoSaal: "Glad to put this planet behind us."

Arkoh Osoran: "Let's burn some stars."

Tetka LoSaal makes sure he's totally clear of Dubrillion's gravity well, and initiates the jump.

Master_GM (GM): The ship once free of the gravity well makes the leap into hypserspace putting the planet Dubrillion far behind them.

Arkoh Osoran picks up the intercom and addresses the ship. "Well done, people. A solid escape. We can only hope that there were more as fortunate as we were. Take a breather. We've got a bit of time before we reach Dantooine. I'm damn proud of all of you."

Tetka LoSaal: (And now, a round of congratulatory right hooks. Well done, people, well done!)

Shi'tal Bralor checks over the systems for damage and makes sure that the new hyperdrive is running as expected before finally letting go of the tension she'd be holding. "We should do a sweep, Arkoh.. make sure no Vong got on board."

Arkoh Osoran: (and one for YOU, one for YOU, and THREE for the man of the hour, Pedric!)

Pedric Melvar III: (I think you mean, Aldin.. It was Aldin, right?)

Arkoh Osoran: (of course)

Master_GM (GM): I think that is all for today.

Alicia G: I can stick around if anyone wants to kepe going

Arkoh Osoran: "Fair enough. I'll check on our passengers in the cargo bay."

Master_GM (GM): 640 XP for everyone.

Shi'tal Bralor starts making her way through the ship doing a look over for any Vong who might have snuck on board

Rob: Welp, I need to head out. Fun time.

We still meeting on Wed for Sam's game?

Brian M.: later man

Grendy: I will need to work out a sheet for Brian before then

Schwall: Sam, let me know when you want to build my character for that game.

Rob: Later guys! Have fun

Alicia G: later

Pedric Melvar III checks his computer and sees the upload is complete, he comes back on over the crew's comms, "Is everyone able to come to the lounge?"

Brian M. finishes checking up on the passengers, who are a little disheveled, but otherwise unharmed, then replies "I'll be there shortly."

Arkoh Osoran finishes checking up on the passengers, who are a little disheveled, but otherwise unharmed, then replies "I'll be there shortly."

Brian M.: forgot to switch back

Shi'tal Bralor makes her way to the lounge, her rifle slung across her back. Beating Arkoh there she says teasingly to Pedric. "Aldin?"

Arkoh Osoran: "One of his many aliases, no doubt," Arkoh chuckles. "He's so mysterious," he adds with a facetious tone.j

Pedric Melvar III: "Yes, Aldin, for the time being at least. I'm known by many names here and there. I'd appreciate it if you all helped keep that up."

Arkoh Osoran: "It'll cost you extra."

Brian M.: but yea, sam, what day are you free to discuss character things for your game?

Pedric Melvar III: "Hey, you're the one who owes me. Anyway, that's not actually I wanted to talk to everyone about." He spins his chair around.

Arkoh Osoran: "Last I checked it was still my ship. I make the rules." He cracks a slight smile.

Pedric Melvar III: He begins typing, "I thought now would be a good time to power up our new anti-boarding system. Or as I like to call her, SPY."

Arkoh Osoran blinks slowly. "Run that by me one more time."

Grendy: (Sorry, was afk for a sec. Yeah, I'll need to talk to a few different people about stuff, preferably in text. I can organise my thoughts a lot better in text than in voice, but people really wanted a call last time.)

Shi'tal Bralor eyes open wide. "Is that what you've been working on?"

Brian M.: (np. we can talk through messenger or whatever)

Pedric Melvar III: "I managed to salvage SPY's core intelligence, and worked on a way to integrate her into the Star's computer. She's going to be in charge of our anti boarding systems." Addressing Shi'tal, "It is. She's in there now, no doubt trying to get acclimated."

Arkoh Osoran: "What did I tell you about secret projects, Pedric? I thought we had a deal."

Shi'tal Bralor gives Pedric an I told you so look, but wisely keeps her mouth shut.

Pedric Melvar III: "I thought you'd like it. You know, a surprise. But fine, I'll take her back off line if you want, and she can sit in a hard drive somewhere, forever alone."

Arkoh Osoran walks up to Pedric and winds up for a punch.

Alicia G: haha I wonder if stepping in would count as keeping someone she cares about from harm....

Arkoh Osoran fakes Pedric out, instead patting him on the back.

Shi'tal Bralor steps up in between Arkoh before he can actually take the swing. "She IS better off there."

Alicia G: lol nm

Pedric Melvar III isn't sure how to respond to a pat on the back.

Arkoh Osoran chuckles and says "You did good, kid. Just know that if my ship starts cracking jokes about 'blasting holes in meatbags,' I'll cut your pay."

Arkoh Osoran walks over to the galley and pours himself a drink.

Shi'tal Bralor glances over at Pedric equally surprised by Arkoh;s reaction as apparently he was.

Pedric Melvar III: "I'm sure she'll be talkative again once she gets used to her new home."

Shi'tal Bralor has a thought. "Did you install a mute button?"

Pedric Melvar III: "And I still have a backup of her original architecture, should we ever want to plug her back into a body as well."

Arkoh Osoran: "Well, keeping her in the computer will prevent her from playing any more practical jokes."

Shi'tal Bralor: "But not from her constantly trying to tell them...:

Pedric Melvar III: "She'll do most of her talking through the ship's intercom." He laughs, "Though I've done a lot to make sure she can always pester Tetka through a direct comm channel to him."

Arkoh Osoran: "You sly devil."

Pedric Melvar III: "I do what I can... Which is quite a lot, really."

The Errant Star: "C...ap....tain....?"

Arkoh Osoran chokes on his drink.

Shi'tal Bralor slaps him on the back as he chokes.

Shi'tal Bralor: "Well.. that was slightly disturbing." she comments as she hears the voice coming out of the intercomms. "Going to take some getting used to."

Arkoh Osoran: "On second thought, I take that back. This was a bad idea." He regains his composure. "Still, would be nice to be able to speak commands to the ship and have it respond."

The Errant Star: "T-tet...t...Tetka"

Pedric Melvar III: "I think it'll be great. It's not without controls. These datapads act as both controllers and a means of her recognizing us to allow access to the ship, etc." He says handing one to each of them.

Arkoh Osoran: "What happens if we lose them?"

Pedric Melvar III: "Either be with someone who hasn't lost theirs, or respond correctly to her challenge and response."

The Errant Star: "C-captain....Wel...welco-ome...ho-o-ooome...C..aptain."

Pedric Melvar III: "She'll start issuing daily challenges and responses once she's fully up."

The Errant Star: "Challenges and responses?"

"What, so I have to take a quiz every time I want to access my own ship?"

Alicia G: mean to say that as Arkoh? :P

Arkoh Osoran: Ugh

too much switching


"Challenges and responses?"

"What, so I have to take a quiz every time I want to access my own ship?"


Pedric Melvar III: "No. She defaults to a scan, looking for the datapads, they're a sort of key. If that isn't found she runs a recognition scan on your face, then issues the challenge."

"This is pretty standard for anti-boarding systems, regardless if you have an AI running it or not."

Shi'tal Bralor: "Think you could assign the controls to my bracer." she asks holding up her bracer computer she's always wearing

Pedric Melvar III: "Of course I can. Think you can stop by my quarters later? I'll get it all set up for you."